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Redhill unveils new global headquarters in Singapore, largest office to date

The new 5,000 square foot space, located in Tanjong Pagar, can accommodate up to 150 employees and is designed for shared offices.

Global communications agency Redhill unveiled its new global headquarters in Singapore’s historic Tanjong Pagar district on September 27, 2022.

The new 5,000 square foot space can accommodate up to 150 employees and is designed for shared office, given the agency’s vision of flexible working arrangements. Open seating and multi-purpose breakout spaces in the main work area aim to facilitate collaboration and cooperation, while breakout rooms and quiet areas will allow for team discussions and focused work.

Meanwhile, comfortable lounges and a spacious pantry provide spaces for gathering and rejuvenation, helping to foster a sense of community while maintaining individual well-being.

The launch was attended by 200 guests, including guest of honour, Shawn Huang, MP (Jurong GRC) and Director (Enterprise Development) of Temasek International.

Speaking at the opening, Huang said: “Redhill is a shining example of the type of business we hope to grow in Singapore – one that is proudly locally founded but strives for global ambitions. With its business firmly rooted in Singapore, Redhill has relentlessly pursued its mission of telling stories to audiences around the world, never losing sight of its inherent Asian and Singaporean identity.

As Redhill’s largest offices to date, this new global headquarters reflects the agency’s growth in the eight years since its inception. The local agency opened its first office in Singapore in 2014 with just two employees. Today, Redhill has over 180 employees worldwide, more than half of whom are based in Singapore.

Beyond Singapore, Redhill has established a presence in 19 markets, including South Korea, Japan, Australia and most of Southeast Asia. To meet the needs of its diverse workforce, Redhill has implemented initiatives promoting employee wellness and wellness, as well as encouraging skills enhancement and career growth . These include hosting mental health talks and trainings, hosting leadership talks and skills workshops, and creating an accessible repository for training resources.

In 2021, Redhill launched its first diversity and inclusion initiative, which involved an overhaul of its pay structure to focus on pay equity based on skills and experience instead of an individual’s last salary. These efforts led to the inclusion of the agency in the Adland Diversity and Inclusion Index 2021.

Jacob Puthenparambil, Founder and CEO of Redhill added, “This new space better fits our rapidly growing team and allows us to hire additional talent to serve our growing customer base and provide industry-leading support. Our new office was designed to inspire collaboration, innovation and team spirit – acting as our base of operations as we pursue our mission to tell authentic stories across the world.”

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