Canadian army

“Most intense storm yet”: Canadian Forces members help British Columbia weather third storm

Canadian Forces members propped up vulnerable areas of Cowichan tribe lands with sandbags on Tuesday, to protect First Nations community homes from the Cowichan River flood, as the latest heavy rain storm hit Province.

Canadian Forces members propped up vulnerable areas of Cowichan Tribe lands with sandbags on Tuesday, to protect First Nations community homes from the Cowichan River flood, as the latest heavy rain storm hit Province.

About 100 First Nation homes were affected by flooding during the November 14-15 rainstorm.

Tribal members were offered free self-bagging services, and notices were posted to prepare “take-out kits” including important medicines and papers, as well as to unplug all basement appliances. and crawl spaces in the event of additional flooding.

The latest rainstorm, the third of three atmospheric rivers, could be the worst yet for parts of British Columbia, Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth said in an update on efforts to the province to manage flood and storm damage.

In the hardest-hit areas, the storm could be at least as severe as that in mid-November which caused extensive flooding and road damage, he said.

“In some areas, like the central coast, this could be the most intense storm yet. “

Environment Canada has warned of extreme precipitation that could worsen existing flooding or cause new flooding to already saturated soil.

Armel Castellan, a meteorologist at Environment Canada, said the central and west coast of Vancouver Island could see up to 150 millimeters of rain, with up to 120 mm in the Bella Coola area, while the Fraser Valley flooded east of Abbotsford can reach 80mm.

David Campbell, chief of the BC River Forecast Center, said flood watches are in effect for Vancouver Island, the Central Coast, the South Coast, the Fraser Valley, the Fraser Canyon and some inland watersheds. .

Campbell said they are also monitoring water levels in the Nooksack River in Washington state, which contributed to flooding in a prime agricultural area in Abbotsford last month. The river’s water level had dropped over the weekend, but coming rain could push it up, he said.

Five hundred members of the Canadian Armed Forces have been deployed to areas of concern, including Vancouver Island.

19 Wing Comox is also ready to help, as is CFB Esquimalt, said Farnworth, who urged British Columbians to avoid non-essential travel and “wait for bad weather.”

“Also, and I cannot stress this enough, please follow the instructions of your local government,” he said.

If an evacuation alert or order has been issued for your area, take it seriously, he said. Those unable to evacuate should call 911 and report their location.

Emergency Management BC and “an army of local government workers and community volunteers” are making sure that shelter, food, medicine and other resources are available to those in need, Farnworth said.

Sandbags, emergency kits, feed, fuel and other supplies are also provided.

“We coordinate additional supports and services from the federal government, as well as non-government organizations and industry,” he said.

Portions of roads and highways – including Highway 1 between Chilliwack and Abbotsford as well as a section east of Chilliwack between Hope and the community of Popkum, and Highway 99 between Pemberton and Lillooet – have been closed to across the province as a precaution, where passage has been restricted to commercial vehicles only.

British Columbia Transportation Minister Rob Fleming has called on all drivers not to travel on roads and highways unless their travel is “absolutely necessary”, warning that commercial truck drivers may use the vehicle. alternative routes unknown due to road damage caused by the November 14-15 storm.

“Please be patient and accept that it will take longer and drive under the current conditions,” he said.

Fleming said many of the restrictions are short-term. “We will get there,” he said.

“We are monitoring conditions across the province, including the mid and south coasts, interior and northern part of Vancouver Island.

“Crews and equipment are ready to be deployed to all of these areas as needed. “

The rain is expected to mostly ease Thursday and Friday, Castellan said, although a smaller system is expected to affect the south coast late Friday.

“We don’t expect large, large quantities, but we will be watching the continued barrage of storms affecting the BC coast very closely over the next week or so.”

Avalanche Canada warned Tuesday of an “increasingly dangerous avalanche cycle” in many mountain ranges in British Columbia.

He rated the risk as high to extreme on the south and northwest coasts and eastern British Columbia from Chetwynd south to Castlegar.

People should stay away from avalanche terrain as avalanches “are expected to travel all the way to the valley floor with the arrival of this third atmospheric river,” he said.

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– With files from The Canadian Press

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International headquarters

ClickUp to create 200 new jobs in Dublin

Two hundred new jobs are to be created in Dublin over the next two years thanks to the ClickUp productivity platform.

The American technology company will open a new European headquarters there as part of its international expansion.

The new roles will be in a range of areas including sales, customer success, marketing, support, finance and human resources and recruiting has already started.

The expansion comes just over a month after the San Diego-based company raised $ 400 million in Series C funding.

ClickUp said it chose Ireland because of the tech community established here and the availability of talent.

“We have been impressed with the deep expertise and large supply of multilingual tech talent in and around Dublin, and we consider our European office to play a vital role in ClickUp’s continued global expansion,” said Mark Stoddard , Head of International Operations at ClickUp.

“We are excited to bring ClickUp to Ireland and offer a diverse range of jobs, while adding to the already world-class tech community.”

Founded in 2017, ClickUp is an all-in-one software as a service platform that replaces individual workplace productivity tools with a single platform comprising project management, document collaboration, worksheets, chat and goals.

Its customers include, Netflix and McDonalds and is used by 800,000 teams around the world, including 275,000 based in Europe.

The company plans to use its Dublin office to locate the product for its customers in France, Germany and Spain.

The investment was well received by Tánaiste and Minister of Enterprise Leo Varadkar and by IDA which supported him.

“Dublin remains a premier destination city for fast growing companies wishing to establish their European headquarters in order to internationalize their business and serve and grow their customer base,” said Martin Shanahan, CEO of IDA Ireland.

“Ireland has a proven track record as a very attractive destination for Software as a Service (SaaS) companies looking to access a well-established talent pool to scale quickly.

ClickUp tripled its revenue last year and quadrupled its number of users.

In total, it has raised $ 535 million in funding and is currently valued at over $ 4 billion.

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Non profit living

“It’s my super power now”: Utah residents living with HIV work to break down stigma surrounding the disease

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – When Sequan Kolibas was diagnosed with HIV for eight years, the mother of one kept him to herself for years, largely fearing the reaction of others to her news.

Those fears were confirmed when she let out her secret one day while talking to a friend.

“We were just talking about HIV and, and I had kind of a seizure and I told him I had it and he was like, ‘Well, only hookers and junkies get HIV. So which one are you? ‘ “

Kolibas’ fear of the stigma surrounding the disease had proven to be justified. That had been her biggest concern when she learned she had contracted the virus from her five-year-old partner, a man.

“It was extremely scary, it changed my life,” she recalls. “To be honest. I had periods of suicidal thoughts, severe depression. I just thought my happiness was over and my life was over. I let HIV become who I am, instead of “to be a part of who I was. I let my diagnosis define me.

On Wednesday December 1, World AIDS Day will be celebrated, in memory of those who have lost their lives due to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, which is initially caused by a diagnosis of HIV. The occasion of 2021 is particularly poignant as it marks 40 years since the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) first reported the emergence of AIDS among gay communities in New York and California.

Originally dubbed “gay cancer,” the HIV and AIDS epidemic has been ravaged by misinformation, misunderstanding and, of course, stigma against those who contract the virus. Researchers ultimately reduced its primary means of transmission to sharing needles or injection equipment, exposure to blood in open wounds, and sexual intercourse. The shocking announcement of NBA star Magic Johnson’s infection in 1991 showed that HIV can affect people of any sexual orientation – gay or heterosexual – but many of the stigmas have always been hard to shake.

“I think this has persisted since the 1980s,” says Heather Bush, who manages the HIV program for the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) to “In addition to facing a life-threatening disease, and all that it means, people with HIV worry about what people are going to think or how they are being paid. It’s just a huge additional burden that people have to face. And I think a lot of it is perception.

The truth is, living with HIV in 2021 is very different from what it was in 1981, as evidenced by testimonials and information from a new UDOH campaign, While illness is still a part of life; the website says every three days a new Utah resident is diagnosed with HIV, no longer a death sentence.

Advances in prevention and treatment have made transmission nearly impossible for people with the disease who take appropriate measures, which can be as simple as a daily pill for antiretroviral therapy (ART) and extra precautions for antiretroviral therapy (ART). sexually active people. The new term in HIV medicine is “U = U”. The antiretroviral drug can reduce the amount of HIV in the blood to undetectable levels. If it is undetectable, it cannot be transmitted to others.

“We know it’s still there, we know they still have the virus, but it’s so weak that not only does it protect them and keep them from getting sick, but it also prevents them from passing it on to others. people, ”he added. Bush says, adding that those who have an HIV-positive partner who are not infected can also take preventative drugs. “We have a lot of tools that we didn’t even have 5-10 years ago.”

The biggest obstacle that remains is stigma, as both Bush and Kolibas agree. While medical advances have provided the means to make the spread of HIV and AIDS much more difficult if the right precautions are taken, opening the dialogue is still a work in progress.

Kolibas has since found purpose by sharing its story and founding a nonprofit that provides resources to those infected and information to those with outdated fears and misconceptions about HIV and AIDS.

“You don’t have to change who you are, it doesn’t define who you are,” she says, mentioning that her T-cell count, or the number of disease-fighting blood cells, is higher than before. diagnostic. “We are opening the conversation to educate people so that we can reduce this stigma for people. “

For years, many have thought that even routine, non-sexual or blood-related contact with someone living with HIV could be dangerous. Kolibas’ mission now is to shatter these misconceptions.

“It’s the misconception of ‘Well it’s just a gay disease’, or if somebody has it, you can’t share the same utensils, you can’t squeeze them in their arms you can’t drink out of the same cup as them It’s just about education now I’m kind of using HIV as my superpower now.

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History organization

A new member organization – the Private Trust Consortium – provides educational programs and risk mitigation services to individuals who operate private trusts

Those pushed into the role of a trustee can now use PTC as a go-to resource for trustee liability insurance, advice and training programs.

BOULDER, Colorado, November 30, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – As the nation and the world embark on the largest transfer of private wealth in history, private trusts have become a common way for families to distribute assets to beneficiaries. People who are called upon for the role of trustee often come to this responsibility without professional guidance, training or support in the management of private trusts. That’s why, earlier this year, the Private Trust Consortium (PTC) was formed by a team of industry experts with extensive experience and expertise in setting up and managing private trusts.

“Trusts are a great vehicle for distributing wealth, but they also come with challenges and risks that are almost always overlooked by the individual trustee as well as the advisors they rely on for advice,” said Bill Waller, one of the founders of PTC, who for decades served as lead counsel in countless cases involving disputed wills, trusts and administration of estates. “It’s hard to say ‘no’ when a family member, friend or client is patting you on the shoulder and asking you to play such an important role. But a lot can go wrong and trustees need to know what they are getting into, where they may run into problems, and how they can avoid and mitigate those risks. This is why we have formed the Private Trust Consortium.

Among the programs and services provided by PTC are a library of member resources, videos and webinars on key topics related to trust management, and a market-leading Trustee Liability Insurance program available. by Chubb.

“Trustees often have the illusion that the general liability insurance that they have personally or in the course of their employment covers the problems that arise in the course of managing a trust, but this is almost certainly not the case. the case, ”said Bill McManus, member of the PTC management committee. who also has decades of experience as a litigator in trust and estate litigation. “Chubb has personalized an insurance policy for PTC members, built around the increasingly complex area of ​​trust administration and the unique circumstances they present.

While access to fiduciary liability insurance is a key part of joining PTC, avoiding unnecessary risks in the first place, learning from the experts, and understanding and adhering to best practices in fiduciary management are what distinguishes PTC. The organization will complement the experience and knowledge of its management committee with the best advice from industry veterans who understand private trusts inside and out.

On the PTC Board of Directors, Waller and McManus will join: co-founder Dennis Channer, who has extensive experience in wealth management and transfer; Co-founder Dick Gawlick who also has extensive experience in investment management and accounting; and Matt Clarke, an experienced litigator with frontline experience in private trust issues.

Whether someone is a counselor, close friend or family member who has been entrusted with the role of trustee, the need for reliable information, guidance and programs to support their efforts has never been greater. . The objective of the Private Trust Consortium is to provide this information as well as these programs and services.

The private trust consortium
1790 38e Street, office 207
Rocher, CO 80301 / 1-800-978-1237

See the source version on


Jim Cudahy, on behalf of PTC
[email protected]

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Canadian army

Want a real change in the Canadian Forces? Cut 100 generals: comment

Content of the article

By Steve Giberson


Content of the article

Defense Watch Guest Writer

The profession of arms in Canada is reduced to amateurish time as senior management scrambles to appear engaged in resolving the crisis that has been exposed by yet another round of allegations of sexual misconduct.

As the Canadian military is embroiled in self-hatred and looking for ways to create safe spaces for Canadians to be encouraged to wear uniforms, the world becomes more and more dangerous and our ability to be prepared. to take a stand continues to erode beyond the point of obsolescence.

I have long believed that much of the leadership gap in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) is a direct result of the CAF being heavily overloaded with General / Flag Officers (GOFOs).


Content of the article

There simply aren’t enough resources for these GOFOs to command and thanks to long-standing military traditions of deference to these ranks, the resulting effect is to turn a bunch of them into egotistical. We have GOFOs who don’t command anything but believe they are the equivalent of their fellow NATO allies of the same rank who actually have formations behind them.

Military structures are designed to be built from the ground up like a pyramid. For each building block in the pyramid, there is a commander appointed for that group and an assigned rank for that commander. Based on this conception, the approximately 80,000 CAF members (both Regular and Reserve on a good day) do not have enough resources to justify 129 GOFOs.


Content of the article

By simple comparison, the UK Defense Force with which the CAF is most closely aligned in terms of structure and traditions manages to lead its army with around 85 GOFOs while managing around 200,000 regulars and reservists with significantly greater combat power in all elements (army, navy and air force).

An even sharper comparison is that of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). It has an active force of nearly 170,000 people. Its operational forces consist of 10 combat brigades in the three CAF army; around 480 combat aircraft in the Air Force against 390 CAF of all types; and finally, a navy that compares well enough even for liners and submarines (18 for IDF, 16 for CAF) but almost double for IDF in smaller patrol vessels. For all this, Tsahal manages to dominate its neighbors while being led by only 25 GOFOs including a lieutenant general (three stars) is the chief of staff of the armies.


Content of the article

The size and combat power of the CAF does not justify having a four star general CDS. We should start there. Once our CDS has been reduced to the appropriate rank, the rest of the structure should follow. With a three-star CDS, commanders of the three elements (Army, Navy, and Air Force) can now be two-star generals. Based solely on the personnel and resources of the Canadian Army, there is an argument for a maximum of four divisional level groups (there are currently six). These divisional groups would be led by one-star generals.

The ARC and the RCN being smaller, there is probably room for 2 one-star level formations in each of these entities. A rough estimate of the personnel / resources required by the commander should mean that the CAF could be effectively led by less than 20 GOFOs.


Content of the article

If the CAF could be effectively led by 20 GOFOs, what would be the impact of having more than 100 senior leaders with nothing to lead? Long-standing traditions and customs of the military rank structure imply that the higher the rank, the more deference you are accorded. The more benefits you get. You get staffed to make sure that all of your wishes are met and the nature of humans is that these demands go beyond direct professional demands for staff to be responsible for the personal needs of GOFO.

Add to that women in vulnerable positions in an organization teeming with dominant male leaders with completely undeserved rights and you have a recipe for potential abuse of power.

I believe that the issue of sexual misconduct in the military is not just about inappropriate relationships. This is a reflection of the severely overbalanced power dynamics that exist in the CAF due to the large number of senior leaders who cannot be justified by any practical measure.


Content of the article

The responsibility in the military arises from the fact that our commanders are in danger along with the soldiers, sailors and aircrew they send to dangerous places. When you have an institution with a bloated leadership structure that is constantly getting ego stroked for no good reason, do we really have to ask ourselves why some think they can get away with preying on vulnerable subordinates in their area? staff ?

If we are to make a real change in the ethics of the CAF, remove 100 GOFOs and keep the other 20 busy thinking about the emerging threats facing our country.


(Steve Giberson retired as Major of the Canadian Forces in 2017. He joined the Canadian Army in 1991 as an Armor Officer. He spent almost 10 years in Forces Command Special Operations Operations Department and has been deployed to Bosnia, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia as well as numerous homeland security operations.)


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International headquarters

Xiaomi makes Beijing its EV headquarters alongside a new plant with 300,000 vehicles per year

Xiaomi Automotive recently signed a contract with a Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone committee to establish all of its automotive business in the suburb of Yizhuang. With the aim of putting its first electric vehicle on the road in 2024, Xiaomi will establish its headquarters, R&D and manufacturing at the site which will be built in two phases.

Xiaomi Automotive is a relatively new company that was formed from the largest consumer electronics company, Xiaomi Communications Co. – the third largest producer of smartphones in the world.

Last March, we announced that Xiaomi Communications Co. was apparently looking to enter the growing electric vehicle market with its own brand of electric cars. At the time, there were rumors that the Chinese company Great Wall Motors would offer advice for the engineering process to speed up Xiaomi’s EV project.

Last September, the mega-manufacturer confirmed its new entry into electric vehicles by officially establishing industrial and commercial registration in China under the name Xiaomi Automotive Co. Ltd. With a team of 300 employees in place at the time, Xiaomi Group Founder, Chairman and CEO Lei Jun announced that Xiaomi Automobile had successfully registered with a capital of 10 billion yuan (~ 1.55 billion yuan). dollars).

At the time of its registration announcement, Xiaomi is reportedly still looking for an electric vehicle production partner. The research included 85 industry tours, in addition to in-depth meetings with over 200 automotive industry veterans from companies such as BYD, Great Wall Motor, Wuling Motors and SAIC.

Now it looks like Xiaomi will tackle the production of electric vehicles on its own, with the help of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone.

Xiaomi Executives Sign Contract with Beijing Economic and Technological Development Committee

The new Xiaomi EV factory will be built in two phases

As reported by The South China Morning Post, Xiaomi’s contract for new installations will be built in Yizhuang, a suburb of the Chinese capital in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone.

The same economic development zone is home to the facilities of several other big tech companies like Baidu and the country’s first chip foundry, Semiconductor International Manufacturing Corporation (SMIC).

The Chinese government announced the signing of the contract through its WeChat account and praised Xiaomi for embodying “outstanding Chinese technology” and wise manufacturing practices.

As part of the deal, Xiaomi will erect its facilities in two phases, each providing production of 150,000 EVs per year. In addition to production, Beijing’s footprint will also include Xiaomi Automotive’s head office, sales center and R&D facilities.

Economic zone officials says he will provide full support for Xiaomi Automotive, and is already pushing for an early start in construction to start production of electric vehicles earlier.

Xiaomi executives said the company already has 500 employees in place for its first electric vehicle project and remains on track to reach mass production at the newly announced facility sometime in 2024.

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Non profit living

Contra Costa Crisis Center helps parents share their grief and rediscover joy

WALNUT CREEK – Ann Khadalia and Steve Grimes interact with sometimes remarkable ease, sometimes finishing each other’s sentences or remembering another story to tell. They speak easily and think often.

They can always smile, and when the time is right, they can laugh too.

“Believe it or not,” Grimes said, “you can get away with this.”

Yet as they stand together outside the offices of the Contra Costa Crisis Center in Walnut Creek, holding a window to their soul – photos of Steve’s late son, Kevin, and Ann’s late daughter, Priya – the dark cloud of pain is never far beyond the horizon.

They are grateful that it is no longer raining sadness.

Grimes and Khadalia are close today as their respective paths connected and passed through the Contra Costa crisis center following the deaths of their children over 20 years ago. Kevin Grimes, who was almost 16, collapsed while on a scout outing with his father near Kirkwood Mountain Resort in March 1996 and never regained consciousness. Three years later, 5-year-old Priya Khadalia was struck and killed by an unlicensed driver of a car who turned on a red light at an intersection in Hayward.

WALNUT CREEK, CA – OCTOBER 12: Contra Costa Crisis Center volunteer Steve Grimes poses for a photo, with a photo of his 15-year-old son Kevin, whom he lost in a tragic event, in Walnut Creek, in California, Wednesday, October 12, 2021 (Anda Chu / Bay Area News Group)

Their parents are now volunteering on the same grief support teams that helped them survive the worst nightmare they have ever faced.

Grimes facilitates and sometimes leads bereavement groups. Khadalia does the same and was so inspired by the centre’s impact on her life that she obtained her Masters in Counseling at Cal State East Bay two years ago.

“We’re not trying to be therapists,” Grimes said. “We Listen. We are empathetic. We ask open ended questions. We have a conversation and we try to find a connection.

The Crisis Center has facilitated such conversations since 1963. The association is accredited by the American Association of Suicidology and provides 24/7 support and counseling to people in crisis, distress or suicidal, 365 days a year. . Its mission is to keep people in crisis alive until the storm passes.

WALNUT CREEK, CA – OCTOBER 12: Contra Costa Crisis Center volunteer Ann Khadalia poses for a photo, with a photo of her 8-year-old daughter Priya, whom she lost in a tragic event, in Walnut Creek, California, Wednesday October 12, 2021 (Anda Chu / Bay Area News Group)

The organization received funding this year from Share the Spirit, an annual vacation campaign that helps residents in need of East Bay. Donations will help support 56 nonprofit agencies in Contra Costa and Alameda counties. The center will use its grant for staff salaries and benefits; create the ability to return customers’ daily phone calls; train new volunteer animators; and coordinate weekly bereavement support groups.

Grimes and Khadalia said these services were essential for their ability to resume their lives after the loss of their children. Each participated in group sessions in small gatherings, meetings that turned strangers who started out into teammates united in grief.

“They helped me get through my grief, but to be more precise, they really allowed me to grieve,” Khadalia said. “I’m in this nightmare, but I was so wrapped up in the way other people were doing that I wasn’t dealing with my own feelings of loss and grief. I was just sort of surviving. The first few months were a total fog. I think for a year I cried every day. But the group helped me find a place to go with it all, and as you go through the process it starts to help you.

Grimes said the grieving groups at the center also provided a place where people were not afraid to talk with him about his loss, a key to his recovery. He said family and friends were initially reluctant to bring up Kevin for fear of opening a wound that was too painful.

Such fear is wrong, he said. The memory of Kevin is never far away, and neither is his father’s desire to talk about him.

“I’m always so happy when people ask me,” he said. “He was an adventurous young man. He had short trick type skis. He loved the Boy Scouts, he loved bungee jumping. We just did a lot, a lot of trips together during the summer. He was an explorer.

Khadalia similarly shines when the subject turns to Priya.

“She was a very lively and spirited little girl,” she said. “She was very determined, extremely curious. She loved to dance and took ballet lessons. She had a fearless personality.

In many ways, the same can be said of Priya’s mom and Kevin’s dad. They experienced the worst fear of parents. And while the scars are still there, so too are the inspiration they provide to countless others just by going forward and rediscovering the joy.

Both say the Crisis Center was an integral part of this process.

“As you get help, you come back to a place where you know you can help others,” Khadalia said. “And it seems helping others is what made that dark cloud not so close to me anymore. It’s there, but it’s very far now, and there is light now.

And the pain is less intense.

“The loss allows you to have a perspective,” Grimes said. “It teaches you what is important and what is not. We are here to show others that life can go on and on.

Share the spirit

The Share the Spirit vacation campaign, sponsored by the Bay Area News Group, provides relief, hope and opportunity to residents in need by funding nonprofit vacation and outreach programs in the counties of Alameda and Contra Costa. To make a tax-deductible contribution, cut the coupon accompanying this story or go to Readers with questions, as well as individuals or businesses interested in making grants or contributions, can contact the Share the Spirit program at 925-655-8355 or [email protected]

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History organization

Source: Twins and Buxton agree on a $ 100 million 7-year contract

The Minnesota Twins and center fielder Byron Buxton agreed to a seven-year, $ 100 million contract on Sunday, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity to The Associated Press as the contract was not yet finalized and awaiting a physical examination.

Buxton posted an aerial photo of Target Field on his Instagram account with a heart emoji caption. The light-footed, big-swinging Buxton was only under the team’s control for one more season, raising the possibility of a trade to stem the toll of his loss as a free agent.

Despite a few hiccups along the way in the negotiations, which were complicated by Buxton’s injury history which significantly limited his availability for the Twins, the 27-year-old never wanted to leave the organization he has. joined right after high school in rural Georgia as the second overall pick in the 2012 Draft.

Buxton has only played more than 92 games once in his seven major league seasons. It was in 2017, when he played 140 games and won a Gold Glove award.

Glimpses of his game-changing and worth-admitting skills have broadened over the past three years as he blossomed with the bat to match his longtime senior job with the glove.

Last year, Buxton won at bat with 23 doubles, 19 homers and a 0.306 average in just 235 at-bat. He had a 0.647 slugging percentage that would have led the majors if he had had a qualifying number of home plate appearances.

However, these bursts of domination kept getting interrupted, often due to bad luck. Buxton suffered a sprained right hip in May. Then in mid-June, in his third game only after returning from the first injury, Buxton was hit with a hand throw and his left little finger was broken. He didn’t return to the major leagues until the end of August.

It was his 11th time on the injured list since his debut with the Twins in 2015 and the 15th time in 10 seasons as a pro.

Some of Buxton’s past shoulder problems stemmed from a total style of diving for balls and crashing against the walls that the twins tried to reduce, but the finger broke – much like concussion, wrist sprains and the broken toe that preceded – could hardly have been prevented.

“He’s so tough, and he’s ready to literally play just about anything. He wouldn’t have to be able to walk for him to come out and say, “I can’t play. Words never leave his mouth. It would literally have to be taken out of the field to get it out of the field. It’s just who he is as a guy and as a competitor, ”manager Rocco Baldelli said last summer.

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Canadian army

Otonabee Ward: The Salvation Army collects toys for the children of Peterborough

Turning into its 62nd year, the annual Pure Country 105 / Move 105 / Move 99.7 Christmas Toy Drive for The Salvation Army is underway and people are invited to drop off new, unwrapped toys for children up to 14 years old. years old at two locations: The Salvation Army, 219 Simcoe St. with the striped doors, and ring the doorbell, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., or at the toy bin in the center court of Lansdowne Place, during shopping center opening hours.

“The Salvation Army toy store is open now and customers are coming every day until December 17,” said Donna Barkley, toy store coordinator. “We have an ongoing need for toys and if anyone needs help over Christmas they can call our office at 705-742-4391 ext. 231 because they have to make an appointment.

Toy drive looks a little different this year, with health and safety concerns related to COVID-19 and increased need anticipated this year. The Salvation Army is making appointments to ensure adequate social distancing and, as required by Peterborough Public Health, all toys are quarantined for three days before being handled by volunteers or customers.

“Pure Country 105 / MOVE 99.7 kicked off the toy drive on November 12,” said Vince Bierworth, Promotions Coordinator / Announcer, Bell Media Radio. “A constant supply of toys is needed and volunteers collect donations at both sites every three to four days. In the past, there have been over 100 donation locations throughout the City and County of Peterborough. But due to the constant need to pick up and distribute toys, there is no physical way for volunteers to visit each location to collect donations. ”

They are asking every business and organization that has been a drop-off location in the past, to support the campaign with an internal fundraising or to make a financial donation so that The Salvation Army can fill in the gaps by age by going to

The Salvation Army toy store is set up differently this year. Instead of sorting toys by age group, they are sorted by “gender” which means it will be like a toy store with a Lego section, electronics section, games, dolls, etc. to better serve customers.

Since 1960, the toy drive has been helping people in need in our community. There is a special need for gifts for children under 3, tweens 10-12 and teens. Types of toys needed include baby items such as plush toys, bath toys, teething rings and learning tools (all safety compliant) etc.

Items accepted for boys and girls ages 10-12 include books, video games, electronics, hairdryers, irons, nail polish kits, body lotion, movie certificates, Lego, basketballs, soccer balls, hoodies, clothing, music, gift cards for EB Games, Old Navy, Claire’s, Canadian Tire, Tim Hortons, Subway and more.

The Salvation Army also helps young people aged 15 to 17 by offering parents a Walmart gift card. They need food donations that can be brought to 219 Simcoe Street. Food is also quarantined for three days before being sorted and distributed.

For more information, please contact Vince Bierworth at 705-742-8844 ext. 4457 or [email protected] To contact The Salvation Army, please dial 705-742-4391 ext. 231, or visit

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Panda Feeds Canada will be at the Real Canadian Superstore Peterborough on December 4 and 5 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to collect food and donations for Kawartha Food Share. Andrew Parnell started Panda Feeds Canada, which is a food drive to raise food and raise money for food banks across Canada. To date, he has raised 12,000 pounds of food, as well as financial donations. You can follow PandaFeedsCanada on Instagram.

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International headquarters

19 years: the history of SWISS International Air Lines

SWISS International Air Lines is the national airline of Switzerland from its hub at Zurich airport. A key member of the Lufthansa Group and of the Star Alliance, SWISS flies more than 100 aircraft to a range of short and long-haul destinations. Also with a base of operations in Geneva, it will celebrate its 20th anniversary in March 2002.

The SWISS fleet currently consists of 102 aircraft. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple theft

SWISS was founded just under twenty years ago, in March 2002, although its roots go further back to a regional operator. With its headquarters in Basel, it succeeded Swissair as the national airline of Switzerland. Originally planning to join aworld, it ended up in the Star Alliance after its takeover by Lufthansa in 2007.

Formed 19 years ago

SWISS International Air Lines came into being following the bankruptcy of the former national airline Swissair in 2002. Swissair predated World War II and had flown Boeing 747s. Needing a new national airline , a carrier named Crossair stepped in to pick up the pieces of what the now bankrupt Swissair had left behind.

Crossair was the regional subsidiary of Swissair before the collapse of the former national carrier and dates back to 1975. The airline became SWISS after Swissair’s creditors sold the majority of the bankrupt carrier’s assets to Crossair, and it has began operations on March 31, 2002.

Swissair 747
Swissair has been the national airline of Switzerland for over 70 years. Photo: Getty Images

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BA / oneworld partnership failure

In a short time, the brand new SWISS International Air Lines began to consider the idea of ​​joining forces with other carriers. The idea was to help him grow and avoid one of the two other fates that the directors of the time had planned. Without a partnership, they feared that SWISS would either have to refocus as a niche carrier or be unrecognizablely downsize as an airline.

As such, it has initiated discussions with several major European airline groups. After not having achieved anything with Air France-KLM, SWISS turned instead to the British airline British Airways. In turn, he also spent a year trying to get into aworld, the alliance of which BA was a founding member. However, this ended up causing tensions with British Airways.

British Airways Boeing 757
SWISS and BA were unable to follow through on their plans. Photo: Aero Icare via Wikimedia Commons

The reason for the tension was the fact that SWISS and BA were competing on several key routes. Nevertheless, despite the objections of the British national carrier, SWISS finally obtained permission to join the alliance. However, the airline ultimately turned down the opportunity, citing what it believed to be a one-sided relationship with BA in terms of benefits.

Slowly acquired by Lufthansa

SWISS has announced that it will not join aworld in June 2004. Nine months later, it had concluded a new agreement with Lufthansa. This resulted in a gradual takeover which finally integrated SWISS into the Lufthansa group and its “Miles & More” loyalty program. Lufthansa took an initial 11% stake in SWISS in March 2005.

Over the next two years, Lufthansa increasingly took control of SWISS, gradually integrating its operations into the group. In April 2006 SWISS became a member of both the aforementioned Miles & More program and the Star Alliance. In July 2007, the takeover was officially completed and SWISS remains a member of the Lufthansa group today.

The takeover of SWISS by Lufthansa took around two years. Photo: Aero Icare via Flickr

Subsidiaries and acquisitions

The mid-2000s also saw SWISS expand its activities in the form of the creation of a regional subsidiary. In addition, it also acquired several carriers in the years that followed. As regards the regional branch of SWISS, this was founded in September 2005 under the name Swiss European Airlines. It started its activities two months later, in November 2005.

While initially a regional carrier, the subsidiary was renamed Swiss Global Airlines in 2015. This reflects the fact that it had started to operate some long-haul services on behalf of its parent company, using the Boeing 777. In April 2018, SWISS merged the carrier into its own mainline operations, following a new harmonized working agreement.

At the same time, in 2008, SWISS also acquired Edelweiss Air and Servair. Edelweiss now serves as the leisure arm of the carrier, serving various holiday destinations both within and outside of Europe. Servair, meanwhile, focused on business travel. Renamed Swiss Private Aviation following its acquisition, it ceased operations three years later due to restructuring.

Edelweiss A330
Edelweiss was one of the two acquisitions of SWISS in 2008. Photo: Getty Images

History of the brand

Throughout its history, SWISS has maintained a simple but intelligent approach to its brand identity. Its first livery featured the Swiss flag on the tail of the aircraft. During this time, the fuselage was almost completely white. Towards the front of the plane, the name of the airline was printed in lowercase, with the name of the country in different languages ​​beside it.

Since 2011, SWISS has painted its planes with a slightly different take on this simple but effective paint scheme. The airline’s name is now printed in large red capital letters on the front of the fuselage, with the list of Swiss names in French, German, Italian and Romansh (the country’s four official languages) no longer present at its ratings.

SWITZERLAND, Boeing 777, Premium Economy
SWISS underwent a rebranding in 2011. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple theft

Recent developments

In recent years, SWISS has managed to operate a diverse and modern fleet, which Simple Flying took a closer look at earlier this year. While the data from shows that some older aircraft from the Airbus A320 and A340 families remain present, the airline is also an important operator of the new A220 series, which it has now flown for five years.

In recent months, SWISS has championed sustainability initiatives involving sustainable aviation fuel and reducing food waste. The airline has also had to deal with the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Going forward, with a new premium economy cabin to be installed across its entire 777 fleet in 2022, next year promises to be a big year for SWISS.

What do you think of SWITZERLAND? Do you have any special memories of flying with the 19 year old airlines? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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