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Satellite Healthcare – Industry Leader in Home Dialysis – Appoints Chief Physician to Lead Home Therapies


SAN JOSE, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Satellite Healthcare, a leading non-profit provider of renal dialysis and related patient services, today announced that it has appointed Dr. Graham Abra to the newly created position of Chief Medical Officer, Home Therapies. Dr Abra will assume the role effective November 1, 2021, having served as the organization’s vice president of medical affairs and home therapy.

Dr Abra brings to the position extensive experience as a practicing nephrologist and success in innovating and operationalizing clinical programs within Satellite Healthcare. This includes playing a critical role in developing and implementing initiatives to identify and prevent diabetic foot disease, prevent hospitalizations by managing fluid overload, and reduce rates of diabetic foot disease. infection in dialysis centers and home dialysis centers.

As Chief Medical Officer, Home Therapies, Dr Abra will aim to bring the benefits of peritoneal and home hemodialysis to more people, introduce new technologies and cultivate partnerships to continuously improve the clinical outcomes and the overall experience of the Company’s patients who choose to have dialysis at home.

“People at all levels of our organization, as well as academic health centers, nephrology practices, and innovators in kidney-focused technology, each make a significant contribution to improving the lives of people on home dialysis.” , said Dr Abra. “This new role gives me the opportunity to combine our thinking and our collective skills for the benefit of the patients we serve in home dialysis. ”

Satellite Healthcare has achieved the country’s highest rate of home dialysis use among end stage renal disease patients, with around 20 percent of its patients receiving home dialysis, compared to a national average of industry about 12 percent. Home dialysis is associated with patient longevity, high quality of life, short recovery times after dialysis, and convenience for people whose health and home environment can accommodate it.

The company pioneered the concept of providing dedicated home dialysis centers, under the WellBound brand. His long history of treating hundreds of thousands of patients in need of dialysis treatment, his home-first philosophy and his increased focus on home therapies reflect his commitment to this modality, as well as to health and wellness. of the people who use it.

“From the day Satellite Healthcare opened its doors nearly 50 years ago, its founder, Dr. Norman Coplon, has insisted that collaboration, ingenuity and access were essential to the success of the company that serves patients, ”said Jeff Goffman, CEO of Satellite Healthcare. “Graham has built his career on these principles. His vision of the continued growth and impact of our home dialysis program will allow us to bring individualized therapy and its clinical and lifestyle benefits to more patients who may benefit from it.

“Satellite Healthcare always strives to determine the best possible care for people with kidney disease, and making it easier for patients to access the benefits of home therapies is at the heart of this commitment,” said Dr. Brigitte Schiller, Chief Medical Officer of Satellite Healthcare. Officer. “Graham’s expertise and in-depth thinking have contributed significantly to the growth and clinical excellence of our home dialysis program, and his new role will allow him to build on that success.

Dr Abra joined Satellite Healthcare in 2012, after obtaining a Fellowship in Nephrology at Stanford University with a focus on population health in people with chronic kidney disease. He currently holds the position of Clinical Assistant Professor in the Division of Nephology at Stanford University, a position he will retain. He will report to the CEO of Satellite Healthcare, working closely and in tandem with its Medical Director, Brigitte Schiller, MD, and President and COO, Bernadette Vincent.

About Satellite Healthcare

Satellite Healthcare, Inc., has been a leading non-profit provider of kidney dialysis and related services in the country since 1974. Through its affiliated services, Satellite WellBound, Satellite Dialysis and Satellite Research, Satellite Healthcare provides early education unmatched patient well-being, personalized clinical services and a full range of dialysis therapy choices. Additionally, Satellite Healthcare has a well-known mission to “improve the lives of people with kidney disease,” a lasting commitment to philanthropy and community service, ranging from funding millions of dollars in research grants to sponsorship of nationwide renal programs. Satellite Healthcare is committed to advancing the standards of care for chronic kidney disease through innovation and research so that patients can enjoy better health and lead better lives. For more information, visit


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