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Murkowski Statement on Key Developments in the Arctic


Today, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) issued the following statement following Finnish President Sauli Niinisto and Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s announcement supporting Finland’s membership in the Treaty Organization of the North Atlantic (NATO).

“Yesterday the President and Prime Minister of Finland announced their support for joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. I respect Finland’s right to choose its alliances and fully support its decision to join NATO. Just as Arctic nations are rallying behind Ukraine and providing unprecedented support in its fight against Russia’s unprovoked and barbaric invasion, they are making important decisions that reflect the best interests of their own security. in a changing world. said Senator Murkowski.

On Thursday, the Standing Committee on Arctic Region Parliamentarianism (SCPAR) convened a meeting to discuss the current situation in the Arctic. Senator Murkowski has been nominated to continue serving as Vice-Chair of the SCPAR Standing Committee of Parliamentarians, a position for which she was first selected in April 2021.

“For the first time in its history, SCPAR met without our Russian counterparts. We unanimously agreed that the Committee must continue to meet to address the wide range of issues affecting our countries and the Arctic. I have also accepted the nomination of the Committee to remain its vice-president”, said Senator Murkowski. “All Arctic nations, with the exception of Russia, are aligned in the continued pursuit of peace and stability in the High North and globally. I am proud to represent one of seven Arctic nations that supports productive collaboration and helps maintain a rules-based international order.

During the SCPAR meeting, Finnish parliamentarian Mikko Kärnä highlighted the importance of US involvement in supporting Ukraine and how this had impacted many Finns’ views on engagement. of NATO. Murkowski also shared with his fellow parliamentarians the extent of US support for Ukraine – unprecedented foreign aid, soon to reach $54 billion with strong military support, economic aid, food and aid for refugees.

“As Finland moves forward in the process, Sweden continues to deliberate its position. I fully support Sweden’s right to decide its security arrangement. And if Sweden follows the same path as Finland, the Swedes can expect an equally favorable response from the U.S. When and if these NATO bids come before the U.S. Congress, I will direct efforts toward expedited approval,” said Senator Murkowski. “The United States supports its Nordic allies and partners. They will not back down or be intimidated by Russian aggression or rhetoric now or in the future.

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