Loans to reunify debts

Currently the loans for debt reunification, is a financial operation in which loans and mortgages are homogeneously combined in the same mortgage, in order to be able to get a single large sum of up to 80% discount than what we previously paid.

And how is it possible?

The loans to reunify debts are obtained through negotiations where the best conditions and a longer repayment term are sought.

We only need to cancel the loans and loans in order to have a mortgage or property to be mortgaged.

All types of loans to reunify debts are managed through financial entities, which directly are responsible for conducting direct negotiations with traditional banks.

How loans are made to reunify debts

As mentioned above, the loans to reunify debts are worked directly with financial institutions that are later in charge of negotiating their credit with the bank that works.

While for its part, you should only limit yourself to follow certain instructions online to start with the application for loans to reunify debts.

This taking into account that not all financial institutions will request the same requirements or steps to follow.

While in general lines you will have to:

  • Make your request online.
  • Once done, they will contact you from the financial institution to offer a solution adapted to your budget.
  • Once the budget is accepted, all the necessary documents will be sent to you.
  • You will receive the final contract and thus the process to access loans to reunify debts will be launched.

Requirements and conditions to access loans to reunify debts:

First of all, in order to apply for loans to reunify debts, you need to have loans or loans that you are paying month by month and count on the availability of a mortgage or a property to be mortgaged.

Since the purpose of this operation, will be to cancel all loans and loans and include them in a new mortgage or in an existing one.

Some of the conditions that can be obtained to access loans to reunify debts are:

  • A maximum amount to finance up to 0% of the value of the property to be mortgaged.
  • A maximum settlement period of 30 years.
  • An interest that varies according to the amount you request.

To be able to make a reunification of all your loans and loans, you will have to evaluate your financial situation and choose which way is better suited to yours.

Advantages of the loans to reunify debts

What many do not know is that through the loans to reunify debts, you can get pay less for your loans. loans and mortgages in a single monthly installment.

Why does this happen?

Because the interest that you will have to pay will be lower and its term of liquidation is expandable up to 30 years; so the monthly debt could be 80% lower than what was paying so far.

Another of its advantages is that because these loans are treated to reunify mortgage debts, you can make partial or total amortizations of the same. Thus, the settlement or refund period will be shorter.

And finally, another advantage will be that you will only have to fill out a form at home and follow the instructions of the lender, while this is responsible for all the cumbersome processes with banking entities.

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