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Local organization sheds light on minority history in aquaculture

DELMARVA — In light of Black History Month, a local organization is seeking to expose those unfamiliar with the contributions African Americans have made on the water.

Minorities in Aquaculture hosts it virtually Chesapeake Excellence: Black History Edition Event.

Founder Imani Black says African Americans were instrumental in the evolution of commercial fishing in the Chesapeake Bay, but much remained undocumented.

She adds that since minorities are not represented in the industry, she hopes the event will help raise awareness and inspire other future water lovers to come. “I just realized that it was super important to bring that story to the forefront just with our engagement with minorities so that people can really feel safe enough to enter the industry,” Black said.

“So it really shows that this is not a new industry we are entering. Minorities in Aquaculture actually brings people home to an industry that was really part of our livelihood.

This event is Thursday, February 17 at 7 p.m.

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