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Cirque du Soleil will make its long-awaited return to Houston – An exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the preparation

TFamiliar blue and yellow marquees return to Sam Houston Race Park in November, bringing the return of by Cirque du Soleil whimsically reinvented show called Alegria: In a new light. This signature Cirque show was cut short in March 2020 due to the pandemic and now Paper city has an exclusive first look as these aerial performers return to the stage for the first time. In Houston.

Check out the exclusive behind-the-scenes video above this story.

Houston has always been an anchor city for Cirque du Soleil productions, and since it was the last to host the show, Francis Jalbert, principal publicist of the Alegria tour, Cirque du Soleil, argues that it is exactly where the high-flying spectacle deserves to take off.

“We are delighted to reopen in Houston where everything stopped for us on Alegria in March 2020, ”says Jalbert. “Being able to bring artists back to the stage in Houston and give our local fans the opportunity to see the show as it was meant to be before the global pandemic sends a beautiful message of hope and resilience.

“What are the two central themes of Alegria.

The reinvented Alegria: In a new light features a cast of 53 acrobats, clowns, musicians and singers telling the story of a once glorious kingdom that has long since lost its king, and the power struggle at play between the old order and a new movement seeking change in hope for a better future.

The Circus celebrated the 25th anniversary of Alegria in 2019, but rather thancut and paste from the original 1994 production, ”Jalbert notes that every component has been re-examined to speak to new generations while retaining the soul and emotions of the original series. Jalbert promises plenty of surprises, no matter if the spectators saw the original show or are new to the Circus.

The pandemic has given the creators of Cirque the opportunity to create new high-flying stunts. (Photo by Marie-Andrée Lemire)

The pandemic downtime allowed Cirque creators to rethink parts of the show, pushing the already breathtaking acrobatic elements that characterize each performance to new levels.

“We decided to take the break from the show to rethink some of the acrobatic elements presented in Alegria so that he comes back even stronger than during his hiatus in 2020, ”said Jalbert. “More particularly, a new dynamic number of Trapèze Volant will now close the show with daredevil aerial stunts never seen before under a Cirque du SoleiI Marquee. “

Even though the circus performers had no idea when they would be called back to the big top, these aerial athletes stayed in shape at home until they were called back to the international headquarters in Montreal. The Alegria The cast have been rehearsing since late August in anticipation of their return to Houston and will continue to rehearse locally in October and November before the show opens on Friday, November 13.

“The energy of the cast is incredible. They are excited to be back in action, to be reunited with family on tour and to be back on stage shortly, ”said Jalbert. We look forward to the first performances, to hear the audience cheering again and hopefully bringing them joy and escape. “

Tickets for Alegria: In a New Light are on sale now and available here. The production will run from November 13 to December 12 at Sam Houston Race Park.

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New head of state television could ensure influence for Khamenei’s son

Iranian media are speculating on the imminent appointment of the new head of Iranian state television since May 2021, the date of the end of the five-year term of the current head of the organization, Abdol Ali Aliaskari. He was appointed to this post by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic Ali Khamenei in May 2016.

As far as the Iranian regime is concerned, state television, officially known as the Broadcasting Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRIB), is the most important part of the overcrowded but controlled media landscape of Iran. Iran.

Why is the IRIB so important?

The reason for the importance of the IRIB is clear, it is accessible to everyone almost for free, as every Iranian household pays a small fee added to their electricity bill to watch the IRIB.

Its news and current affairs programs are strictly controlled by Khamenei’s office, and it has the exclusive right to broadcast in Iran. All other TV shows broadcast in Iran via satellites are officially banned and their viewers can get caught if they are unlucky. The least that can happen to them is the confiscation of their reception equipment as well as the payment of a heavy fine.

Most Iranians, however, can get around the penalty after a good “Iranian chat” with law enforcement officials who might just get something less than the actual fine and turn a blind eye.

A very likely insider candidate

Part of the presidential election and part of the country’s serious involvement in the fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic is what delayed the appointment of the new head of the IRIB. Both obstacles are now more or less overcome, as the Raisi administration is officially in place and the long-awaited vaccination program has accelerated.

What is almost certain about the new leader is that he would have to come from the grassroots of the huge organization that runs more than 50 TV channels and as many, if not more, radio stations that target audiences at inside and outside Iran. The reason to prefer an insider is that firstly, it is a highly specialized business to run, and secondly, IRIB staff have shown over the years that they can hardly work with a foreigner. .

Peyman Jebelli (Jebeli), the most likely candidate for the job, is an insider. Noor News, a website close to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, also named Jebelli as the most likely candidate. The website said: “Jebelli’s academic background, practical experience and service in various positions at all levels within IRIB as well as his role in promoting the quality of programming at IRIB, make him the ideal candidate. “

Links to the number of Khamenei offices

However, apart from all his professional qualifications, Jebelli, as a long-time chief information officer in various parts of the IRIB, has another advantage. He is close to Khamenei’s son, Mojtaba, who is said to be preparing to become the country’s next supreme ruler.

Besides comments on social media from knowledgeable Iranian journalists about Jebelli’s closeness to Mojtaba Khamenei, there is also the case of his former boss Mohammad Sarafraz who was fired in 2014 under pressure from the IRGC and Mojataba, while Jebelli maintained his post and advanced in his career.

Jebelli’s last position at IRIB was that of Director of External Services. It is a part of the IRIB that is closely linked to the security organization and to the hard core of pro-Khamenei politicians who control Iran’s foreign policy outside of the Foreign Ministry. Jebelli was able to listen to them while managing the flagship channels of external services, Press TV (in English), Al-Alam (in Arabic) and Hispan TV (in Spanish).

The worldview presented by the three international channels is aligned with the uncompromising views of Khamenei and the IRGC Quds Force.

According to the Saba news agency which covers cultural developments, there are at least two other candidates within the IRIB for the top post: the dean of the IRIB college, Shahab Esfandiary, an aspiring director trained in the UK, and Mostafa Mohammadi who is also linked to Khamenei’s office. . But none are as closely tied to the centers of power as Jebelli.

The orientation of the main candidate

Born in 1966 in Tehran, Jebelli holds a master’s degree in Islamic knowledge and propaganda from Imam Sadeq University, the famous executive creation institute of the Islamic Republic, and a doctorate. in Culture and Communication from the same university. After serving for many years as editor and news director on various channels, he became the organization’s director of external services in 2016. It is well known in Iranian cultural circles that news from the IRIB are managed directly from Khamenei’s office rather than from his headquarters.

Jebelli has been a defender of Khamenei’s theory of the Western cultural attack on Iran and his paranoid ideas about a media war raging around the world specifically targeting the Islamic Republic and its “values”.

With over 18,000 official employees and many more working with it as entrepreneurs, IRIB is a huge organization with buildings all over Iran as well as its gigantic Jaame-Jam HQ. But the bulky organization is so inefficient that it has to outsource almost every program, other than news and current affairs, which ends up requiring constant vigilance, review and monitoring.

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As leaders meet again at UN, climate and COVID tops list

The UN chief keeps repeating that the world is at “a pivotal moment” and must shift into high gear towards “a greener and safer world”. To do this, leaders must give multilateralism ‘teeth’, starting with joint action to reverse the global failure to fight COVID-19 in 2020 and ensure that 70% of the world’s population is vaccinated. during the first half of 2022.

But as is often the case with the United Nations, it remains to be seen whether the high-level meetings, which start on Monday and end on September 27, actually make progress.

After COVID-19 forced leaders to deliver pre-recorded speeches remotely at last year’s meeting, more than 100 heads of state and government and more than two dozen ministers decided to come to New York this year despite the pandemic. This reflects the unique role of the United Nations as a global public forum for the 193 member countries, whether small or large, weak or powerful.

The annual gathering of assembly world leaders – called the General Debate – has always been a place where presidents, prime ministers, monarchs and other senior officials can discuss local, regional and global concerns in public meetings and functions or private, and during lunches and dinners. . In other words, it creates a space for carrying out the delicate business of face-to-face diplomacy, which is seen as much more productive than online virtual meetings.

Richard Gowan, director of the International Crisis Group at the UN, said the first in-person meeting of the General Assembly since the start of the pandemic – although some 60 leaders have chosen to give pre-recorded speeches – is not only symbolic but an opportunity to “show that the international cooperation is important.”

“For the leaders of the poorest countries, this is also a rare opportunity to speak publicly about the ongoing aftershocks of COVID-19,” he said. “It’s also, frankly, quite fun coming to New York. Many of these leaders are stuck in their capitals.

After four years of Donald Trump representing the United States in meetings, this week Joe Biden will make his first appearance as president when the general debate opens on Tuesday. Gowan said that “the really important question is exactly how he frames relations with China.”

“He won’t be criticizing China as openly as Trump, especially in 2019 and 2020,” Gowan said. “But I think Biden will try to portray China as a country that challenges the rules-based world order and a country that should not be trusted to lead the international system.”

The pandemic is not only something world leaders need to discuss, but also something to deal with on the ground: a key issue ahead of the meetings has been COVID-19 entry requirements for leaders in states – United – and at the UN headquarters itself.

Traditionally, the first speaker after the Secretary General presents his State of the World Report is Brazil. Its president, Jair Bolsonaro, who is not vaccinated, reiterated Thursday that he does not plan to be vaccinated anytime soon. Bolsonaro’s rationale: He had COVID-19 and therefore, he says, he has a high level of antibodies.

Entry into the United States requires a vaccination or recent COVID-19 test, but New York City has a vaccination requirement for convention centers, and it considers the General Assembly Hall – which does not. is technically not American soil – is part of it.

Assembly Speaker Abdulla Shahid said in a letter Thursday that the UN relies only on an honor system. This means that there will be no New York City police to screen people entering the UN headquarters.

Many diplomats say they will keep a close watch on the last scheduled speakers on the last day, September 27, because each has something controversial.

North Korea has just tested new cruise missiles that could deliver nuclear weapons. In Myanmar, generals toppled the democratically elected government in February. The Guinean army overthrew the democratically elected president a month ago. And in Afghanistan, the Taliban seized power on August 15 when the Afghan army did not fight as the last American troops withdrew from the country after 20 years of war.

The credentials of Myanmar’s current ambassador, the country’s ousted democratic government, are challenged by the military junta, but UN officials say the General Assembly’s credentials committee will not meet to hear the protest only after the end of the week’s meetings. And the Taliban have yet to submit a letter challenging the credentials of the previous government’s ambassador.

Among those delivering pre-recorded statements this year are the presidents of Iran, Egypt, Indonesia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. French President Emmanuel Macron was supposed to deliver a pre-recorded statement, but the government has said Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian will now deliver the country’s speech in person on the last day.

France and China have reacted angrily to the surprise announcement by Biden, alongside Australian and British leaders, of an agreement to supply Australia with at least eight nuclear-powered submarines. Australia had signed a contract of at least $ 66 billion for a dozen French conventional diesel-electric submarines and their construction was already underway.

France, the United States’ longest-serving ally, responded by recalling its ambassadors from the United States and Australia on Friday, and the implications of the dispute for Asian and global security will certainly be hot topics in private meetings this week. .

The action begins Monday morning when the Secretary-General brings together world leaders and global pop group BTS to highlight the 17 UN goals for 2030 ranging from eradicating poverty and protecting the planet to achievement. of gender equality, providing every child with a quality education and ensuring a healthy life for all.

An hour later, around 40 world leaders will take part in a closed-door meeting on climate change co-chaired by Guterres and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the run-up to November’s big climate event in Glasgow, Scotland.

“We need urgent progress on money, cars, coal and trees,” British Ambassador to the UN Barbara Woodward said. This means raising $ 100 billion to help vulnerable countries cope with climate change and get countries ambitious emission reduction plans, she said.

Louis Charbonneau, UN director for Human Rights Watch, said world leaders must also deal with human rights crises.

“They must be clear that there can be no status quo with perpetrators of serious rights violations and support UN action which will impose real costs,” he said. “Violent leaders around the world need to know that the world is watching them and that they could one day be held responsible for serious violations. “

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Syrian opposition calls for renewed focus on political solution

The leader of the Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (SMDK), Salim al-Muslat, on Saturday criticized the international community for focusing only on humanitarian issues and not showing the necessary interest in the political solution process in Syria, which has not progressed.

Al-Muslat, who was elected as chairman of the SMDK at the ordinary general assembly held in Istanbul on July 12, spoke to the Anadolu Agency (AA) about the issues surrounding the work the Constitutional Committee is trying to accomplish, SMDK efforts for the political process, the latest situation in Idlib, the visit of Bashar Assad to Russia and the return of the Syrians to their country.

Regarding the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, which has met five times since October 30, 2019, in Geneva, Switzerland, as part of the political solution process, al-Muslat said the talks ended in failure. because of the uncompromising attitude. and the frivolity of the Assad regime.

Noting that they met with the United Nations envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen, in Istanbul on September 14, al-Muslat said: “Pedersen has not yet announced a date for the new round of Constitutional Committee talks. and we’ll wait and see what it’ll do. “

Al-Muslat drew attention to the fact that the drafting of the constitution has not yet started, although it has been almost two years since the start of constitutional studies. “No progress can be made because of the regime’s delays. International delegations and Pedersen must act more seriously on this issue,” he said. “The international community has focused on humanitarian issues rather than on the political solution that the Syrian people need.

He stressed that the international community should stand by the side of the Syrian people, adding that the activities of the WDKD contribute to the process of political solution.

“In this process, we have had meetings with many international organizations. As SMDK, we have visited many circles related to the Syrian question. In fact, we met Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu ago a few days (September 9). In addition, we had meetings with officials from other countries, “he said.

Stressing that they attach great importance to a political solution to the civil war which has been going on since March 2011, al-Muslat said: “We will have a visit to New York in the coming days before the sessions of the General Assembly of United Nations. have meetings with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and officials from other countries. Our pain is great and there is no more room for compliments. We have to move forward in the political process, which is a strategic choice for us. We are seeing a recession in the countries that must act and take responsibility, we do not want to accomplish something and go back. “

Stating that they are still engaged in talks on Syrian territory, al-Muslat said: “Although our headquarters are abroad, we also have centers in Syria. We want to be partners in decision-making. . This means that we meet people intensively, listening to them and working to end their suffering. “

Turkey’s support

Al-Muslat said SMDK institutions go to great lengths to meet the needs of civilians in Syria – in areas under opposition control.

Emphasizing that the Syrian interim government is doing everything in its power to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, al-Muslat said: “Brother Turkey has never denied us its support. The burden has grown heavy. Turkey has always supported us in the field of education, health and safety. “

Referring to the Syrians in Turkey, al-Muslat said: “Since the beginning of the revolution, the words we have heard from our Turkish brothers and their honorable position… have never changed.

Stressing that everyone is in favor of voluntary return to the country, al-Muslat said: “All Syrians want to return to their country if a safe environment is maintained in Syria. No one comes back to die or be detained. We must obey the laws in the countries where we are. We must obey the rules of settlement and not act against them, and no one will harm those who obey them.

Since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, Turkey has supported moderate opposition groups against the Assad regime and has opened its doors to those who had to flee the country for their lives.

Today, Turkey hosts nearly 3.8 million Syrian migrants, more than any other country in the world. The country is also leading humanitarian aid efforts for Syrians in Turkey and in opposition-controlled areas in northern Syria.

“Russia has no respect for the agreements”

Referring to the situation in Idlib, al-Muslat noted that the Assad regime and its supporter Russia continue to violate the ceasefire agreement reached in March 2020.

“There is an agreement between Turkey and Russia in Idlib. However, for months we have been witnessing violations by Russia and the regime by targeting civilians. Russia does not respect any agreement. It is a sensitive subject. There are violations every day. , but the components of the National Army are ready and on alert, ”he said.

In the report released by the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) on September 9, he reported that the regime and Russia have launched intense attacks against southern Idlib since June 5. It was reported that a total of 61 civilians, including 33 children and 12 women, were killed in the bombings by Russian forces and the regime from June 5 to September 1.

Regarding the visit of Bashar Assad, the head of the regime in Syria, in Moscow on September 14, al-Muslat said: “The problems that we went through are because of Russia, Iran and the regime. We don’t know the content. of the visit, but maybe there is something on the horizon because there are talks between the United States and Russia in Geneva. We can’t predict anything, we have to see some things.

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The bike collection helps turn the wheels to a better life

Dozens of used bikes, in a variety of sizes and conditions, filled the parking lot at South Dartmouth Congregational Church on Saturday.

They would soon find new uses that could change their lives.

The church’s outreach committee organized the drive in conjunction with Bikes Not Bombs, a Jamaican lowland nonprofit that uses donated bicycles as a vehicle for social change and economic mobility.

More than 80 bikes had been collected, in person and via a pickup service, starting at noon.

“People are so happy that they have a determined way to get rid of their bikes,” said Alice Root, Outreach Committee member.

Some of the bikes collected will be sent to communities in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, said Marty Andrews, who works with Bikes not Bombs at Jamaica Plain headquarters.

People in these countries can use bicycles to get around and also learn how to repair bicycles, which provides them with a valuable profession, he said. In particular, they are working to ensure that women learn bicycle mechanics, he said, so that they can be empowered.

“If you have a skill, you become a lot more valued,” he said.

Others will be sent to the organization’s Win a Bike and Girls In Action programs, where teens learn bike safety and mechanical skills in the process of winning bikes to keep for themselves.

Still others head to the organization’s Jamaica Plain bicycle store, which sells refurbished bicycles and spare parts to help support the group’s activities. These stores employ many graduate programs.

The organization collects approximately 5,000 used bicycles and tons of used parts each year from supporters in New England.

For members of the South Dartmouth Congregational Church, the collection fits their purpose of helping people locally, nationally and internationally, Root said.

The event had an added benefit, she said. Because the collection took place outside, social distancing was more easily achievable.

Church volunteers did more than pick up the bikes. Andrews and senior apprentice Joseph Pires from Dorchester helped them with basic work on the bikes before they were sent to the organization’s headquarters.

It taught them new skills, Root said, but also reminded them of what they were already capable of, she said. For example, she laughed, she knew how to use an Allen wrench thanks to her work in the industrial arts, a tool she used on the donated bikes on Saturday.

Heidi Harring of Dartmouth donated her late father’s bike and another bike that was too big for her children. She supports the group and has already passed her bikes to them, she said. “I was aware of them and the purpose they serve,” she said.

Reusing the bikes also keeps them out of landfills, said Derrick Jones, a member of the church’s outreach committee. “There is a great need for these bikes,” he said, especially in places where people would otherwise have to travel long distances to get basic necessities.

Recycling is another valuable aspect of their job, Andrews said, and the group recycles as many bikes as possible if the parts are no longer viable.

Kristy Oliver donated her old bikes when she decided to buy new ones. “We wanted to give someone a chance who may not have a bike,” she said.

Andrews also hopes people will learn more about the value of the bike, he said. Horseback riding, he said, improves health, reduces traffic jams and is a cheaper transportation alternative.

“It allows people to be more independent” and less dependent on more expensive modes of transport, he said.

This sense of independence is crucial, said Pires.

“I believe most of the changes that happen to disenfranchised people come from the community and not from the government,” he said. “It shows that people can come together and make a difference on their own. “

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Boeing sells land for $ 200 million in plan to cut holdings

Boeing has closed the sale of 310 acres of undeveloped land next to its Frederickson manufacturing plant in Pierce County for $ 200 million, according to property tax returns.

The deal finalized this week is the latest in a large-scale local real estate sale by Boeing, which, due to the downturn in activity, has set itself a target of reducing the total by 30% from the real estate of the company, reported the Seattle Times.

Boeing spokeswoman Jessica Kowal said the sale of the Frederickson land, which the company has owned for about 30 years, will not have a direct impact on the manufacturing site’s operations or its employees.

Approximately 850 workers at the site machine metal linings and wing spars for all Boeing aircraft and also manufacture the carbon composite vertical tail of the 777 and vertical tail components of the 787 Dreamliner.

The buyer is the commercial real estate company Panattoni Development Company, which owns large industrial properties in the southern area of ​​Puget Sound.

Earlier this summer, Boeing sold a warehouse in Everett for $ 35 million and seven office buildings in the Eastgate area of ​​Bellevue for $ 139 million. The company leased the latter buildings for two years.

Among Boeing’s local properties still in the market is its commercial aircraft headquarters at Longacres in Renton.

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SLM Solutions will install two SLM® 500 at Morf3D headquarters

Above: SLM Solutions installs two SLM® 500 and the NXG XII 600 at Morf3D’s Applied Digital Manufacturing Center / Image source: SLM Solutions

GDT solutions, pioneer of additive manufacturing, announcement this Morf3D, a company specializing in additive engineering, is committed to 2 SLM® 500 and the NXG XII 600 as a world leader to facilitate series production of AMs in the aerospace industry. The machines will be delivered to Morf3D’s new state-of-the-art headquarters, the Applied Digital Manufacturing Center in Long Beach, California, in 2022. This partnership strengthens the international impact of additive manufacturing solutions.

The mission of Morf3D’s 90,000 square foot ADMC facility is to leverage partner networks to transform supply chain standards and develop the industry’s first certified production system to accelerate the industrialization of digital manufacturing. The addition of the 2 SLM® 500 and the NXG XII 600 will support Morf3D’s goal of accelerating a global production setup while improving production lead times, ordering flexibility, profitability and quality. This union of forces will enable quality and repeatability while paving the way for mass production.

“Our partnership with SLM Solutions is radically changing the landscape of mass production, enabling our customers to achieve unmatched levels of quality and performance,” comments Ivan Madera, CEO of Morf3D. “The NXG XII 600 platform is an engineering marvel that addresses many aspects of a production ready system, and the ADMC will enable new industry partnerships, dramatically taking AM to new heights. Our goal is to accelerate the qualification process by collaborating on the development of new applications and the certification of parts in the aerospace, space and defense markets.

– Ivan Madera, CEO of Morf3D

In addition to the supply of machines, SLM Solutions will also offer on-site support in the form of education, training and advice. All ADMC’s research and development partners
will work together to drive new innovations and deploy new aerospace engineering methods to increase productivity and automation. All partners will also have access to collective training, meeting and gathering spaces for customer events and business development efforts.

The NXG XII 600 is equipped with 12 1KW lasers, making it the fastest machine on the market. It is designed for use in mass production for high volume applications as well as for printing large parts. It is capable of printing at speeds 20 times faster than that of a single laser system and 5 times faster than a 4 laser machine. Allowing AM acceleration from all angles, the NXG XII 600 is the “da vinci” of modern times. Craft masterpieces on a mass production scale.

“The addition of the NXG Xll 600 to Morf3D’s SLM Solutions machines at the Applied Digital Manufacturing Center strengthens the collective digital manufacturing ecosystem, helping to improve production speed, quality and automation. He adds, “We are united in our customer-centric approach, which reflects the training and education we provide to all of our partners. “

– Sam O’Leary, CEO of SLM Solutions

The Applied Digital Manufacturing Center is located at 3550 Carson Street, Long Beach,
California. The space will house Morf3D’s business operations and is designed with a vision of innovation and growth for the AM industry.

About the Manufactur3D magazine: Manufactur3D is an online magazine about 3D printing. Visit our Global News page for more updates on Global 3D Printing News. To stay up to date on the latest happenings in the world of 3D printing, like us on Facebook or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Businesses flock to this Brickell office tower: Cushman & Wakefield gets last lease from Canadian company

Render of 830 Brickell, a new Class A-plus office tower under development by OKO Group and Cain International. The 55-story, 640,000-square-foot tower, designed by acclaimed architecture firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, will mark the first free-standing Class A office building developed in Miami’s Brickell Financial District in more than a decade after its completion in 2022. Credit: OKO Group / Caïn International.

A leading Canadian asset and wealth management firm is opening its U.S. headquarters at 830 Brickell, a Class A-plus office tower under construction in Miami’s Brickell Financial District.

CI Financial Corp. owns global assets worth $ 254 billion and is the third major company to lease space in the tower in recent weeks. The company joins private equity firm Thoma Bravo, which will occupy 36,500 square feet, and tech giant Microsoft, which will occupy 50,000 square feet in the office tower.

CI Financial has leased a 20,000 square foot office on a full floor. The move solidifies the office tower as the place to be, as several tech and financial companies establish a presence in South Florida.

The 830 Brickell property was represented by Brian Gale of Cushman & Wakefield, Ryan Holtzman and Andrew Trench in Miami. Donna Abood and Mark Robbins of Avison Young represented CI Financial.

“True American Headquarters”

“One of the things that makes this deal most remarkable for the City of Miami is that it marks the establishment of a true US headquarters for such a prominent financial asset management company. Historically, Miami has really been home to large corporations and headquarters in Latin America, but it is one of the first true headquarters in the United States to be established, ”said Trench.

According to Holtzman, CI Financial wasn’t just focusing on Miami and was considering other cities with no income tax before choosing the city.

“Our mayor has been very proactive in helping our new tenants to market here, unlike mayors in other cities. It has really benefited us, ”said Gale.

For the Cushman & Wakefield team, negotiating the recent deals has been exciting.

“While the new sort and it looks like it happened within a week, these are deals we’ve been working on for a long time,” Trench said.

Is the best yet to come?

The team estimates that the third quarter of this year will see more new leases in the market executed than all other quarters combined.

“It’s all happening now, but remember that a lease is signed, and it’s months and months of negotiations, space planning, touring, and it takes a long time to make a deal. Based on what’s going on, I think the third quarter will be a monster quarter for new business execution, ”said Gale.

Holtzman believes that once tenants move in and start enjoying the building, other large companies will start to follow suit.

“Not just because they signed a lease, but because they call their friends in New York, Chicago or LA and say, ‘This is amazing. “ I think there will be a whole new wave of bands next year, ”said Holtzman.

There’s always a challenge with a deal, Gale noted, and with rents up 20% in recent months, it can be difficult for businesses that aren’t paying that much now. Ultimately, the amenities, the lifestyle and the quality of the service and the building are what motivates people to come.

“Renters are willing to pay the rate to get what they want,” Gale said.

The key to facilitating successful transactions, the team said, is to expand your network and build relationships.

“A lot of these companies come from outside the market. Miami is a small city and obviously it’s a plus to be in everyone’s good favor here, but you really have to find a way to connect with the right people, in the right city. My team has made a concentrated effort to do this and has proactively built relationships in the cities we target over the past two years, ”said Trench.

The 55-story tower, a joint venture between OKO Group and Cain International, is expected to be completed in 2022.

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An urban archive was lost on September 11. This agency is trying to rebuild it.

In some cases, Harbor Authority workers were able to replace destroyed records with copies from outside contractors who had worked on projects as well as with personal records of retirees and online searches for used books.

But many items were unique, like the original 1921 charter for the Port Authority and thousands of glass slides from the Hudson and Manhattan Railroad, which was later taken over by the Port Authority as part of a deal to get New Jersey’s approval for the World Mall. Then known as the Hudson Tubes, it became the PATH.

Mr Rinaldi, 72, recalls an afternoon about a month after the attacks, when he was part of an emergency response and recovery team that unearthed several boxes full of photos of archives of the Port Authority. “We started to grab them and put them aside,” he said. “We were able to save a lot. “

Many former Port Authority employees also sent photos, books, reports and letters they had kept from their time at the agency to help recover some of the historical documents. “The Port Authority is a pretty close-knit family,” Doblin said. “There is a very special connection that exists.”

Mr Kelly, who retired as the agency’s director of aviation in 1999, shipped a three-foot-wide bronze plaque of the Port Authority seal that once stood on the floor of the lobby of a former agency headquarters, a huge terminal in Chelsea, which today houses Google. The seal was removed when the port authority moved to the World Trade Center.

Mr Kelly, whose father worked as a mechanic for the Port Authority, was presented with the seal at a farewell party hosted by colleagues in the late 1970s when he changed jobs to the agency. “I guess they knew I was a real Port Authority rookie,” he said.

Mr. Kelly hung the 75-pound plaque on the wall of his den, first in New Jersey and later in Georgia. As the agency neared its centennial, Mr. Kelly decided to return the seal. It is now displayed outside the agency meeting room at 4 World Trade Center.

“I know they lost a lot of precious possessions in this building along with a lot of precious people,” he said. “I thought they should have this.”

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European Sports Betting Company Builds Denver Headquarters | Government

European sports betting company Tipico will build a tech hub in Denver, creating some 440 jobs in the coming years, according to Gov. Jared Polis’ office on Wednesday.

The company was also looking to locate in North Carolina, Georgia or Texas, among a hundred metropolitan areas considered. But economic development incentives from Colorado’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade to the tune of $ 7.52 million helped seal the deal.

“The company expects rapid growth as it gains market share in the United States and more states allow online sports betting,” according to official documents.

The company plans to create 441 jobs in eight years, with an average salary of $ 96,315 for jobs such as software and data engineers and customer service. Commissioners approved up to $ 7.52 million in tax credits for job growth.

“We are delighted to announce, in partnership with Governor Polis, our intention to establish a Tipico Sportsbook Technology Center in Denver,” Adrian Vella, US CEO of the Europe-based company, said in a statement. “From world-class universities, to the collaborative tech community, to the high and well-documented quality of life in the state, every step of our nationwide research has taken us straight to Colorado.

“Now that the football season has arrived and our bookie is live in the state, we are confident that Colorado’s vast pool of technological talent will help us take the Tipico brand to the next level in the United States. “

Colorado voters legalized online sports betting statewide two years ago, 51% to 49%, a difference of about 44,000 votes. Voters notably approved a 10% tax on sports betting operations, which legalized gambling.

Colorado allows physical casinos in only three locations: Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek.

Colorado ranks sixth in the country for sports bettors, and the National Problem Gambling Council estimates that more than 102,000 Coloradans, or about 2.4% of the adult population, have a gambling problem, according to a. Fox Report 31 in May. The national average is about 1%, according to the advice.

The WalletHub online data site Colorado 16th class among the states most addicted to gaming, ranking it 28th for industry usability and eighth for number of people versus resources for processing.

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“Compulsive gambling is gambling behavior that causes disruption in any major area of ​​life: psychological, physical, social, or work”, the Problem Gambling Coalition of Colorado explains on his site. “The term ‘problem gambling’ includes, but is not limited to, the condition known as ‘pathological’ or ‘compulsive’ gambling, a progressive addiction characterized by an increasing preoccupation with gambling, a need to bet more. ‘money more frequently, restlessness or irritability when attempting to stop, “chasing” losses and loss of control manifested by continued gambling behavior despite serious and increasing negative consequences. “

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The coalition, however, “maintains a position of neutrality of the game, recognizing that most of the people who gamble do so for leisure and do not suffer from serious problems.”

Colorado Gaming Association, Colorado Lottery and various casinos make up the coalition.

OEDIT said the 17-year-old company currently has 42 employees in Hoboken, New Jersey, and had recently started taking bets in Colorado.

Colorado voters voted to make Colorado one of the first states to legalize sports betting and use the revenues generated to protect our way of life and the precious water resources that support our outdoor recreation economy and our farming community, ”Polis said in a statement. “This decision proves what we already know: Colorado is the best place to live and work and 441 new jobs will be created in Colorado as a result of this decision made by voters.”

Colorado House President Alec Garnett, a Democrat from Denver who carried bipartite legislation to put the enabling DD proposal on the ballot in 2019, equated the games with the physical landscape of the state.

The bill was also sponsored by then-Republican leader Patrick Neville of Castle Rock, along with Democratic Senator Kerry Donovan de Vail and Republican Senator John Cooke de Greeley.

“It’s great to see Colorado transform our incredible natural beauty and robust work force into one of the best places in the country to start or run a business,” he said in a statement. “I couldn’t be more excited for Tipico to call Colorado home and jump in. Colorado’s comeback is in full swing, our state attracting new businesses, creating jobs and rebuilding stronger than before. C It’s fantastic to see Tipico betting on Colorado, and I can’t wait to see them grow up in our state.

Online betting went into effect in Colorado on May 1, 2020. The governor’s office said on Wednesday it generated $ 65.9 million in taxes in its first year on bets of around 2.3 billion. of dollars. Game companies have grossed around $ 65 million in profit.

The bill marked $ 100,000 for “” prevention, education, treatment and workforce development … (for) treatment of gambling disorders. “

The decision by gambling company Metro Denver Economic Development Corp. has also been hailed by the expanding gambling footprint.

“We were pleased to support Tipico’s selection process and look forward to helping their team better integrate into the Metro Denver community,” said President and CEO JJ Ament. “And on a larger scale, we recognize that they are poised to make a meaningful impact in our collective efforts to protect Colorado’s water – making it an economic development project that not only creates jobs, but creates life. more sustainable future. For that, we are particularly happy that they chose our State.

Ament Tuesday has been named the new CEO and chairman of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

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