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New Orleans K9 Sector and Regional Law Enforcement Team Seize $ 170,000 in Narcotics

GULFPORT, Mississippi – A unit from Sector K9 in New Orleans, working with the Southern Mississippi Metro Enforcement Team (SMMET), arrested two Honduran nationals and seized six kilograms of narcotics worth 170 $ 000.

At 2:50 a.m. on September 16, a Gulfport station officer observed a suspicious vehicle heading west on I-10 in Ocean Springs, Mississippi and made a vehicle stop. A records check revealed that the registered owner of the 2005 Ford F150 had ties to a narcotics smuggling ring operating in the Rio Grande Valley area.

During a conversation, the officer detected inconsistencies in the purpose of the trip and the travel history of the two occupants of the vehicle. Fortunately, the officer’s partner had a keen sense of smell and was alerted to a smell near the rear passenger door of the truck. Under the rear passenger seat, the officer discovered a large plastic bag containing fifty packets of methamphetamine, cocaine and fentanyl weighing 6 kilograms and worth $ 170,000.

The FBI, an investigative partner of SMMET, took over the prosecution of the case and the two Hondurans were held in Harrison County Jail.

“Every county is a border county,” said Jason Schneider, chief patrol officer for the New Orleans area. “But by working with state, local and federal partners, we were able to dismantle a transnational Rio Grande Valley criminal organization in the border regions of Texas more than 750 miles away.”

To prevent the illicit trafficking of people, drugs and other contraband products, the US Border Patrol maintains a high level of vigilance on the exit corridors away from our nation’s borders. The New Orleans area protects the nation as a line of defense as smuggling and illegal border workers move east through the southern Gulf states after entering along the southwest border.

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