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Members of the Humboldt No.42 Masonic Lodge in Terre Haute fervently participate in good works – Masons recently helped the WILL center build ramps for people with disabilities to access their homes, and they are helping with fundraising. Manna from Seven food.

Tribune-Star / Joseph C. Garza From the Vault: Jerry Burns, president of the Temple Lodge Association, opens a minute book Wednesday containing exquisite handwriting of former member Charles Cruft in the command room of the Masonic temple of Terre Haute.

This information was posted by the WILL Center, but don’t expect to hear from a Mason to publicize his benevolent behavior.

“You don’t hear about it because acts of charity and acts of benevolence can only be done in the dignity of silence,” said Jerry Burns, president of the Temple Lodge Association.

“The scriptures tell us that if you go out and do something because it’s the right thing to do and brag about it and get praise from everyone, then you have your reward. But if you help someone in need with the dignity of silence, your Heavenly Father knows what you have done and you will receive your reward in Heaven. We’re not supposed to go out there and brag about what we’re doing.

The charter of Humboldt 42 was granted in 1870. To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the charter of the Masonic Lodge Humboldt 42, the lodge will hold a rededication ceremony on Saturday at 11 am which the public is invited to attend the lodge of the streets Eighth and Eagle in Indiana State University Campus.

During the ceremony, the Indiana Grandmaster will present the working tools, which will be used to symbolically take the building’s measurements – “make sure the walls are straight, the corners are square, and the floors are not. not sag, ”Burns said. After the re-inauguration ceremony, a lunch and tours of the Lodge will be offered.

Construction on the lodge began in 1915 and it opened in 1917 (some of its furnishings are decades older, but barely looks like it). It was one of the safest buildings of its time – it was available as a fallout shelter during the Cold War.

It spans three floors and a basement, with a plethora of meeting rooms on the second and third floors. About ten different chapters use the meeting rooms of the building. The Eastern Star, an organization made up of both men and women, meets on the second floor, for example, while the Royal Council of the Ark Chapter of the Cryptic Masons and the Templars meet on the third.

So many meeting rooms were needed in 1917 because “Terre Haute had the highest number of Masonic members per capita in the state of Indiana when the building was constructed,” Burns said.

The third floor also houses the Commandery, a large worship room with an organ. Burns will perform at the dedication ceremony on Saturday.

Next to the Commandery is the Ascension Hall, representing Jesus’ ascension to heaven. No other lodge in Indiana has such an elaborate Ascension Hall – “The state organization says Terre Haute has the best,” Burns said.

The Lodge also has a replica of the Ark of the Covenant built to the specifications described in the book of Exodus.

Because Freemasonry hides many of its beliefs, practices, and protocols in secrecy, and because it teaches morality through allegory and symbols, it has a mystique that outsiders may find confusing.

Terre Haute Masons says to pass

Tribune-Star / Joseph C. GarzaMasonic History: Photos of the former Venerable Masters of Humboldt Lodge No. 42 F. & AM are displayed in the basement dining room of the Terre Haute Masonic Temple.

Referring to History Channel documentaries on the subject, Burns said, “You don’t want to take them too seriously.” But he said the essence of Freemasonry is quite simple: “Masonry takes a good man and makes him better – that’s what it is.”

But Masons don’t take themselves as seriously as you might expect. “You have to have a sense of humor because every time you get a group of men together trying to be dignified and regal, funny things happen,” Burns said.

Terre Haute Masons says to pass

Tribune-Star / Joseph C. Garza 150 years: Members of the Masonic Lodge Humboldt 42 will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the lodge on Saturday, the house of which can be seen here Wednesday on Eighth Street.

Going forward, the Masons plan to offer dinners to people in their spacious basement dining room to help fund the upkeep of the century-old building. Its roof is in need of repair and air conditioning is also on the wishlist.

Those who cannot attend the ceremony on Saturday can stop by the lodge at their convenience; The masons will be happy to give them a personal visit.


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