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LiveXLive, a subsidiary of LiveOne, will exclusively broadcast its 62nd event; United lighting of over 225 landmarks in all 50 states and musical performances for metastatic breast cancer on October 13

To agree October 13e To 8:30 p.m. EDT for #LightUpMBC Live broadcast on, Youtube and Facebook @METAvivor, and for a virtual benefit with special guests Rob Thomas, Kristin chenoweth and Tom morello

LOS ANGELES, October 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – LiveOne (NASDAQ: LVO), a global platform for live streaming and live and on-demand audio, video and podcast / vodcast content in the fields of music, comedy and entertainment pop culture, and owner of LiveXLive, PodcastOne, Lazy radio, React present and Custom Customization Solutions, today announced a collaboration with METAvivor research and support to broadcast live the third annual global benchmark campaign, #LightUpMBC, to highlight the importance of raising awareness and funding metastatic breast cancer research. Each year, more than 685,000 of people worldwide die from metastatic breast cancer (CMB), also known as stage IV or advanced breast cancer, for which there is no cure. It happens when the cancer spreads beyond the breast to other parts of the body.

At October 13, 2021, National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day, LiveOne will live stream lighting from over 225 Landmarks in all 50 US states as well as Porto Rico, Canada, Sweden and Ireland, in the MBC outreach colors of green, teal and pink, as part of the #LightUpMBC campaign. In the age of inclusiveness, people might not realize that pink doesn’t resonate with the MBC community. Designed and deposited by METAvivor volunteers, the teal, green and pink tricolor ribbon symbolizes hope, immortality, healing and spirituality. Iconic participating locations include: One World Trade Center, Niagara Falls, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, BMW Zentrum and Kilkenny Castle in Ireland. This year, many iconic sporting destinations are participating, including FTX Arena, Caesars Superdome, US Bank Stadium, Citizens Bank Park, Lincoln Financial Field, Wells Fargo Center and BC Place.

#LightUpMBC Live, a virtual benefit co-hosted by a TV personality Katie McGee and MBC Advocate Tami Eagle Bowling, will start to 8:30 p.m. EDT to October 13. Viewers can watch the live stream on LiveXLive, Youtube and Facebook @METAvivor and The event will feature inspiring MBC stories from illuminated landmarks around the world and musical guests such as Kristin chenoweth, Tom morello, Rob thomas and JD Eicher.

“#LightUpMBC Live aims to garner critical attention around the lack of funding for stage IV breast cancer research. Fundraising is imperative to support scientists looking for new treatments,” said Tami Eagle Bowling, MBC patient advocate and creator of #LightUpMBC Live. “Research is the only thing that will give me and so many others living with MBC more time with our families.”

“LiveOne is proud to partner with #LightUpMBC to bring the livestream to our global audience and our subscribers. This virtual benefit connecting music, artists and a visual performance will increase awareness and much-needed funding for metastatic breast cancer “, said Jackie Pierre, Marketing Director of LiveOne. “On a personal note, I have known Tami Eagle Bowling For over 20 years, I have continued to be impressed by his drive, dedication and spirit to this important cause. “

“It saddens me to see how many people I have met have not exceeded the life expectancy of 2-3 years for metastatic breast cancer,” said the president of METAvivor. Jamil Rivers. “100% of every donation to METAvivor funds stage IV MBC research. It is simply the only way to prolong the life of people with this terminal illness. “

National sponsors for the event include Seagen, Pfizer, Hulu, BMW and The Eagle Method.

For more information, at make a donation and see the list of participating landmarks, please go to and follow Facebook on @METAvivor and Instagram @metavivor.

153 participating cities include: Albuquerque, Allen Park, Mooring, Anderson, Annapolis, Antioch, Arlington Heights, Asbury Park, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Baltimore, Barrington, beaver lodge, Billing, Biloxi, Binghamton, Birmingham, Bloomington, Wooded, Boston, Bothell, Bradley Beach, Branson, Ox, Burlington, Calgary, Camden, Charlotte, Charlottesville, Chicago, Crystal Lake, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Colombia, Columbus, Davenport, DC, Denver, Detroit, Detroit, Dover, Duluth, Eagan, Edine, Edmonton, Elisabeth, Evansville, Fan wood, Fort Wayne, Garwood, Gilbert, Large fork, Grand Rapids, Great Prairie, Big falls, Greenville, Greer, Halifax, Harrisburg, Hartford, Hartland, Hermosa Beach, Hershey, Hinsdale, Property (Pittsburgh), Honolulu, Houston, Hummelstown, Huntsville, Jacksonville, Jamestown, Kansas City, Kilkenny, Kittery, Forest Lake, Laramie, Las Vegas, Lethbridge, Lexington, Libertyville, Small stone, Los Angeles, Louisville, Manhattan, Marseilles, McLean, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Mobile, Mokena, Montgomery, Morristown, Myrtle Beach, Nashville, New Orleans, New York City, Niagara Falls, Northbrook, Oklahoma City, Okoboji, Omaha, Orlando, Panama City, Paris, Pascagoula, Pawtucket, Peoria, Philadelphia cream, Phoenix, Pigeon Forge, Pittsburgh, Pointe Pleasant Beach, Portland, Portsmouth, Poughkeepsie, Fast city, Red bank, Rehoboth Beach, Rochester, Roselle, Rosemont, Saint Louis, Salem, Salt lake city, San Antonio, San Diego, San Juan, Saint Clare, Schaumburg, Scottish plains, Seattle, south bend, south gate, Saint-Charles, Stockholm, Sussex County, Syracuse, Toledo, Tonawanda, Toronto, Trenton, Canton of Union, Vancouver, Virginia Beach, Waterbury, Wausau, Western Orange, Westfield, Wheaton, To roll, Wilmington and Yonkers.

About LiveOne, Inc.
Based at Los Angeles, California, LiveOne, Inc. (NASDAQ: LVO) (the “Company”) is a global interactive music, sports and entertainment subscription platform, offering premium content and live broadcasts from the world’s best artists. The Company has broadcast more than 1,800 artists since January 2020, a library of nearly 30 million songs, 500 expert curated radio stations, 235 podcasts / vodcasts, hundreds of pay-per-views, personalized products, an NFT business and has created a valuable link between brands , fans and bands. The other major wholly owned subsidiaries of the company are LiveXLive, Slacker Radio, React Presents, Custom Customized Solutions and PodcastOne, which generates over 2.27 billion downloads per year and over 300 episodes distributed per week over a stable of hundreds. of leading podcasts. The combination of acquisitions and the expansion of products and franchises have made LiveOne a premier music, entertainment and media services company. LiveXLive is available on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire, and through OTT, STIRR, Sling, and XUMO, in addition to its app, online website, and social channels. For more information visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TIC Tac, and Twitter to @livexlive.

About METAvivor and the Origin of Breast Cancer Ribbon (MBC):
METAvivor Research and Support is dedicated to the specific fight of men and women living with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. It is a volunteer-run 501c3 nonprofit organization that exclusively funds stage IV MBC research to move the disease from terminal to chronic with a good quality of life for MBC patients. METAvivor dedicates 100% of every donation to research into metastatic stage IV breast cancer.

The pink ribbon is well known to represent the fight against breast cancer, but many patients with stage 4 breast cancer feel that the pink does not sum up their experience. Metastatic breast cancer can start in the breast, but its spread to vital organs makes the disease fatal. To emphasize the uniqueness of the disease and show its similarity to other stage 4 cancers, METAvivor designed a green and teal base ribbon to represent metastases. Green represents the triumph of spring over winter, life over death and symbolizes renewal, hope and immortality while teal symbolizes healing and spirituality. The thin pink ribbon overlay signifies metastatic cancer originating in the breast.

For more information on METAvivor and for make a donation, visit and follow us on Facebook @METAvivor and Instagram @metavivor.

About #LIghtUpMBC:
#LightUpMBC is a campaign produced by Moore Fight Moore Strong (MFMS) in memory of Jessica moore to increase awareness and funding of metastatic breast cancer. by pairing with landmarks to illuminate MBC’s symbolic colors of teal, green and pink. All proceeds collected through #LightUpMBC benefit METAvivor’s research and support.

For more information on the #LightUpMBC campaign, follow on Facebook @LightUpMBC and Instagram @lightupmbc.

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