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Chicago ranks among the best cities in the world

Chicago came in at 13th this year World’s Best Cities Report 2023a comprehensive annual study by Resonance Consultancy.

Beyond tourist attractiveness, this ranking takes into account many factors. Among them: infrastructure, nature, arts, entertainment, culture, diversity and business prosperity. And Chicago did particularly well.

The report highlighted O’Hare International Airport, now fully operational after the pandemic, as a major win for the city. It also brings big business to town, as Chicago ranks 19th in the world when it comes to headquarters in the Global 500.

Meanwhile, residents can enjoy the sights and landmarks – Chicago ranked #24 in this category – and the fun nightlife – Chicago ranked #11 in this category. The list also called out a few hot new restaurants, including Bazaar Meat and Bar Mar, located at Bank of America headquarters, and Venteux, a French brasserie at the Pendry Chicago Hotel.

According to the rest of the report, the top 10 cities in the world include:
1. London, England
2. Paris, France
3. New York, USA
4. Tokyo, Japan
5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
6. Barcelona, ​​Spain
7. Rome, Italy
8. Madrid, Spain
9. Singapore, Republic of Singapore
10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rodney N.

The author Rodney N.