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The Pentaverate: Every Mike Myers Character, Ranked

The recently released Netflix comedy series, The Pentaverate features many characters played by its creator, Mike Myers. Myers is known for playing multiple roles, such as in So I married an ax murderer and the Austin Powers movies, but in The Pentaverate, he plays a total of eight different main characters.

It’s an incredible feat to play so many characters, some often in the same room as each other. These characters are very different from each other, ranging from conspiracy theorists and members of the Pentaverate to the main hero of the series.


8 Rex Smith

Rex Smith speaks into a microphone in The Pentaverate.

Rex Smith is a loud, abrasive and unfriendly radio host obsessed with right-wing conspiracies. He’s one of the standout characters Myers plays on the show, but he adds color to the story by adding to the running satire of conspiracies present throughout, while being part of the overall world-building. .

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However, he is nothing more than a stereotype/satire of right-wing media personality types. He is, however, still an important character in establishing the type of satire found in the series.

7 Anthony Lansdowne

Anthony showing a bill in The Pentaverate.

Anthony Lansdowne is an obsessive conspiracy theory enthusiast who encourages Ken to investigate the Pentaverate and acts as his driver to the secret headquarters.

Although Anthony plays an important role in convincing Ken to go on his journey to infiltrate the Pentaverate and act as his driver, he can be quite frustrating for the audience at times. Throughout most of his appearances, Anthony fills his ramshackle van with the horrible smell of his stool. This has a payoff when he and Reilly are gassed, but don’t realize it at first. But the saddles are a rather gross joke and get a little old after a while.

6 Shep Gordon

Shep Gordon seated in the Pentaverate.

Gordon is a member of the Pentaverate who is also Alice Cooper’s former manager. Interestingly, Shep is based on a real person, who Myers befriended in real life while filming. Wayne’s World. It adds an interesting dimension to his character on a meta level and gives the character extra interest in his real origins.

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In the world of the show, he is the most laid back and relaxed member of the Pentaverate, which helps him stand out from the other more uptight members of the group. However, he does not have as central a role as the other members of the Pentaverate.

5 Mishu Ivanov

Mishu Ivanov speaks in The Pentaverate.

Mishu is a former member of the Russian oligarchy and a member of the Pentaverate. This character, in a way, becomes a massive red herring in the series’ central mystery. Mishu is one of the darker members of the organization, but he’s not the main villain.

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It acts as a slight subversion of what the public may suspect to be behind the mysterious deaths. There’s an added layer to his character in that although Ivanov does some shady business, he’s one of the less evil members.

4 Jason Eccleston

Mike Myers Landscape Pentaverate

Killed mysteriously before the events of the series, he is the dead member of the Pentavarate whose position must be filled. Eccleston is the creator of the MENTOR supercomputer, containing all the knowledge of the organization.

Although he is dead at the start of the series, he is an important catalyst for the events that unfold. Without his death, there would be no need to find a replacement in the organization – leading to further suspicious deaths. There would also be no MENTOR, the supercomputer that needs a human soul to function, without which Ken Scarborough – the hero and main character of the series – would not be involved in the story. Eccleston’s corpse also had some memorable moments in the form of a rather silly autopsy conducted by the Maester of Dubrovnik (Saunders).

3 Bruce Baldwin

Bruce Baldwin makes a speech in The Pentaverate.

Bruce is an Australian media mogul. member of the Pentaverate, and a deceptive character. At first, audiences are lulled into thinking he’s just a jerk when he’s actually the show’s main villain. It does not, however, have a one-dimensional story. Bruce had built his media empire, The Tabloid Group, as a way for those in power to bring down others with misinformation.

Bruce actually tried to make amends after being made a member of the Pentaverate by warning the other members that terrible people would use the internet the same way he used The Tabloid Group. When Eccleston joined them, he created MENTOR, a supercomputer designed to surpass the Internet by having a standard database of facts. However, since things weren’t going as planned with MENTOR, Bruce decided they didn’t deserve it and planned to either sell it or create more misinformation with it. The fact that Bruce almost has a sympathetic change of heart adds an extra dimension to his character, rather than if he had done the murders simply for fun.

2 Lord Lordington

Lord Lordington seated in the Pentaverate.

Lord Lordington is presumably in the British aristocracy and the oldest living member of the Pentaverate. In some ways, Lord Lordington is by far one of the friendliest members of the Pentaverate. He does not underestimate Patty and acknowledges her intelligence. This is especially the case after his plan to overheat the supercomputer, MENTOR, works and he invites her to The Meadows.

However, there is a gray area with Lord Lordington as he was the one who asked Reilly to go on a secret mission to bring Ken to the Pentaverate so he could be MENTOR’s new soul. It’s both good and bad – good in that he chose Ken because Ken is kind and empathetic, but bad because he would have to let go of his human body. Lord Lordington is a complicated figure who sincerely believes in the good of mankind.

1 Ken Scarborough

Mike Myers as Ken Scarborough in The Pentaverate Header

Ken Scarborough is definitely the hero of the series. He’s also the nicest and most genuine, and he continues to have the biggest arc. Ken begins in danger of being let go because he’s too nice and hasn’t covered any hard-hitting stories. However, once he begins his journey to infiltrate the Pentaverate, he begins to show a lot of hidden depth. For example, when he joins the Liechtenstein guard, he surprises everyone with the Canadian martial arts skills he learned in the Canadian army.

He’s far more skilled than his mild-mannered personality suggests, constantly proving himself – such as successfully retrieving the Parce Clavem Key and leading the Liechtenstein guards to defeat the Red Robes. Ken makes the ultimate sacrifice in the end, uploading his soul into the supercomputer, MENTOR, so he can have a kind soul for the good of humanity. This makes Ken one of the most developed and likable characters of not only Myers but any other character in the series.

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