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Dixie Fire explodes into the largest fire in California history; Forest fires continue to ravage Greece

In northern California, the Dixie Fire exploded over the weekend to become the largest blaze in California history – with half a million acres burned. California Governor Gavin Newsom visited Greenville, a gold rush-era town north of Sacramento, its downtown area almost completely destroyed by the Dixie fire on Saturday.

Governor Gavin Newsom: “Extreme weather conditions, extreme droughts lead to extreme conditions and forest fires like we have never seen in our history. And therefore, we have to recognize, right now, that these are climate-induced forest fires. “

There are currently 11 major wildfires raging in California and over 100 fires in 15 states – with over 2 million acres burned. Denver, Colo. Experienced the worst air quality of any major city in the world on Saturday as smoke from western fires filled the sky with a thick yellow-brown haze.

Meanwhile, fires continue to rage in southern Europe, which is experiencing a prolonged heat wave. In Greece, thousands of people fled their homes on the island of Evia, some of them escaping aboard coast guard ships, as a massive forest fire turned the night sky red .

Vasilikia: “I am very angry. Most of the people here are very angry. The catastrophe, you can see it, isn’t it? It’s huge. Our villages are destroyed. Nothing remains of our houses, our properties. Nothing. Nothing. “

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