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Sudan: curfew in the capital of North Darfur after the looting of the WFP

El Fasher – A curfew went into effect in El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur yesterday at 6 p.m. and continued until 5 a.m. today, in accordance with a decision by the North Darfur Security Committee after the widespread looting of a UN Food Program (WFP) warehouse, which followed the looting of the former logistics base of the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) north of El Fasher last weekend.

The director of the North Darfur police force and rapporteur for the State Security Committee, Major General Abdelkarim Hamdo, called on the population to respect the daily curfew from 6 p.m. in order to preserve their lives. He said the state security committee was at the same time preparing a plan to secure strategic and vital state facilities.

Mohamed Abdelkarim, leader of the National Ummah Party in North Darfur, warned of the danger of a series of attacks and looting against the headquarters of UNAMID and the World Food Program in El Fasher, markets, shops and banks.

He told El Fasher’s Radio Dabanga yesterday that what is happening in El Fasher now, in terms of the security chaos and looting of the UNAMID headquarters and the World Food Program, clearly represents the weakness of the ruling authority. at all levels, and that the material is planned and programmed. He explained that the general feeling of the citizen of El Fasher is that this series can be passed on to markets and banks at any time.

Public looting at the WFP warehouse in El Fasher yesterday (Photo: RD)

Abdelkarim held authorities fully accountable for what was going on, noting that vehicles and ticket offices were looted in broad daylight using large cranes and in full view of the authorities.

He said the current chaos in El Fasher is due to the large number of armed militias and the multiplicity of unruly forces. He told Radio Dabanga that security chaos and looting were perpetrated by these forces.

He called on the authorities to control these forces and bring any outlaw to their rescue, and warned of anarchy and utter chaos if urgent measures were not taken to end this anarchy.

Informed sources in El Fasher claim that the real looting of the UNAMID headquarters took place in an organized and orderly manner three months ago by the official authorities.

Activist Fatima Fadul told Radio Dabanga that the official looting of the mission’s headquarters in El Fasher began after the state governor, Nimir Abdelrahman, replaced forces that were present with others.

She explained that an armed movement was accused of looting the mission headquarters, while an armed force led by a man calling himself Eisa El Maseeh (Jesus the Messiah), was accused of looting the Program’s stores. world food, according to the testimony of the governor of the state.

Fadul said she expects armed groups to attack El Fasher markets and banks in the coming days.

Offices looted at the UNAMID base (Photo: UN)

In addition, sources have warned of a health and environmental disaster in the region due to the waste left by the mission at headquarters. Activist Fatima Fadul told Radio Dabanga that people stormed the warehouses that contained the remains of UNAMID batteries and equipment that posed a threat to human health, as well as indications of the danger of the warehouses that had been hit by weapons.

In this context, lawyers and human rights defenders called on international bodies, in coordination with UNITAMS and the Government of the Sudan, to intervene urgently to protect the headquarters of international organizations and institutions in Darfur from an urgent manner that does not accept delays so that the situation does not get out of control after the complete looting of the UNAMID mission and the World Food Program warehouses in El Fasher by the regular forces, rebel fighters and citizens.

Lawyer and human rights defender Jibril Hasabo said urgent action to protect these decisions is now needed so that organizations providing aid and protection to the people of Darfur can be reassured. Hasabo said the complete looting of WFP stores in El Fasher will affect internally displaced people in camps receiving services and assistance from the program, and will also affect the safety and security of people, and in particular the internally displaced. in El Fasher and all of Darfur.

He described what happened as a dangerous indicator of what will follow and cause panic and anxiety among international organizations working to alleviate the crisis and humanitarian aid in Darfur.

The General Coordination of the Displaced and Refugee Camps strongly condemned the looting of the headquarters of the UNAMID mission in the past, and of the headquarters of the World Food Program (WFP) in El Fasher.

In a statement yesterday, the Coordination holds the Sudanese government, its militias with various names, and the armed movements that signed the Juba Peace Agreement, responsible for the persistent insecurity in the towns and localities of Darfur, in particular. previously UNAMID mission headquarters, and World Food Program headquarters in El Fasher.

In the statement, the official spokesperson for the Coordination, Adam Rujal, called on the UN Security Council and the Troika countries to take serious and decisive decisions to protect the displaced and defenseless people in Darfur, and to immediately send an international force under Chapter VII. of the Charter of the United Nations, to make peace, for the good of humanity only to save the lives of the last victims of the genocide in Darfur.

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