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MIAMI, April 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CTH Group (CTH), one of the most influential companies in the Web 3 infrastructure and blockchain ecosystem, has announced the establishment of its global headquarters in the City of Miami.

CTH is the holding company of three separate businesses: Fundamental Labs, a crypto venture capital firm with over 300 portfolios; IDEG, an institutional digital asset manager; and Atlas, one of the top 3 web infrastructure service providers in the world.

Since 2016, CTH has established a global presence through North America, Asiaand Europe.

Group Founder, Raymond Yuancommented on the expansion, “Miami has proven it wants to be a global leader in the Web 3 and crypto space. It was an easy decision after seeing firsthand the city’s efforts to attract the business, talent and capital that drives our industry..”

under the mayor Francois Suarez, Miami has set bold ambitions to be the capital of Web 3 the same way Silicon Valley ruled Web 2. The ecosystem’s explosion of growth, globally, is fueled by a passionate and enthusiastic community that prides itself on inclusivity and collaboration. Miami seized the opportunity during the pandemic to attract numerous international conferences, forums and events focusing on Web 3, blockchain and digital assets – and institutional investment followed. Coupled with a growing population knowledgeable about digital assets and policies to encourage greater adoption for everyday commerce, the environment in Miami is poised for rapid growth and officials expect more industry leaders such as CTH to establish their headquarters or operations in the city.

Mayor Suarez said: “We are delighted to welcome CTH Group to the City of Miami. Establishing its global headquarters in Miami highlights the city’s continued growth as ‘capital of capital’ for investment and web3 technology. In addition, the establishment of their world headquarters in Miami will place them at the strategic epicenter of the Web3 revolution. Miami is here to help the CTH Group as it fuels this revolution.”

Raymond Yuan added, “For CTH Group to succeed, we need to be close to industry innovators. Miami we don’t have to travel far to meet entrepreneurs with fresh ideas, renewable energy companies wishing to collaborate with Web 3 infrastructure providers, or traditional investors wishing to deploy their capital in this growing sector . CTH has ambitious growth objectives and our quest for excellence has led us to Miami to reach them.”

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