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SLM Solutions will install two SLM® 500 at Morf3D headquarters

Above: SLM Solutions installs two SLM® 500 and the NXG XII 600 at Morf3D’s Applied Digital Manufacturing Center / Image source: SLM Solutions

GDT solutions, pioneer of additive manufacturing, announcement this Morf3D, a company specializing in additive engineering, is committed to 2 SLM® 500 and the NXG XII 600 as a world leader to facilitate series production of AMs in the aerospace industry. The machines will be delivered to Morf3D’s new state-of-the-art headquarters, the Applied Digital Manufacturing Center in Long Beach, California, in 2022. This partnership strengthens the international impact of additive manufacturing solutions.

The mission of Morf3D’s 90,000 square foot ADMC facility is to leverage partner networks to transform supply chain standards and develop the industry’s first certified production system to accelerate the industrialization of digital manufacturing. The addition of the 2 SLM® 500 and the NXG XII 600 will support Morf3D’s goal of accelerating a global production setup while improving production lead times, ordering flexibility, profitability and quality. This union of forces will enable quality and repeatability while paving the way for mass production.

“Our partnership with SLM Solutions is radically changing the landscape of mass production, enabling our customers to achieve unmatched levels of quality and performance,” comments Ivan Madera, CEO of Morf3D. “The NXG XII 600 platform is an engineering marvel that addresses many aspects of a production ready system, and the ADMC will enable new industry partnerships, dramatically taking AM to new heights. Our goal is to accelerate the qualification process by collaborating on the development of new applications and the certification of parts in the aerospace, space and defense markets.

– Ivan Madera, CEO of Morf3D

In addition to the supply of machines, SLM Solutions will also offer on-site support in the form of education, training and advice. All ADMC’s research and development partners
will work together to drive new innovations and deploy new aerospace engineering methods to increase productivity and automation. All partners will also have access to collective training, meeting and gathering spaces for customer events and business development efforts.

The NXG XII 600 is equipped with 12 1KW lasers, making it the fastest machine on the market. It is designed for use in mass production for high volume applications as well as for printing large parts. It is capable of printing at speeds 20 times faster than that of a single laser system and 5 times faster than a 4 laser machine. Allowing AM acceleration from all angles, the NXG XII 600 is the “da vinci” of modern times. Craft masterpieces on a mass production scale.

“The addition of the NXG Xll 600 to Morf3D’s SLM Solutions machines at the Applied Digital Manufacturing Center strengthens the collective digital manufacturing ecosystem, helping to improve production speed, quality and automation. He adds, “We are united in our customer-centric approach, which reflects the training and education we provide to all of our partners. “

– Sam O’Leary, CEO of SLM Solutions

The Applied Digital Manufacturing Center is located at 3550 Carson Street, Long Beach,
California. The space will house Morf3D’s business operations and is designed with a vision of innovation and growth for the AM industry.

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