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“Pakistan Security Contingent on Pakistan Army Stability”


Speakers at the Istehqam Conference on Pakistan on Friday observed that Pakistan’s security depends on the stability of the Pakistani military.

The conference, held in the city of Antwerp in Belgium, was attended by a large number of Pakistanis. Participants asserted that supporting the institution “unconditionally” would strengthen the institution.

The Pakistani community expressed its solidarity with the Pakistani army, “guarantor of stability” of the country, and chanted slogans praising Pakistan and its army.

Chaudhry Pervez Iqbal Losar, President of the European Union-Pakistan Friendship Federation, reiterated the direct dependence of stability in Pakistan on the stability of the army. He added, “We can proudly say that two superpowers were defeated on our soil, a feat that was only possible because we stood alongside our military.”

He further said that the medal presented to the Army Chief of Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, by Saudi Arabia was not intended only for him, but was also awarded to the 220 million inhabitants. of Pakistan and the whole institution that protects the Muslim Ummah.

“We must promise today that we will challenge the fifth generation war and stop the false propaganda against the Pakistani military. We will thwart the enemy’s movement,” Losar added.

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At the end of the event, attendees pledged their support for the Pakistani military and vowed not to allow any internal or external conspiracy against the country to succeed.

The conference comes shortly after remarks by a Canadian parliamentarian against Pakistani military leaders.

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif strongly condemned the Canadian parliamentarian’s remarks and urged the Canadian government to take note of the irresponsible statement.

Speaking at the National Assembly, Asif said, “Pakistan and the military leadership have been criticized by a Canadian parliamentarian, which is deplorable…the Canadian government should take action on this irresponsible statement.

He said a protest was also registered through diplomatic channels against the remarks, but there was also a need to debate the issue in Pakistan’s parliament.

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