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Watch: Vehicles drive through the snow-capped Zojilla Pass as the temperature drops to -27 degrees

The border roads organization took to Twitter to share a video of the movement of vehicles through the Zojilla Pass. In freezing cold, the overland route to Ladakh is kept open.

Thick blankets of snow blanketed the entire area, as the video shows. Apart from a door, nothing else is visible in the area. Vehicles can be seen turning the bend and passing through the middle of a snowy area.

“The BRO Karmayogis are busy making history by guarding the Mighty Zojila Pass – the overland route to Ladakh is kept open in January in temperatures dropping down to -27 ° C,” the caption of the tweet read.

Watch the video here:

The video has garnered over 9 lakhs of views so far. Netizens praised BRO for its efforts to keep the road open. “We are very proud of BRO India. You keep creating miracles and making the world known about India’s will and doing amazing projects, ”one user commented.

Earlier, BRO said the pass remained open until December 31 of last year to keep Ladakh connected.

Zojila Pass is located at an elevation of 11,578 feet on the Srinagar-Kargil-Leh National Highway and remains closed during winters due to heavy snowfall, cutting off the Ladakh region of Kashmir, according to the PTI report.

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