International headquarters

International headquarters

EULEN America Receives ISAGO Certification from the International Air Transport Association (IATA)

After an extensive audit during the Covid-19 pandemic, EULEN America is certified for the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO), aimed at ensuring continued ground services records and station accreditations

MIAMI , May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EULEN America, a leader in providing innovative business services and solutions, including aviation services, announced that the company has been credited with ISAGO certification. This international certification authenticates compliance with operational safety standards for organization and management (ORM), load control (LOD), passenger and baggage handling (PAB), handling and loading of aircraft (HDL), aircraft ground movements (AGM) and cargo. and Mail Processing (CGM). Certification is valid for two years, renewable in November 2023.

“We are committed to providing the highest level of service quality and safety standards to our customers,” said Larry Massaro, senior vice president of aviation at EULEN America. “This new certification covers all of our stations and brings a high level of security to our organization.”

EULEN America received the Head-Office license, which covers all stations where the company operates. In addition, they are certified for the Miami International Airport License. Although the company has been certified since 2010, the Miami-Dade Department of Aviation requires compliance with this certification and periodic renewals to operate in Miami.

Auditing streamlines procedures by establishing a uniform set of standards. In addition, it assesses the management and monitoring systems in place at the ground service provider’s headquarters, as well as consistency at the station level.

“Receiving this ISAGO certification is extremely important to our organization, especially during the challenging times the Covid-19 pandemic has presented to our industry,” Mr. Massaro said. “This allows us to guarantee the highest level of security in the services we provide at airports.”

As part of EULEN America’s renewed leadership, Massaro is responsible for contract negotiation and issue resolution to ensure that processes, systems, products, regulations and data are delivered seamlessly to all aviation customers. He is also in charge of day-to-day oversight of EULEN Aviation operations, strategic planning, leadership development and employee engagement.


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International headquarters

Galgus raises €4m to meet strong demand from WiFi and analytics projects as they expand internationally

SEVILLE, Spain, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Galgus, a Spanish company specializing in the development of a WiFi technology which optimizes network performance and provides advanced geolocation analytics, accelerates its growth by increasing 4 million euros in financing.

Galgus’ core technology is deployed in many different locations. From planes and trains to football stadiums, shopping centers, hotels, schools, convention and business centers, or rural areas, among others.

Due to their innovative solutions and the great success that Galgus has demonstrated globally, their previous major investors Capital GED, Mundi Ventures and GoHub Ventures, trust again and financially support the company and its expansion projects.

The 4 million investment round is an installment of a larger round that the company expects to close by the end of 2022. The funds will be used to finance and accelerate their international expansion initiatives as well as to respond positively to the strong demand that Galgus is receiving from key markets such as North America.

Galgus has already made significant progress towards becoming a European benchmark for WiFi technology, with major projects in countries like UK, Italyand Spain. Conclusion of partnership agreements with major telecommunications companies, such as Netoip, Around People, Telefónica, Cellnex, Wavesight and Icomera.

With its headquarters at EuropeGalgus has offices in Latin America (Colombia and Peru), and United States (Boston).

“The digital transformation opens up new opportunities where high-quality WiFi connectivity is in high demand. Thanks to these funds, we will be able to capture a high volume of business internationally which will position us as a global reference in the sector. Thanks to our 9 patents, we have a clear competitive advantage, especially in geolocation analytics, well ahead of market-leading brands. We will leverage this new funding to accelerate our international expansion.”underlines José González, CEO of Galgus.

This milestone is a great recognition of the achievements of Galgus, which has already resulted in 9 international patents and proprietary technology (Cognitive Hotspot Technology) that optimizes the performance of WiFi networks through the application of AI.

Galgus also offers Location Analytics technology, recognized by Gartner for its disruptive potential. With device counting capabilities and highly accurate motion patterns, this provides the business intelligence needed to optimize the user experience.

[email protected]


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International headquarters

UK production headquarters unveil extensive list

Based in London, The Production Headquarters, founded in 2010 by Mohaan Nadaar, unveiled an extensive list of features either complete or in production. The company focuses on projects centered on the UK and India.

His most recent projects include British filmmaker Nathalia Syam’s immigration drama “Footprints on Water,” starring Adil Hussain (“Star Trek: Discovery”), Nimisha Sajayan (Venetian title “Shadow of Water”) and Antonio Aakeel. (“Slow Horses”), and Vivek Singh Chauhan’s thriller “Rat on a Highway,” starring Randeep Hooda (“Extraction”).

The slate was presented at the current Cannes Market. Upcoming films include the sci-fi film “G”, written by Swati Singha, starring R. Madhavan, whose debut film “Rocketry” premiered in the market, attached to the star; and Rajeev Jhaveri’s drama “Closure” starring Griff Furst, Hannah Arterton and Roxanne McKee.

Syam’s self-discovery drama “Salted Caramel” is also in the works; Sangeeth Sivan’s psychological thriller “The Alter Ego”; Ayush Raina’s paranormal thriller “Walker House”; Jhaveri’s action drama “Taxi Driver,” starring Gurmeet Chaudhary, Eshaniya Maheshwari and Kriti Kharbanda; and the comedy thriller “Oh Womaniya” by Atul Manjrekar.

Completed films include Samit Kakkad’s ’36 Gunn’, Manish Goel’s ‘Hanak’, Ali Haji’s ‘Justice For Good Content’ and Ashu Trikha’s ‘Hush’.

“From Bollywood and regional cinemas to international and mainstream English films, we are fortunate to have such a variety of projects with us at various stages of execution,” Nadaar said. Variety. “Our list includes exciting films from various genres made by a range of directors, from newcomers to veterans. Although the pandemic proved difficult, we managed to get through it and are now excited to share our films with the world. It has been an exciting journey, from starting small to having expanded our offices, teams and slates over the years. We look forward to creating more content and want to onboard new and existing moviegoers in all aspects of our production.

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The logbook: IMO celebrates International Women in Maritime Day

The logbook is a weekly digest of human interest stories related to the transportation industry. This week: The shipping industry celebrates its first International Women’s Day, Leonard’s Express unveils its first of five patriotic trucks, and FedEx is helping milk banks ship breast milk to help address formula shortages.

IMO celebrates 1st International Women in Maritime Day

According to the International Chamber of Shipping, 1,647,500 seafarers work internationally on merchant ships. Surprisingly, only 2% of these seafarers are women.

This statistic, along with women’s ability to strengthen communities, the role of gender equality in promoting economic growth, and women’s potential to lead on issues related to health, education and the fight against discrimination, were cited as reasons why the International Maritime Organization (IMO) created an International Women’s Day in the Maritimes.

The inaugural event took place on Wednesday, followed by a virtual IMO symposium which looked at the need for more women in decision-making roles and leadership development for women in the maritime sector.

(Video: IMO – YouTube)

“There is still a gender imbalance in the maritime sector, but times are changing. It is recognized that maritime diversity benefits the entire sector. Maritime women are working everywhere to support the transition to a low-carbon, digitalized and more sustainable future. Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate the many women who contribute to the future of shipping: maintaining an engine on a ship, running a business, drafting a contract, inspecting a ship or chairing an IMO committee meeting,” said the IMO Secretary General. Kitak Lim.

To address inequalities in the maritime workforce, IMO is working to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 for gender equality. IMO’s first step was to draft a resolution in 2019 to recognize and work towards a 50% female workforce, signed by the Plenary.

Last year, the IMO also passed a resolution to make May 18 International Women in Maritime Day to raise global awareness of the issue.

IMO website now offers information on various scholarships for women and women in maritime associations, as well as over 30 profiles of women in the industry to help attract and retain more women in global shipping roles.

(Photo: Cherie Whippy-Morris/IMO-Flickr)

Leonard’s Express unveils patriotism-themed truck

Farmington, New York-based trucking company Leonard’s Express unveiled its new patriotism-themed truck at its headquarters on Wednesday to honor our country’s veterans just 12 days before Memorial Day.

The newly packaged Air Force truck has been awarded to company driver and Air Force veteran Keith Buchanan, who plans to use the truck for the next four to five years to transport cargo from the terminal. of the company in North Carolina.

(Photo: Leonard’s Express)

“We admire the more than 100 experienced drivers who work for Leonard’s Express,” said Tim Owens, director of organizational development at Leonard’s Express. “These are our ‘boots on the pitch’. Their skill, maturity and character are truly remarkable. This program is one of the many ways we honor our veteran employees.

The trucking company plans to donate a total of five packaged trucks, one to a seasoned driver at each of its terminals in Farmington, New York; New Castle, Delaware; Eau-Claire, Wisconsin; Caldwell, Idaho; and Taylorsville, North Carolina, which was offered to Buchanan.

“Being selected to drive this truck honoring my branch of service and driving for Leonard’s Express – of which I am very proud – is the most incredible honor. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I ride for the brand and love my country. I always display my Air Force pride, and combining that with my passion for driving is a dream come true,” said Buchanan, who plans to showcase the truck at Memorial Day, 4 July and Veterans Day.

In addition to the gift of a wrapped truck, for every mile traveled by the five selected drivers over the next four to five years, or the lifetime of the owner, Leonard’s Express will donate 1 cent to a veteran charity selected by the drivers. The company expects to donate more than $25,000 over the life of the trucks.

“At Leonard’s Express, our support of the community, employees and customers is at the heart of our culture,” said CEO Ken Johnson. “It defines us as a company and as a great place to work. We support our veteran employees wherever possible and recognize their sacrifices in service to our country.

FedEx helps ship breast milk during formula shortage

As the country continues to face a shortage of infant formula, mothers are turning to milk banks for help. These facilities pasteurize and store breast milk to serve babies who are in life-threatening situations, many of whom are often born premature.

In a Washington Post article, Lindsay Groff, the executive director of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America which represents 28 milk banks, described a 22% increase in demand for breast milk since 2020 and that the banks in the group distributed over 9.2 million ounces of milk in 2021.

Groff said that in the past week alone, banks have seen a 20% increase in demand for breast milk.

“I suspect the desperation continues that the number could increase,” she told the newspaper.

Reports of the same phenomenon are occurring in the United States, as milk banks, including Nurturing Expressions in West Seattle and the Mid-Atlantic Mother’s Milk Bank in Pennsylvania, report an increase in demand for this vital food.

How do these donations work?

Mothers who have an oversupply, often frozen, undergo rigorous donor screening. After passing the screening process, milk banks contact international shipper FedEx, who provide gel packs and dry ice, keeping the milk safe up to 96 hours.

Interested in donating excess breast milk?

You can contact the milk banks mentioned in the story below:

Watch Now: Operation Fly Formula

Do you have a transportation-related human interest story to share?

If so, please contact me at [email protected]

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the FREIGHTWAVES TOP 500 The list of for-hire carriers includes fedex (#1) and J.B. Hunt (Number 4).

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Ukraine: EU advisory mission returns to Ukraine – Ukraine

The EU Advisory Mission in Ukraine (EUAM) returns to Kyiv today, after being forced to evacuate on February 24 due to the Russian invasion.

Josep Borrell, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy: “I am pleased to announce the redeployment of the European Union Advisory Mission in Ukraine. In addition to its other tasks, the mission will now support the essential work of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General to facilitate the investigation and prosecution of any international crimes committed in the context of Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified military aggression against Ukraine. . Those responsible for atrocities and war crimes, as well as their accomplices, will be held accountable in accordance with international law.

A core team of 15 EUAM staff members is being redeployed to pursue contacts more directly with the Ukrainian authorities and support them in particular in the investigation and prosecution of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The Mission plans to gradually increase its international presence in Ukraine throughout the summer, depending on the evolution of the security situation in the country. Currently, the Mission’s temporary headquarters is located in Rszezow, in southern Poland.

In the context of Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine, the Mission has developed new streams of work in support of the Ukrainian authorities, in addition to its advisory activities under the original mandate. This includes deploying teams to the Ukrainian side of border crossing points with Poland, Slovakia and Romania to facilitate the movement of people and goods across the border. This also includes supporting the Ukrainian authorities, in particular the Prosecutor General and law enforcement agencies, in the investigation and prosecution of international crimes. The Mission also donates emergency equipment to help its partners.

Background: The EU Advisory Mission supports Ukraine’s civil security sector through strategic advice, training and equipment donations to help law enforcement operate in accordance with European standards and principles. This will help them become more efficient, more effective and gain public trust. For more information on the EU Advisory Mission, its 350 staff members and its advisory activities, please consult the home page.

Senior Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
[email protected]
+32 (0)460 75 45 53

Press Officer for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
[email protected]
+32 (0)2 296 85 60 +32 (0)460 76 85 60

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Always against animal testing, Aveda is now Leaping Bunny approved by Cruelty Free International

“Aveda was founded on the principle of caring for the world we live in, and that means always opposing animal testing,” said Barbara DeLaere, Global Brand President of Aveda. “We’ve been a leader in sustainability for over 40 years and we’re proud to underscore this commitment to our planet with our Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny endorsement, the internationally recognized benchmark for cruelty-free cosmetics.”

Earning approval under Cruelty Free International’s Leaping Bunny program is a key part of Aveda’s goal to provide more transparency to the Aveda guest through trusted external organizations. . Leaping Bunny status applies to Aveda’s full line of premium hair, skin and body care products, which are available in thousands of salons and stores worldwide. This includes Aveda’s hair color products, which are available exclusively at Aveda partner salons.

Michelle ThewCEO of Cruelty Free International, said, “Aveda has a well-deserved reputation for its decades-long commitment to ethical business and sustainability. I’m thrilled that this now includes Leaping Bunny’s endorsement for Aveda’s products.

Create a more responsible future

In line with Aveda’s founding mission to care for the world we live in, the brand has pioneered new standards of environmental responsibility in beauty for decades, with priorities in the following six areas: safe beauty; supply responsibility; responsibility for packaging; cruelty-free and vegan formulas; earth-conscious manufacturing; and help protect and provide clean water to those in need in Aveda’s supply communities and in communities around the world.

Aveda lives out its mission at its corporate headquarters, which is located on a 58-acre National Wildlife Federation-certified campus in Minnesota with bee colonies, a vegetable garden organized by the employees, charging stations for electric vehicles and miles of running tracks. The main office building emphasizes sustainability: it is powered by solar and wind energy1is lined with recycled fibers, has compost and recycling bins throughout the building, and an organic cafe.

To learn more about Aveda’s sustainability initiatives, visit

About Aveda

Founded in 1978 as a cruelty-free brand with a mission to care for the world, Aveda creates high-performance vegan hair, skin, and body formulas for beauty professionals and consumers, all of whom care about sustainability. Aveda innovates in botanical technologies and green chemistry, combining the principles of modern science and Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India. Aveda Hair Care is 90% Naturally Sourced2 and features signature aromas of pure flower and plant essences. Aveda’s high-performance franchises, Invati Advanced™, Nutriplenish™ and Botanical Repair™ have each won dozens of awards, and the brand received the 2021 CEW Sustainability Excellence Award, which reflects the highest standards when it comes to sustainability values ​​in the beauty industry.

Aveda’s main plant manufactures products using 100% wind and solar energy2and the brand was the first to use 100% post-consumer recycled materials in PET bottles. Currently, at least 85% of our PET bottles and jars used for hairdressing and skincare contain 100% PCR.3. Additionally, Aveda strives to eliminate the use of virgin petroleum-based plastic as much as possible. Aveda strives for transparency in its products and manufacturing processes, and in 2020 the brand completed one of the beauty industry’s largest blockchain pilots to trace vanilla back to source. in Madagascar at its manufacturing plant Minnesota.

Aveda is committed to raising awareness and funds to help provide clean water globally and protect clean water locally through its annual giving campaign, Aveda Earth Month. Since 1999, Aveda has raised over $67 million for hundreds of global and local environmental organizations, providing clean water to more than 1.4 million people and protecting approximately 2,000 watersheds. In partnership with the nonprofit Charity: Water, Aveda continues to provide safe drinking water to those in need in Aveda supply communities in India, Nepal and Madagascaralso protecting the local watersheds where these communities live and work.

Aveda products are available in more than 45 countries and territories at Aveda stores, partner salons, specialty retailers and on

About Cruelty Free International

Cruelty Free International is the leading organization working to create a world where no one wants or believes we should experiment on animals. Cruelty Free International’s dedicated team is made up of experts in their fields, combining award-winning campaigning, political lobbying, scientific and legal expertise and corporate responsibility. Educating, challenging and inspiring others around the world to respect and protect animals, we study and expose the reality of animal life in laboratories, challenge policy makers to make a positive difference for animals and advocate for better science and a cruelty-free life. To learn more about Cruelty Free International, visit

1 Product manufacturing is powered by Aveda’s solar panels and/or wind energy through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets.
2 90% natural origin on average according to ISO standard, from plants, non-petroleum minerals and/or water sources.
3 More than 85% of Aveda skincare and haircare PET bottles and jars contain 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Aveda was the first beauty product company to use 100% post-consumer recycled PET packaging.

Rachel Dillon,
[email protected]


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Mohali attack: Police discover link between Babbar Khalsa and ISI, 6 detained

The RPG attack on the Punjab Police Intelligence Wing headquarters in Mohali was carried out by the banned pro-Khalistan group Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) as well as ‘gangsters’ with the backing of Inter -Pakistan’s Intelligence Services (ISI), police said on Friday. , adding that six people involved in the case have been arrested.

At a press conference, Police Director General VK Bhawra said three other people, including two “foreigners”, had led Monday’s strike and had not yet been arrested. The third person was a resident of the Tarn Taran district, Charhat Singh, said the DGP.

Those arrested had helped the attackers with shelter, logistics and weapons.

Five of them are Jagdeep Kang, Kanwar Bath, Baljit Kaur, Anantdeep Singh Sonu and Baljinder Singh “Rambo”. The sixth is Nishan Singh, a resident of Kulla village in Tarn Taran district, who was arrested by Faridkot police in another case. The DGP said he would also be arrested in the Mohali case.

Bhawra identified the key conspirator in the case as one Lakhvir Singh Landa, a gangster from Tarn Taran district who has been in Canada since 2017. Bhawra said Landa was a close associate of one Harwinder Rinda, who was close to the head of BKI Wadhawa Singh and ISI.

“The attack was carried out by an axis of Babbar Khalsa International and gangsters with the support of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence,” he said.

Asked about the attackers, Bhawra said, “There are foot soldiers being organized by the gangsters.”

He also described the roles played by the defendants.

Charhat Singh had conducted a reconnaissance of the intelligence headquarters with Kang, a resident of Mohali, on the day of the attack.

Kang was the module’s “local contact”. Nishan Singh provided shelter for the “foreign” attackers – at his residence, as well as at the houses in Kanwar Bath and Baljit Kaur.

Sonu, the DGP said, was Nishan Singh’s brother-in-law and helped organize a shelter.

The DGP said the attackers stayed in the border districts for about 15 days, departed from there on May 7 and launched the attack on May 9.

On Landa’s instructions, Nishan received the rocket-propelled grenade used in the attack, the DGP said, adding that the weapon was either of Russian or Bulgarian origin.

Bhawra said “Rambo”, a resident of Tarn Taran, also received an AK-47 and handed it over to Charhat Singh.
On Landa, the DGP said: “He is based in Canada. He is still implicated in ransom calls to doctors, businessmen, singers, etc.

The DGP said the attack was intended to send a signal. “[Such a] weather [was] chosen when all the officers were gone,” he said.

The accused arrested

Nichan Singh: A resident of the village of Kulla in the Tarn Taran district, he reportedly provided shelter for the attackers and retrieved and handed over the RPG on Landa’s instructions. Nishan was convicted in more than a dozen cases from August 2012 to January this year for offenses including murder, attempted murder and drugs. He was released from Faridkot prison about two months ago after being acquitted in one such case. He continues to stand trial in a number of other cases against him.

Anantdeep Singh aka Sonu: A resident of the Guru Nanak settlement in Amritsar, he is Nishan’s brother-in-law and is said to have assisted the unknown accused in providing local support in Amritsar.

Kanwarjit Singh aka Kanwar Bath: A resident of Gumtala in Amritsar, he had been in contact with Nishan for many years and allegedly provided shelter for the two unknown defendants.

Baljit Kaur aka Sukhi: A resident of Kot Khalsa in Amritsar, he runs a tea stall near Amritsar railway station and reportedly provided shelter for the two unknown defendants at Nishan’s request from April 28 to May 7.

Baljinder Singh aka Rambo: A resident of Patti, he was previously arrested in a drug case and is believed to be a drug addict. On Nishan’s instructions, he handed over the shipment of AK-47s to Charhat Singh and two unknown persons on the Kulla-Patti road.

Jagdeep Singh Kang: A resident of Mohali, Jagdeep reportedly recognized the intelligence wing headquarters of the Punjab Police with Charhat Singh on May 9 before the RPG attack was carried out around 7:45 p.m. We learn that the police took possession of the Toyota Fortuner used during the reconnaissance. Kang was arrested at the Ashoka Hotel in Delhi on Thursday and is in pre-trial detention until May 21 after being arraigned in a local court.

Those wanted in the case

Lakhbir Singh Landa: The 33-year-old, who police say is a gangster and is from Harike in the Tarn Taran district, currently resides in Saskatoon, Canada. According to the Punjab Police, Landa is “a repeat offender” and “various criminal cases of murder, attempted murder, extortion, drug trafficking, kidnapping and illegal weapons have been registered against him in different posts. Punjab Police Force”. The filing further reads: “He is a close associate of wanted mobster Harvinder Singh Rinda and arrested mobster Dilpreet Singh alias Baba Dahan.” The file points out: “These gangsters used Lakhbir alias Landa as a communication exchange and demand ransom, extortion through him. Landa built his criminal network across the state. He fled to Canada in 2017.”

It further read: “Operating from Canada, it uses petty criminals for contract killings, extortion, ransoms, etc. He threatens rich people (businessmen, doctors, celebrities, etc.) to get a huge amount of extortion money from them.

The filing mentions a number of criminal activities carried out allegedly at the instance of Landa, including the illegal seizure of disputed land in the village of Lakhna under the Valtoha police station in June 2021; kidnapping of a car in March 2021 in Sarhali; and demanding and extorting money from an arhtiya (commissioner) in the village of Sheron in the district of Tarn Taran; an Amritsar-based doctor whose son’s car was later ripped off; and fired shots at the house of a Punjabi singer. Landa allegedly carried out all these criminal activities by entrusting them to his associate Preet Sekhon. The filing also links Landa to Patti’s double murder case, noting that “on May 27, 2021, like Landa, Preet Sekhon and Jarmanjit murdered Amandeep Singh alias Fauji and Prabhdeep Singh alias Pooran.

Role in Mohali attack case: Landa, according to the police, is one of the main conspirators. “He used his local network of criminals for logistical support. He facilitated the movements and hiding places of the main defendants. He is also involved in organizing weapons and explosives in the case. The RPG used in the case and other weapons were recovered by his associates at his request and were later handed over to the main defendant. Charhat and Nishan were working on his instructions,” reads a memo about his role in the Mohali blast case.

Charhat Singh: A 33-year-old resident of Mehadipur village in Tarn Taran district, Charhat allegedly “initially received two unknown defendants and provided them with hiding places and other logistical support in Amritsar”. He reportedly did a reconnaissance of the intelligence headquarters with Kang and then accompanied the attackers when they launched the RPG attack. He is serving a life sentence in a murder case registered at Khemkaran police station and was on parole.

Two unknown defendants: DGP Bhawra described them as ‘outsiders’ and, while answering a question about their identities, said gangsters were dealing with the ‘foot soldiers’.

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Canada to deploy officers to NATO headquarters in Latvia, says PM Trudeau

Canada will deploy a general officer from the Canadian Armed Forces and six staff officers to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Multinational Division Headquarters North based in Adazi, Latvia, the Prime Minister announced. Canadian Minister Justin Trudeau.

According to a press release posted on the Prime Minister’s website, Trudeau made the announcement after meeting with Latvian Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins during the latter’s visit to Canada from May 10-12, the news agency reported. Xinhua.

The two leaders stressed the importance of coordination among NATO members and discussed ways to further strengthen the Organization’s deterrence and defense measures in Eastern Europe, particularly in the region of the Baltic.

They also expressed shared support for Finland joining the NATO Alliance, the statement said.

Canada currently has approximately 700 members of the Canadian Armed Forces leading NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup in Latvia as part of Operation REASSURANCE.

Established in March 2019, NATO’s Multinational Division Headquarters North performs several critical roles, including supporting Baltic defense planning and coordinating regional military activities, such as presence force activities enhanced progress, according to the press release.



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Axiom Space Opens New Space Station Headquarters and Production Facility at Spaceport Houston

Axiom Space Opens New Space Station Headquarters and Production Facility at Spaceport Houston

Press release from: Axiom space
Posted: Wednesday May 11th 2022

The future of low Earth orbit and human spaceflight in Space City, has a new base of operations as Axiom Space opens a new state-of-the-art headquarters in Houston.

On Wednesday, May 11, commercial space leader Axiom Space and the City of Houston celebrated the grand opening of the company’s new long-term headquarters at Ellington Airport, the site of Houston’s spaceport. There, Axiom Space – which is developing Axiom Station, the world’s first commercial space station – will build a campus containing offices for employees, astronaut training and mission control facilities, equipment development and test labs. engineering and a high-rise production facility to house the Axiom space. station modules under construction.

“From this Axiom Space Headquarters campus, we will continue the advancements in space that will revolutionize life at home,” said Michael Suffredini, President and CEO of Axiom Space. “We are proud to be an anchor tenant of Spaceport Houston and to ensure that the future of human spaceflight and the space economy is centered in the city where it all began.”

Houston’s leadership in the Apollo, Space Shuttle, and ISS programs earned it its title as Space City, the birthplace of manned spaceflight.

Now, Axiom Space adds a new distinction to Space City, for the first time in the city’s history, it will host the development and construction of human-sized spaceships through Axiom Stations modules, which will be equipped and assembled in the Axiom facilities at the spaceport.

“These are historically exciting times for all of us. As the city that helped put men on the moon, Houston continues to lead the way in technology and innovation,” said Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. “Axiom Space has distinguished itself from others in the private space industry. Our city – Space City – could not be more proud that our own spaceport in Houston serves as the home base for such important commercial and academic advancements.

Axiom Space has partnered with Jacobs, Turner Construction Company, Savills and Griffin Partners to expand the company’s headquarters in Houston Spaceport. Jacobs, working closely with Axiom Space, designed the assembly, integration and test facility. Axiom Space contracted with Turner to build the site. Real estate firm Savills represented Axiom Space in lease negotiations, and Griffin Partners is providing development management services for the project.

The development of Axiom Space’s Spaceport property will be developed in two phases. Phase I includes 106,000 square feet of assembly integration and test facilities and is expected to be completed by April 2023. Phase two will add facilities for laboratories, mission operations and training, operations airlines and offices.

It is the latest achievement from Axiom Space, which is growing the commercial space industry and expanding access to low Earth orbit to a wider international community. Axiom Space recently welcomed home the crew of the Axiom 1 (Ax-1) mission after successfully completing the first fully private astronaut mission to the ISS, a precursor mission to the Axiom station. The company has also signed agreements with several countries, including Italy, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to carry out future space missions.

Axiom Space was founded in Houston in 2016 by Michael Suffredini – NASA’s ISS program manager from 2005 to 2015 – and space entrepreneur Kam Ghaffarian to build the world’s first commercial space station and develop commercial space infrastructure that will drive a thriving economy in low Earth orbit. The company currently employs more than 400 people, the majority of whom work at its current Houston facilities and plans to grow that number to 600 by the end of 2022 and 1,000 by 2025.

// to finish //

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11 carbon-removal startups to watch, according to investors

  • The IPCC says carbon removal is essential to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees.
  • The carbon capture and sequestration market is expected to be worth $7 billion by 2028.
  • Insider profiled 11 European carbon removal startups that investors believe are about to take off.

The sucking of carbon from the atmosphere by nature and technology is likely to be an important part of the global effort to reduce emissions and avoid the worst effects of the climate crisis.

the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change possesses describe carbon removal as essential to meeting the Paris Agreement goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius, and it is gaining traction among investors.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global carbon capture and sequestration market is set to grow from $2 billion in 2021 to $7 billion by 2028.

Data from PitchBook indicates that there are 55 venture-backed companies in the European carbon capture and sequestration ecosystem. Startups in the sector raised $52.8 million across 20 deals in 2021, a figure eclipsed by this year’s $1 billion across 12 deals to date. Swiss startup Climeworks took the lion’s share, raising $650 million in a single round last month.

Alphabet, Meta, Stripe, Shopify and McKinsey Sustainability have also committed to developing carbon removal technologies. Under a joint initiative called Frontier, companies said in april that they had earmarked $925 million to purchase permanent carbon removal from companies developing new solutions over the next nine years.

Carbon removal companies come in a variety of forms – some are designed to suck carbon straight out of the air, while others extract it from industrial processes before it is emitted. Some startups are taking a nature-based approach to sequestering gas.

Another option is biochar, a form of charcoal that prevents carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere by storing it in solid form. It is made from organic materials such as crop residues that are exposed to high temperatures and low oxygen content.

Carbon can also be stored in materials such as limestone and carbon fiber, which can be used as building materials and automotive parts.

“We’re going to have to do all of these things, because we’re going to have to go from net zero to net negative,” Michal Nachmany, the founder of Climate Policy Radar, told Insider. Nachmany, whose startup is building a searchable database of global climate policies, added that carbon removal technologies should be used in addition to reducing emissions, “not instead”.

Carbon removal is a nascent industry. Many technologies are new, unproven, and expensive, making them difficult to scale.

Climeworks, which operates a direct air capture plant in Iceland, said it is confident that the global carbon price will stabilize at between $100 and $200 a tonne once the urgency and need to phase out the carbon will be fully understood and that the right policies will be put in place. in place. It expects the cost of its current direct air capture technology to be $250 to $300 per ton by 2030.

Nachmany said investors, governments and businesses need to be optimistic about phasing out carbon despite the high costs. “Investing in R&D and in things that currently seem very expensive and unrealistic – if we don’t start this now, they will continue to be unrealistic and expensive,” Nachmany said.

David Frykman, general partner of Norrsken VC, said cost reduction is the key to success.

“The need for carbon removal is sadly obvious. Fortunately, there’s a lot of innovation going on in the space right now,” Frykman said, adding that he’s been watching the industry but hasn’t made any investment. “Additionally, we need companies that are creating the infrastructure, verification and financing for carbon removal. There are many exciting companies working on these issues, especially given recent gains in momentum around commitments. net zero.”

Insider asked venture capitalists and industry experts to identify the in-portfolio and out-of-portfolio companies that interest them most. Each company is presented below.

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Russell Wilson purchase tops No. 2 by $18 million – The Denver Post

Russell Wilson and Ciara can finally settle in Colorado after buying a $25 million Cherry Hills mansion in April, earning the top spot on BusinessDen’s monthly best-selling home list.

A month after the NFL quarterback transferred to the Broncos, Wilson and his singer-songwriter wife Ciara purchased a 20,060 square foot mansion at 10 Cherry Hills Park Drive in Cherry Hills Village. This is the highest price ever paid for a residential property in the metropolitan area.

BusinessDen was first to report the news.

Here are the next four most expensive local home sales for April, according to MLS:

Courtesy of Kentwood Real Estate DTC

This 9,681 square foot home on a one acre gated lot in the Village of Old Cherry Hills has sold for $7 million.

4780 S. Lafayette Street, Village of Cherry Hills: $7 million

Listing Agent: Ann Kerr with Kentwood Real Estate DTC

Buyer’s Agent: Greg Card and Patty Anton with Kentwood Real Estate Cherry Creek

Details: This 9,681 square foot home sits on a one acre gated lot in the Village of Old Cherry Hills and features four bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The sellers renovated the house last year, according to the listing. There’s a gourmet kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, a formal dining room with a climate-controlled wine cellar and cocktail bar, two home offices, and a five-car garage.

This Tudor house is inspired by...

Courtesy of LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

This Tudor house is inspired by the 15th century Sandford Orcas House in England.

3336 Belcaro Drive, Denver: $7 million

Listing Agent: Trish Bragg and Maggie Armstrong with LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

Buyer’s Agent: Ian Wolfe and Christopher Bouc with LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

Details: Designed and built by Weston Construction in 2006, this Tudor house is inspired by the 15th century Sandford Orcas House in England. There are eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, custom casement windows, huge fireplaces, a chef’s kitchen with a marble island, and mahogany trim and floors.

This golden estate has arrived on the market...

Courtesy of LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

This golden estate hit the market last year for the first time since it was built in 2001.

6729 Bear Point Road, Golden: $6.4 million

Listing Agent: Jonathan Danton with LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

Buyer’s Agent: Josh Behr with LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

Details: This 16,503 square foot estate in Golden, which first hit the market last year, sits on 33 acres at the north end of Golden’s exclusive Bear Tooth Ranch community. Built in 2001, the home’s open floor plan features an executive office with custom cherry wood paneling, a master suite with a separate entrance, and a dining room with painted gold flakes on the ceiling.

On the ground floor, the 2,303 square foot finished basement includes a soundproof 15-seat cinema room, a billiard room, a gym and a fireplace. The back patio houses a barbecue and a large fire pit, and there is also an eight-car garage, plus a barn in the back.

3778 Wonderland Hill Avenue, Boulder: $6.3 million

Listing Agent: Elizabeth Friedlander with RE/MAX of Boulder

Buyer’s Agent: Jay Hebb with real estate group LATITUDE40

Details: This 8,494 square foot home in Boulder was originally built in 1906 for Mayor James P. Maxwell, according to the listing. Situated on 2 acres overlooking Lake Maxwell and the city of Boulder, this residence features five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The kitchen was remodeled in 2008 to include glass cabinet fronts, a copper farmhouse sink, and a new stove, and the third-floor studio was redesigned with wood plank flooring, a breakfast bar, and a stove. gas.

The original part of the house still has alcoves, nooks, recesses, multiple staircases, a wine cellar in the old vault, and even a secret passageway, according to the listing.

This story was reported by our partner BusinessDen.

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Ukrainian War: Fires at Military Factories Raise Tension in Russia | International

A series of incidents that Moscow blames on the Ukrainian government have raised tensions in Russia over the past month. First there was a series of fires at military factories, followed by the arrest of suspected Ukrainian saboteurs who were believed to be part of a gang calling themselves ‘Maniacs: Murder Cult’, among other cells. suspected enemies. kyiv has alternately responded with silence, ambiguous answers and accusations that Russia is fabricating pretexts for its offensive.

The Kremlin has repeatedly threatened to take action if attacks on its territory continue. Russian President Vladimir Putin went so far as to say a week ago that his country would deliver “a tough response” if the West encouraged Ukraine to attack Russian territory. On Thursday, the governor of Belgorod claimed that several houses in a border town had been destroyed by an alleged strike. There were no casualties, as on previous occasions.

Mikhailo Podolyak, adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, quipped on April 27 that the fires and explosions produced in several border regions would be a kind of “demilitarization”, one of the conditions that the Kremlin demands of kyiv for peace. Despite rumors blaming kyiv for all the fires across the country since April, Podolyak named only three neighboring regions as possible targets: Belgorod, Voronezh and Kursk.

Despite the proximity of May 9, the date when Russia will observe “Victory Day”, which commemorates the country’s defeat by the Nazis in 1945, so far the alert level has only been raised in four regions bordering Ukraine and in the Crimean Peninsula which Russia annexed in 2014, and the step was not taken until well before April, more than a month and a half after the start of the ‘offensive. More specifically, it is in force in the oblasts (provinces) of Bryansk, Kursk, Voronezh and Belgorod, located north of the fighting and in the middle of the Black Sea peninsula. That is, places where a Ukrainian military attack could reach. The measure does not affect Rostov, which borders the separatist territories of Donetsk and Lugansk, or Krasnodar, which is separated from Ukraine by the Sea of ​​Azov.

An oil depot burns after a suspected Ukrainian airstrike in the city of Belgorod, Russia, on April 1.

The first strike on Russian soil came on April 1, when the Governor of Belgorod reported that two helicopters belonging to the Ukrainian Air Force had attacked a fuel depot located a few kilometers from the border. Ukrainian Security Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov responded ambiguously when asked about the authorship of the attack. “They say we did it. According to our information, this is not true. They must understand that this can happen throughout the territory of Russia.

Series of fires

After this incident, similar events occurred in regions close to Ukraine. On April 27, two fuel depots in Bryansk and an ammunition depot in Belgorod caught fire. In Voronezh and Kursk, regional authorities claimed to have detected Ukrainian drones. Two other military installations have burned down in recent weeks, although Russian authorities said they were accidents.

On April 14, several explosions occurred in the town of Klimovo, 10 kilometers from the border. Moscow accused kyiv of bombing the region, and the Ukrainian government said it was a set-up “to foment anti-Ukrainian hysteria”. Seven people, including a pregnant woman, were injured, the city’s central hospital told Russian news agency Tass.

On April 21, another fire broke out at the headquarters of the Second Research Institute of the Defense Ministry, located in Tver, a province near Moscow. On May 1, a gunpowder factory in Perm burned down, killing three people. The components of the Grad multiple rocket launchers are produced at this plant east of Moscow, weapons that are also used in Ukraine.

Ukrainian terrorists

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) usually announces the dismantling of terrorist cells every week. One of the largest operations of this type since the beginning of the conflict was announced on March 30. Authorities said they arrested 60 members of the MKU gang, “Maniacs: Cult of Murder” in Russian, across the country. The FSB defines it as “a group of young people and neo-Nazis created by the Ukrainian special services to carry out terrorist acts, massacres and extremist crimes in Russia”. Last year, the FSB arrested dozens of suspected members in waves, accusing them of coordinating with Kyiv to promote street protests after opposition leader Alexey Navalny was arrested in January 2021. prior arrests, however, gang members had never been associated with kyiv. either by the Russian authorities or by the media.

The MKU appeared in Ukraine in 2018 and quickly went viral across the border. Its members beat up immigrants and homeless people, then uploaded the videos to their Telegram channels. In the Ukrainian city of Dnipro alone, more than 30 attacks were recorded in 2019, while in Russia there were several more cases a year later. The BBC and Nastoyasheye Vremia investigated its members and discovered that they were just another neo-Nazi street gang with no political ties.

Arrests of suspected Ukrainian saboteurs also intensified as the conflict progressed. Among other things, the FSB reported on April 28 the arrest in the Crimea of ​​a former Ukrainian soldier who, “on the instructions of the nationalists of the Azov battalion, was preparing an explosion in a shopping center in Simferopol”. And a day earlier, the agency announced the capture in Belgorod of two Russian citizens who, according to the FSB, had sent information about the deployment and infrastructure of Russian troops to the Mirotvorets site, which in the past published the addresses Ukrainian politicians and journalists.

The FSB said on April 25 that it had dismantled a cell of the National Socialism-White Power organization that planned to attack two Kremlin propaganda figures on the instructions of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

Accusations that Ukrainian troops were breaking into Russian territory had been leveled even before Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to advance on February 24. Three days earlier, the Defense Ministry said it destroyed two BMP transport vehicles and killed five Ukrainian soldiers who allegedly broke in. the border. That day, Moscow also accused Ukraine of bombing an empty border crossing in the middle of a forest.

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Latin American Licensee Drives Long-Term Growth with Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins

The international development of Inspire remains a key element of its vision to boost the growth of its brands. With an established and growing global presence, international licensees are an integral part of realizing this vision. Columbia licensee Miguel Merino began his journey of operating Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins stores over 40 years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

Born in Colombia in 1942 into a family of coffee exporters, Merino eventually moved to Massachusetts at age 39 to attend MIT and soon noticed the growing number of Dunkin’ stores surrounding him.

Given his family’s deep roots in the coffee business, Merino quickly approached Dunkin’s head office to begin his licensing career. After several conversations with the Dunkin’ teams, Merino obtained the Master license for Colombia, the first of its kind in Latin America.

Miguel Merino

In 1982, with the help of his stepfather and brother, Merino founded Donucol, operating the first Dunkin’ restaurants in Colombia. Thirteen years later, in 1995, Donucol acquired its first Baskin-Robbins locations.

The Inspire leadership team traveled to Colombia last week to meet with the National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC) and Equal Origins to learn more about the challenges facing women in coffee. During the trip, they also had the chance to meet Miguel Merino and learn more about his journey as a licensee and his business in Colombia.

From left to right: Mauricio Gomez Rumio (Director of Operations, Donucol), Pancho González (VP-International Americas, Dunkin’), Michael Haley, Miguel Merino and Rosa Helena Rodriguez Dominguez (Quality Assurance Manager, Donucol)

“We are proud of the role Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins plays in bringing energy, joy and flavor to the lives of customers across Colombia,” said Michael Haley, President and CEO of International for Inspire Brands. “An experienced operator and restaurant chef, Don Miguel’s business philosophy of enthusiasm, responsibility and honesty has been key to the success of the Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins brands in the marketplace. We look forward to working with the entire Donucol team to support their continued success for years to come.

Miguel Merino and Paul Brown, CEO of Inspire Brands

Over the past 40 years, Donucol has grown to encompass 191 Dunkin’ stores and 14 Baskin-Robbins stores across Colombia. Today, Donucol is present in nine major Colombian cities: Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Palmira, Manizales, Armenia, Pereira and Ibague.

Donucol remains a family business, with Merino’s three daughters now holding senior positions including Managing Director, Marketing and Communications Director and Administrative Director. The company employs more than 1,200 team members across the country.

Learn more about Inspire’s international growth.

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Insurer Argo Group explores “strategic alternatives”

Argo Group International Holdings Ltd., a specialty insurer with US headquarters in San Antonio, may be looking for a buyer or merger partner.

The Bermuda-based company announced that its board of directors has begun exploring a possible sale, merger or any other type of transaction.

“The board believes the time is right to explore a range of potential strategic alternatives to maximize shareholder value,” Argo Chairman Thomas Bradley said in a statement.

Argo’s announcement comes more than seven months after Capital Returns Management, a New York-based insurance industry investor, asked Argo to consider a sale or other alternatives.

“Exploring the sale of the entire company is the optimal and necessary next step to maximizing shareholder value,” Capital Returns Chairman Ron Bobman said in a September letter to Argo’s board. . “Previous attempts at piecemeal sales have either failed…or yielded no return to shareholders.”

Bobman believed Argo businesses could be sold for $80 a share. The stock closed at $43.71 on Monday. Its shares have risen about 12% since the company’s announcement on Thursday.

In March, Capital Returns named Bobman and another person to serve on Argo’s board. But the society has postponed its annual meeting until later this year.

“We can now add a sale and an annual meeting to the growing and long list of actions that the ARGO Board has taken too late or too little,” Bobman said in an emailed statement Monday. “The postponement of our annual meeting forces shareholders to continue to rely on an ineffective board of directors to make critical decisions about shareholder value, a responsibility they have so far failed us.”

Bradley played down Capital Returns openings in a memo to Argo employees in March.

“It has become increasingly common for investors to use the public forum to engage with management teams and boards,” Bradley said. “This news has no impact on our day-to-day operations.”

Bradley takes over from Argo CEO Kevin Rehnberg, who went on health leave in March.

This is the second proxy fight in Argo in the space of approximately three years.

In 2019, San Francisco investment adviser Voce Capital Management lambasted former Argo CEO Mark E. Watson III for what he called the insurer’s “spending culture” that cost money. to shareholders.

A torrent of events followed Voce’s criticisms. The Securities and Exchange Commission has issued a subpoena to Argo for documents related to its executive benefits and benefits disclosures. Watson then resigned.

In 2020, the SEC fined Argo $900,000 for failing to disclose approximately $5.3 million in benefits granted to Watson. The agency also fined Watson $450,000.

Argo is a mid-sized player in the niche area of ​​insuring complex or difficult to assess risks that other insurers will not address.

Since the management change, Argo has left various unprofitable businesses.

“Over the past year, Argo’s Board of Directors and management team have taken decisive steps to strengthen the business by pursuing profitable growth, reducing volatility and employing disciplined risk management. expenses,” Bradley said in the statement.

On Monday, Argo said it lost $3.6 million, or 11 cents per share, on $483.8 million in revenue in the first quarter ended March 31. That compares to net income of $27.2 million, or 78 cents per share, on $523.6 million in revenue. at the same time last year.

The company reduced its workforce in San Antonio from about 200 to 140 employees. As a result, he plans to move to a smaller office in July. It will occupy just over 25,000 square feet in the Soto building at 711 Broadway. It currently occupies 85,000 square feet at the IBC Center at 175 E. Houston St.

[email protected]

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Pakistani state-owned company PTV fires 17 officials for failing to cover PM’s event due to unavailability of laptop

In line with standard operating procedures, a VVIP team of journalists and producers is responsible for covering the Prime Minister

In line with standard operating procedures, a VVIP team of journalists and producers is responsible for covering the Prime Minister

Pakistan’s state-owned company PTV has suspended 17 civil servants for failing to provide “proper” coverage of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s visit to Lahore due to the unavailability of a state-of-the-art laptop.

The newly elected prime minister visited Kot Lakhpat prison and Ramazan bazaars in Lahore last week.

However, a Pakistani Television (PTV) team failed to provide “proper” coverage due to the unavailability of an advanced laptop needed to upload the footage via File Transfer Protocol ( ftp), the Dawn reports the newspaper.

In accordance with standard operating procedures, a VVIP team of journalists and producers is responsible for covering the Prime Minister. The team is equipped with the latest gadgets, including laptops for live streaming and timely uploading of footage from any event, according to the report.

The core team is stationed in Islamabad and travels with the prime minister across the country and abroad, he added.

When the PTV Lahore center was informed of the visit, it requested the PTV headquarters to provide an advanced laptop, he said.

Also earlier on April 18, Lahore center wrote a letter to headquarters saying, “Since we don’t have a laptop editing facility in Lahore center, we have rented a laptop with the Editing facility…but as a permanent arrangement we have to own the same facility in the center.However, public television did not pay attention and suggested to hire one again.

In response to this situation, the Lahore center arranged a staff member’s personal laptop. After coverage, when the team attempted to transmit the footage, they found that the laptop’s battery was drained.

The next day, the PTV administration suspended a total of 17 officials, including VVIP Deputy Coverage Controller Imran Bashir Khan. Additionally, the administration suspended various engineers and cameramen for alleged negligence.

The suspended employees claimed to have been scapegoated by the administration appointed by the previous regime in order to save bigwigs, the report added.

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Iraq: Tayaran Square Explosions – Final Report (MDRIQ011) – Iraq

Major donors and partners of the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) include the Red Cross Societies and the governments of Belgium, Great Britain, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Korea, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, as well as DG ECHO and Blizzard Entertainment, the Mondelez International Foundation and Fortive Corporation and other corporate and private donors.

The IFRC, on behalf of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, wishes to express its thanks to all for their generous contributions.


Description of the disaster

Suicide bombings have become relatively rare in the Iraqi capital after years of deadly sectarian violence. On Thursday, January 21, 2021, two suicide bombers detonated their explosives in a busy shopping street in the heart of Baghdad Al Tayaran Square, in the Bab al-Shaqi district. The first suicide bomber burst into the market, pretending to be sick, so people would gather around him, then detonated his explosives. After the first explosion, people began to treat the victims and the injured. According to the ministry statement, a second assailant then struck and detonated his device. At least 32 people were killed and 110 injured as a result of these attacks. The Directorate of Victims of Terrorism and the Directorate of Health in Baghdad confirmed the dead and injured. Iraqi government emergency personnel arrived at the scene to assist the victims. The injured were transferred to Al-Kindi Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Hospital and Gross Neurological Hospital.

More than a hundred people were affected indirectly due to the disruption of their livelihoods. They were day laborers, buyers and traders. It is Baghdad’s biggest suicide bombing in the past three years.

Summary of current responses

Overview of the Host National Society

The IRCS responded immediately after the explosions to provide life-saving care and deployed its emergency medical teams. The IRCS set up triage and first aid posts to ensure those with non-critical injuries could be treated and comforted, while ambulances from the Ministry of Health and Civil Defense transported the most seriously injured survivors to hospitals. The IRCS deployed emergency medical teams and a fleet of seven ambulances to the site of the blast, where nine staff members and seven trained volunteers were involved in response activities, to provide any potential support to the Department of Health to transfer casualties and provide first aid at triage stations. Government authorities immediately transported those affected to hospitals and first aid was provided at Al-Kindi Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Hospital and Gross Neurological Hospital. The national headquarters of the IRCS mobilized its local branches, staff and volunteers to reach the affected families based on a list provided by the relevant government authorities in various governorates. The Directorate of Victims of Terrorism and the Directorate of Health in Baghdad have been established and information on those affected has been collected.

Overview of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in the country

The IRCS has a long history of collaboration with the IFRC and other Movement partners in the implementation of various programmes. The IRCS national headquarters collaborated with the IFRC delegation in Baghdad and provided weekly updates on Operation DREF. Operation DREF was launched after coordination and consultation with Movement partners in the country. The ICRC, the German, Norwegian, Danish, Turkish, Qatari and Swedish National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies are among the Movement’s partners in Iraq. Following the explosions, the IFRC delegation to Iraq worked with IRCS management and technical departments, as well as the IFRC MENA regional delegation, to share information on the operation’s activities and to provide technical support to the National Society in the development of the DREF operation. The ICRC has supported the IRCS as a core partner in its development and operations, emphasizing the “Safer Access” approach which promotes safer access to people affected by conflict and other situations. of violence, while minimizing risks to staff and volunteers.

Overview of non-RCRC actors in the country

Local authorities dispatched police, military and rescue teams to the scene. The Ministry of Health and Civil Defense supported the evacuation and transportation to hospitals. According to the IRCS team’s initial observations and assessment, no such support has been extended by any government authority to the families of the victims.

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11 years later: Alberta shows resilience after horrific destruction

It was a beautiful day in the Alberta community of Tuscaloosa on the afternoon of April 27, 2022. The same cannot be said 11 years ago. At 5:08 p.m. on April 27, 2011, an EF4 tornado cut a wide swath into central Alberta. More than 60% of the area was devastated, including the Alberta Elementary School, Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue Fire Station No. 4, and the Leland Mall, as well as residents’ homes.

Tuscaloosa City Council President Kip Tyner said these are times he will never forget.

“Something you never imagined,” Tyner said. “The utter devastation was overwhelming.”

Dozens of lives were lost in minutes; many more followed in the days and weeks to come. Others escaped the trap thanks to heroes like Robert Reed, who risked his life that day without caring for his own safety after witnessing such destruction.

“It was just a rush to make sure I could get everyone I could help,” Reed said. “It made me feel good because I feel like people are there to help others. So if I can’t help someone, I feel like I haven’t done it. my share or my work.

In the wake of so much destruction, Alberta has rebuilt, replacing piles of rubble with shiny new buildings providing amenities, educational opportunities and even places for quiet reflection.

“We have this beautiful digital library of the future, I call it, in Gateway and the (Alberta School of Performing Arts),” Tyner said. “We have a national SWJ company. Their international headquarters in Germany is located right here in Alberta. Their second phase will consist of more than 100 new jobs, high-paying jobs. We have Alabama One Credit Union, Catch a Taste restaurant, the new Jack’s, the largest Chevron (gas station) in West Alabama. I look at it as one block at a time.

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MIAMI, April 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CTH Group (CTH), one of the most influential companies in the Web 3 infrastructure and blockchain ecosystem, has announced the establishment of its global headquarters in the City of Miami.

CTH is the holding company of three separate businesses: Fundamental Labs, a crypto venture capital firm with over 300 portfolios; IDEG, an institutional digital asset manager; and Atlas, one of the top 3 web infrastructure service providers in the world.

Since 2016, CTH has established a global presence through North America, Asiaand Europe.

Group Founder, Raymond Yuancommented on the expansion, “Miami has proven it wants to be a global leader in the Web 3 and crypto space. It was an easy decision after seeing firsthand the city’s efforts to attract the business, talent and capital that drives our industry..”

under the mayor Francois Suarez, Miami has set bold ambitions to be the capital of Web 3 the same way Silicon Valley ruled Web 2. The ecosystem’s explosion of growth, globally, is fueled by a passionate and enthusiastic community that prides itself on inclusivity and collaboration. Miami seized the opportunity during the pandemic to attract numerous international conferences, forums and events focusing on Web 3, blockchain and digital assets – and institutional investment followed. Coupled with a growing population knowledgeable about digital assets and policies to encourage greater adoption for everyday commerce, the environment in Miami is poised for rapid growth and officials expect more industry leaders such as CTH to establish their headquarters or operations in the city.

Mayor Suarez said: “We are delighted to welcome CTH Group to the City of Miami. Establishing its global headquarters in Miami highlights the city’s continued growth as ‘capital of capital’ for investment and web3 technology. In addition, the establishment of their world headquarters in Miami will place them at the strategic epicenter of the Web3 revolution. Miami is here to help the CTH Group as it fuels this revolution.”

Raymond Yuan added, “For CTH Group to succeed, we need to be close to industry innovators. Miami we don’t have to travel far to meet entrepreneurs with fresh ideas, renewable energy companies wishing to collaborate with Web 3 infrastructure providers, or traditional investors wishing to deploy their capital in this growing sector . CTH has ambitious growth objectives and our quest for excellence has led us to Miami to reach them.”

Learn more about the CTH group
Learn more:


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Olympic champions Meso and Stevens attend a celebratory event at the IWF headquarters

Keep Olympic News Free

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For nearly 15 years now, has been at the forefront of fearless reporting on what’s happening in the Olympic Movement. As the first website not to be placed behind a paywall, we have made information about the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Commonwealth Games and other major events more accessible than ever to everyone. has earned a worldwide reputation for excellent reporting and breadth of coverage. For many of our readers in over 200 countries and territories around the world, the website is an essential part of their daily lives. The ping of our free daily email alert, sent every morning at 6.30am UK time, 365 days a year, landing in their inbox, is as much a part of their day as their first cup of coffee.

Even during the worst times of the COVID-19 pandemic, has maintained its high level of daily reporting on all news around the world. We were the first publication in the world to report on the threat facing the Olympic Movement from the coronavirus and have since provided unprecedented coverage of the pandemic.

As the world begins to emerge from the COVID crisis, would like to invite you to help us on our journey by funding our independent journalism. Your vital support would enable us to continue to report so comprehensively on the Olympic Movement and the events that shape it. This would mean that we can keep our website open to everyone. Last year, nearly 25 million people read, making us by far the largest source of independent information on what’s happening in world sport.

Every contribution, large or small, will help maintain and improve our global coverage in the coming year. Our small, dedicated team has been extremely busy over the past year covering the revamped Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, an unprecedented logistical challenge that has stretched our limited resources to the limit.

The rest of 2022 will be no less busy or less challenging. We had the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing, where we sent a team of four journalists, and the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, the World Summer University and the Asian Games in China, the World Games in Alabama and several world championships are coming up. Plus, of course, there’s the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Unlike many others, is available to everyone, regardless of what they can afford to pay. We do this because we believe that sport belongs to everyone and everyone should be able to read the news regardless of their financial situation. While others try to profit financially from the information, we are committed to sharing it with as many people as possible. The more people can keep abreast of world events and understand their impact, the more sport will be forced to be transparent.

Support for just £10 – it only takes a minute. If you can, consider supporting us with a regular amount each month. Thank you.

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Great Yarmouth’s international business celebrates its new headquarters

4:47 PM April 22, 2022

A family business that has provided personal security for celebrities in the past has officially opened its new headquarters in Gorleston.

CTR Secure Services, run by Tremaine Kent and his brothers Adrian and Alison, celebrated the opening of their new headquarters in Beacon Park.

Construction of the new headquarters was “a long time coming”, said general manager Tremaine Kent.

Starting in 1996, the company initially focused on providing personal safety for celebrities. Over the years, the company began to focus more on the security of commercial assets, such as cell towers.

Managing Director Tremaine Kent said the opening of the new hub “has been a long time coming”.

He said: “This journey started 24 years ago when we started the business in Great Yarmouth.

“It seemed like an impossible dream to establish an international and national private security company in the city – but here we are.”

Tremaine Kent shows guests around the new offices.

General Manager Tremaine Kent shows guests around the new offices.
– Credit: Sonya Duncan

The company’s new hub – known as Security House – will answer calls and oversee hundreds of remote sites monitored by CCTV and alarm systems across the UK.

Great Yarmouth Borough Mayor Adrian Thompson officially opened the new operations center with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Speaking at the event, Mr Thompson said: “It’s been a week of good news for the borough, with The Range, the Superbike Warehouse and now this center opening.”

CTR secure Services in its new premises in Great Yarmouth.  Byline: Sonya Duncan

Siblings Adrian Kent, Alison Littlewood and Tremaine Kent (left) hold a plaque to mark the occasion with Great Yarmouth Borough Mayor Adrian Thompson and Mayor Jenny Thompson.

Principal Alison Littlewood presented a bouquet to Mayor Jenny Thompson before the rest of the guests were invited into the building by an introduction from Mr Kent.

Guests then toured the new building, including a tour of the state-of-the-art Physical Security Operations Center (PSOC).

The PSOC is at the heart of the new headquarters and highlights all the assets the company oversees with wall-mounted monitors and 24-hour responders.

Wall-to-wall screens

Wall-to-wall displays in the state-of-the-art Physical Security Operations Center (PSOC) showing all assets secured by CTR Secure Services.
– Credit: CTR Secure Services

CTR Secure Services operates in 73 countries and has over 200 security professionals working for them. At Security House, CTR has 30 employees working for them, all of whom are residents of the borough and have been recruited locally.

CTR secure Services in its new premises in Great Yarmouth.  Byline: Sonya Duncan

The opening ceremony was celebrated by the spectators

The main services provided are the close protection of the security of industries, in particular the communications sector and the physical security of remote communications sites across the UK.

CTR also provides public safety officers, mobile patrol and close protection services.

For more information, visit their website.

CTR secure Services in its new premises in Great Yarmouth.  Byline: Sonya Duncan

The construction of the new headquarters was “a long time coming”, said general manager Tremaine Kent.

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US hotel performance for March 2022

HENDERSONVILLE, TN – Driven by Spring Break travel, the U.S. hospitality industry performed strongly with better indexed comparisons compared to 2019, according to March 2022 data from STR.

March 2022 (percentage change from March 2019):

  • Occupancy: 64.0% (-6.2%)
  • Average Daily Rate (ADR): $146.61 (+10.9%)
  • Revenue per available room (RevPAR): $93.82 (+4.0%)

The country’s occupancy and RevPAR levels were the highest since July 2021. On a nominal basis, the country’s ADR level was the highest of any month on record. After adjusting for inflation, the March ADR level was around 2% lower than in 2019.

Among the top 25 markets, Tampa experienced the highest occupancy rate (84.7%), still down 3.6% from the market benchmark in 2019.

None of the top 25 markets saw an increase in occupancy compared to 2019.

Markets with the lowest occupancy rate for the month included Minneapolis (50.1%) and Chicago (54.5%).

San Francisco/San Mateo recorded the largest decrease in occupancy compared to 2019 (-23.4%).

Overall, the top 25 markets showed higher occupancy and ADR than all other markets.

A note to editors: All references to STR data and analyzes should cite “STR” as source. Please do not quote “STR, Inc.” “Smith Travel Research” or “World STR” in supply.

Additional performance data

STR’s world-leading hotel performance sample includes 73,000 hotels and 9.6 million hotel rooms worldwide. Please refer to the contacts below for additional data requests.

About STR

STR provides premium benchmarking data, analysis and market intelligence for the global hospitality industry. Founded in 1985, STR operates in 15 countries with North American headquarters in Hendersonville, Tennessee, international headquarters in London, and Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore. STR was acquired in October 2019 by CoStar Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSGP), the leading provider of online commercial real estate information, analysis and marketplaces. For more information, please visit and

Haley Luther
Communications Coordinator
+1 615 824 8664 ext. 3500

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New American Airlines CEO Robert Isom promises reliability as peak travel season kicks off

An American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER takes off from Sydney Airport in Sydney, Australia, October 28, 2020.

Loren Elliot | Reuters

New American Airlines CEO Robert Isom is aiming for one thing this summer: reliability.

The airline grew faster than its larger competitors last year and passengers at times faced widespread disruption, the result of routine challenges like weather as well as staff shortages. Other carriers such as Southwest Airlines and Spirit Airlines faced similar issues that forced them to cut their schedules.

Now Isom, who took over as helm of America’s largest carrier on March 31, said his priority is to make sure passengers can rely on American this summer and beyond.

“People really need to feel like they’re in control of their routes and we put them in control by making sure they get to when they want to go. I can’t be more direct about that. than that,” Isom told the pilots. during a company town hall last week, which was reviewed by CNBC. “Other airlines are really struggling.”

American’s partner in the northeast US, JetBlue Airways, for example, told staff earlier this month it would cut summer flights by up to 10% to avoid repeat flights. cancellations and massive delays, CNBC reported. US codeshare partner on the West Coast, Alaska Airlines, announced a 2% capacity cut this spring due to a shortage of pilots.

Leisure leads the recovery

Air travel has increased and passengers have shown they are willing to pay for tickets after two years of the pandemic, a trend that is helping carriers cover rising fuel costs. On Friday, the Transportation Security Administration screened more than 2.3 million people, down about 10% from 2019 but up 57% from a year ago.

Isom said domestic leisure travelers are compensating for relatively weaker business and international travel demand.

March seems to be the best American month in its history, he said. This echoed comments made by Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian when the airline released its results last week. American is expected to release its first-quarter results and provide its second-quarter outlook before market open Thursday.

American’s capacity in the first quarter was down nearly 11% from the same period in 2019, it said in a filing last week. Delta, for its part, expects to fly 84% of its 2019 capacity in the current quarter, up from 83% in the first quarter.

“The priority is to operate reliably,” Delta Chairman Glen Hauenstein said on an earnings call. “If these demand trends continue, we have the opportunity to gain another momentum or we could pivot in a different direction if warranted.”

US carriers rushed to recruit staff to handle the rebound in travel. The $54 billion in federal payroll support airlines won from Congress banned layoffs, but carriers urged thousands to take buyouts and extend furloughs.

Airlines are facing a shortage of pilots, especially for the smaller regional carriers that feed their hubs, which has forced them to cancel flights or limit their growth. Pilots from Delta, American and Southwest have been picketing or complaining of fatigue from grueling schedules in recent months.

Isom said American has enough staff of pilots, flight attendant mechanics and customer service agents to handle summer travel.

“We’ve brought the schedule up to a level that matches the resources we have,” Isom told crews.

Other challenges to growth include securing aircraft from manufacturers including Boeing, whose 787 Dreamliner deliveries have been halted for much of the past year and a half due to production defects. American said Boeing’s woes forced it to cut some long-haul international flights.

Minimize disruption

The airline has also been working on ways to avoid the cascading delays that have been so costly for the airline and passengers.

American has invested heavily in training and its integrated operations center, a command center at its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, to avoid delays.

A solution to inclement weather, which is common at its main hub as well as major airports serving Miami and Charlotte, North Carolina, is to work with air traffic control to establish ground delay schedules that help avoid cancellations later, IOC chief Steve Olson said during the town hall.

Olson said accountability is key, and not just to measure how quickly the airline bounces back from the disruptions, but also to determine what the impact is on airline crews, who have complained about long dwell times. waiting with timetables and hotel services. Flight attendants or pilots not in position for inclement weather assignments have added to cancellations and delays.

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Russia’s tech industry faces ‘brain drain’ as workers flee

“We don’t have enough quality apartments for highly qualified people with high salaries and high standards,” said Aram Shahbandarian, a former Google employee based in Yerevan who helps many Russians settle in the city. “Yerevan is cracking.”

Vahan Kerobyan, Armenia’s Minister of Economy, said in an interview that as a country with a strategic relationship with Russia, it does not sell itself as trying to pull companies out of Russia, but if companies decide to move, it would work to accommodate them. .

“The Armenian tech community is supportive of its Russian friends, and the government is very concerned about giving Russian companies a nice and not too expensive place to work,” he said. Mr Kerobyan estimated that 43,000 people left Russia for Armenia, half of whom held Russian passports and the other half held Armenian passports.

Miro, an American software company, chartered flights to Yerevan for its Russian employees and transferred them to two hotels in the heart of the city, Mr Kerobyan said. X-tensive, a software development company in Russia, also moved its employees to the Armenian city because its main client, ServiceTitan, was founded there, he said.

Miro has publicly stated that it is moving its workers out of Russia. X-tensive did not respond to a request for comment.

Many of these workers may eventually move elsewhere as visa restrictions require them to leave their current home after a certain number of days. Many do not know where they could go. Others are planning to move to promising tech hubs further afield, such as Dubai and Lisbon.

Artem Taganov, founder and managing director of a Russian start-up called HintEd, said he knows about 70 Russian business founders who, like him, fled to Armenia. If entrepreneurs stay in Russia, he said, their businesses will only be able to serve the local market.

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Exxon Mobil headquarters in Las Colinas is up for grabs

Oil giant Exxon Mobil, which recently announced it is moving its headquarters from Irving to the Houston area, is wasting no time bringing its Las Colinas office campus to market.

The international energy company has hired commercial real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle to find a buyer for its 290-acre property on State Highway 114.

Built in 1996 after Exxon moved from Manhattan to North Texas, the 365,000 square foot office building faces a small lake and is surrounded by more than 200 acres of undeveloped land.

With the existing chic corporate enclave, the vacant property can be used for millions of square feet of mixed-use construction.

“This development-ready 290-acre parcel is conveniently located at one of North Texas’ most desirable addresses,” says JLL.

The darkly colored, low-rise headquarters are surrounded by trees and are barely visible from the nearby highway.

The office building is currently fitted out for 346 offices. The hotel has a coffee shop, dining room and fitness centre.

Exxon Mobil says about 250 people currently work in the building. These jobs are being cut or moved to Exxon’s huge new campus in suburban Houston.

Designed by architects Gensler and Pickard Chilton, Exxon Mobil’s campus in suburban Spring can house 10,000 workers in 20 buildings.

It’s no surprise that Exxon chose JLL to market the Las Colinas headquarters to potential buyers.

JLL’s Paul Whitman represented the energy company in its North Texas headquarters search in 1989. And JLL also marketed excess land around Irving’s headquarters.

Exxon Mobil’s headquarters in Las Colinas is surrounded by more than 200 acres of prime development land.(JLL)
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Las Vegas Sotheby’s International Realty builds new headquarters

The world’s #1 global luxury brand, Sotheby’s International Realty, continues to expand its presence in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Sotheby’s International Realty, under its president and longtime Las Vegas luxury realtor, Randy Char, will move this fall to a new headquarters in the Southwest Valley along the 215 Beltway. It will occupy more than 12,000 square feet at UnCommons to support its expansion of luxury real estate services in the Valley. The company currently has offices in Lake Las Vegas, Summerlin and Tivoli Village in the West Valley.

“We are excited to build a central campus for Las Vegas Sotheby’s International Realty, and we believe UnCommons is the perfect location,” Char said. “It will be very progressive architecture and fantastic restaurants and services. It is a perfect environment for our employees and our customers. The luxury clientele continues to come in from all over the world as the city matures. the lifestyle they demand, and we believe this office reflects that. This luxurious office is a sign of the investment and commitment Sotheby’s has made in Las Vegas.

Sotheby’s International Realty was founded in 1976 as a real estate service for the discerning clients of Sotheby’s auction house. Today, the company’s global footprint spans approximately 1,000 offices located in 79 countries around the world.

In 2020, Synergy Sotheby’s International Realty in Southern Nevada came under the new ownership of Thomas Wright and Scott Webber, who collectively have territories in Utah, Colorado, Sierra Nevada, Palm Desert, Sun Valley, India. Idaho and Las Vegas. They renamed the Las Vegas franchise Sotheby’s International Realty and set the stage for expansion with their investments, including the new office, Char said.

The Las Vegas franchise has about 70 agents and employees.

“We are building for the growth of the city,” Char said. “A lot of companies are trying to figure out how to get a slice of the luxury market. We believe ours is the only truly global luxury brand represented in 79 countries and territories with 25,000 agents and 1,000 offices. Sotheby’s global sales International Realty reached an all-time high of $204 billion in 2021, and this group holds the largest share of all franchise owners in the business.”

By having a big, globally recognized brand, Char said their customers believe reach is important. Being local is great, but many customers want to know you have a lot more influence outside of town, which Char says is more in demand than ever.

Competition among luxury brokerages is heating up, and Char said Las Vegas Sotheby’s International Realty is well positioned.

The customer expects high service, and you can’t do business as usual and expect to deliver the same product in today’s era, Char said. What sets you apart is your service, your marketing and your brand. There has been a lot of brand consolidation and the big global brands have more merit.

“Las Vegas Sotheby’s International Realty is disrupting the Las Vegas luxury real estate industry,” Char said. “From intentional partnerships to a new style of luxury services, our firm is rooted in difference and goes beyond the status quo. “Verified and approved by iconic auction house Sotheby’s, our new location at UnCommons will allow us to provide a level of service to our agents and their clients that this community has never seen before.”

Char said luxury is not a price but a way of life. Las Vegas is growing with the arrival of professional sports and continued investment along the Strip and throughout the city. There’s a lot more wealth pouring into the valley as people leave California and move to Las Vegas, he said.

“As the city continues to grow, especially with the resumption of international travel and conventions, it’s going to attract more business here and people wanting to buy here,” Char said. “We are positioning ourselves for that future.”

Members of the Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial and press team were not involved in the creation of this content.

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SpaceX launches first fully private mission to the International Space Station

An all-private crew blasted off from Kennedy Space Center for a flight to the International Space Station on Friday morning, marking another milestone in the evolution of manned spaceflight and the growth of the commercial space sector.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifted off at 11:17 a.m., carrying three wealthy entrepreneurs, each having paid $55 million for the mission, and a former NASA astronaut, who serves as their guide. While private citizens flew for years to the space station on russian rockets, the mission – which was commissioned by Axiom Space, a Houston-based company – is the first entirely private mission to the station. It is also the first time private citizens have traveled to the station from US soil.

The international team includes Larry Connor, the managing partner of an Ohio real estate group; Mark Pathy, managing director of a Canadian investment company; Eytan Stibbe, businessman and former Israeli Air Force fighter pilot; and Michael Lopez-Alegria, a former NASA astronaut who is vice president of Axiom. They are expected to reach the station Saturday around 7:45 a.m. EST. They will spend eight days on the station before returning home in SpaceX’s autonomous Dragon spacecraft.

During a live broadcast of the mission, Kate Tice, a SpaceX engineer, called it “an absolutely perfect launch.” And when communicating with Mission Control, Lopez-Alegria said “it was a lot of fun.”

The flight comes at a time when private citizens are increasingly coming out of the atmosphere and greatly expanding the ranks of space travelers. Blue Origin, the space company run by Jeff Bezos, and Virgin Galactic, the company founded by Richard Branson, have taken crews on suborbital journeys that skim the limits of space and offer passengers a few minutes of weightlessness. (Bezos owns The Washington Post.)

The Axiom mission, however, is much more ambitious – taking the crew to the space station, which orbits Earth at 17,500 miles per hour. And instead of just gazing at the stars and reveling in the wonders of weightlessness, the crew say they’ll be engaged in meaningful research and, as a result, will bristle at being labeled “space tourists”. .

Speaking to reporters before the flight, Connor said he thought “it’s important to differentiate between space tourists and private astronauts”.

US is quietly paying millions to send Starlink terminals to Ukraine, contrary to SpaceX claims

He said crews spent between 750 and more than 1,000 hours training at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston and at SpaceX headquarters outside Los Angeles. And he said they would be engaged in more than two dozen science experiments aboard the orbiting lab.

Connor, for example, plans to collaborate with the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic on research projects aimed at better understanding aging; Pathy works with the Canadian Space Agency and the Montreal Children’s Hospital on health-related projects.

Axiom is planning a series of privately funded missions to the space station, capitalizing on a NASA policy change that until 2019 prohibited private flights to the station. The company is also developing its own space station which it hopes will serve as an eventual replacement for the International Space Station.

As a NASA astronaut for 20 years, Lopez-Alegria flew into space four times. In 2006, he flew on the Russian Soyuz with Anousheh Ansari, a private citizen who had paid a brought in $20 million for the trip. At first, Lopez-Alegria was skeptical, fearing her presence would be a distraction for the professionally trained crews. But he said his diligence and “absolute professionalism” convinced him and his teammates.

“I think the hesitation is natural when you come from a military pilot training and then spend your whole career studying to want to be an astronaut, and then someone cuts the line, if you will,” said- he told the Post recently. year. “It was a bit hard to swallow.”

He said he expected “some resistance” from station crews, but it was the Axiom crew’s job “to convince them”.

At a press conference this week, Derek Hassmann, Axiom’s COO, said the crew “wants to be the best possible private astronauts you can imagine. They want to be good hosts of the house, if you will.

Last year, SpaceX flew another mission with four private citizens. Instead of heading to the space station, the crew stayed inside the Dragon capsule, which circled the Earth for three days. The mission, dubbed Inspiration4, was funded by billionaire entrepreneur Jared Isaacman, who has since commissioned three other private spaceflights from SpaceX. Two would again be in the Dragon, and the third would be the first crewed flight of SpaceX’s next-generation Starship rocket, which NASA intends to use to land astronauts on the moon.

Axiom’s launch was repeatedly delayed as NASA worked to test its Space Launch System rocket on an adjacent launch pad. During the test, NASA intends to fully power the rocket, which would send astronauts to the Moon, and run a simulated countdown. But he ran into trouble with a valve designed to relieve pressure inside the rocket during propellant loading.

In a statement, NASA said he would “investigate the issue at the pad level”, which would inform “the way forward”. Despite the setback, NASA said it “provided teams with a valuable opportunity to practice and ensure modeled loading procedures were accurate.”

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Check Point software supports Rakia mission in space

SAN CARLOS, Calif., April 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), one of the world’s leading providers of cybersecurity solutions, supports the Israeli Rakia space mission by hosting the communication with the specialized control center, located at its headquarters in Tel Aviv, where it will also host a center of reception. On April 8, Israeli astronaut Eytan Stibbe is due to take off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, for a mission to the International Space Station (ISS). There, he will conduct 35 experiments, ranging from research in food and agriculture, medical testing, the impact of microgravity on plastic degradation, to experiments with transient light events, and more. The mission is scheduled to last 8 to 10 days.

As part of this endeavor, a unique Rakia Mission Center was built at the Check Point Software offices in Tel Aviv. This will include a control room from which scientists, artists and educators can monitor Eytan Stibbe’s activities and allow them to make any necessary changes to the experiments in real time, while interacting directly with the control room. of the ISS in the United States. .

“In recent years, civilian companies have spent billions of dollars trying to create an ‘easy’ path through space, which has created new technologies, but in turn, new challenges for cybersecurity,” he said. said Oded Vanunu, head of product vulnerability research at Check Point. Software technologies. “With an enormous amount of communications and data between spacecraft and Earth, every phase of the Rakia mission must be protected. We are proud to secure these vital communications between the space station and our control center on Earth.

The mission will enable Israeli entrepreneurs and researchers to advance innovative ideas and provide them with a rare opportunity to test their businesses in a unique study environment, thereby contributing to international and Israeli research industries. The Welcome Center, hosted by Check Point, will make the Rakia Mission Center accessible to thousands of students, allowing them to experience the human journey in space through interactive elements and inspiring educational activities. The center is divided into five complexes, each representing a different aspect of the mission:

  1. The International Space Station Complex
  2. The missionary complex “Rakia”
  3. The complex of scientific experiments
  4. Life in the International Space Station Complex
  5. The inspiring resort “There’s no dream too far”.

Visitors will be able to experience a visualization of Tel Aviv University and Volcanic Institute’s Crisper experiment, which will test the genetic diagnosis of viruses and bacteria during space missions in microgravity conditions. In addition, a remote medical experience will be simulated – remote astronaut stress detection and wellness monitoring, by the “Sheba Medical Center”, which recognizes the development of emotional distress and stressful situations via an app. The app will analyze the emotional state of visitors, just like that of astronauts on the space station. The inspirational ‘No Dream Too Far’ area is a special photographic exhibit that shows the ‘Coppola’, aka the window through which astronauts view Earth from the International Space Station.

Follow Check Point via:

About Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. ( is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for businesses and governments worldwide. Check Point Infinity’s portfolio of solutions protects businesses and public organizations against 5and generation-to-generation cyberattacks with an industry-leading capture rate of malware, ransomware and other threats. Infinity comprises three main pillars delivering uncompromising security and Generation V threat prevention in enterprise environments: Check Point Harmony, for remote users; Check Point CloudGuard, to automatically secure clouds; and Check Point Quantum, to protect network perimeters and data centers, all controlled by the industry’s most comprehensive and intuitive unified security management. Check Point protects more than 100,000 organizations of all sizes.

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Kampgrounds of America Announces Plans to Build New Headquarters in Billings | News

Press release from Kampgrounds of America:

BILLINGS, Mont. (March 29, 2022) – Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) is building a new headquarters in Billings, MT. The announcement of the new headquarters coincides with KOA’s celebration of 60 years of industry-leading operations in Montana’s Yellowstone Valley.

Since the first KOA opened on the banks of the Yellowstone River in 1962, the company’s international headquarters have been located in Billings. Now the largest network of private campgrounds in the world with over 525 locations, the new building will maintain KOA’s connection to Billings and the greater Montana community as a leader in the outdoor and travel industries.

“KOA has a long history and a bright future in Billings,” said Toby O’Rourke, president and CEO of Kampgrounds of America. “Our new headquarters will not only be a celebration of KOA’s success, but it will also strengthen our connection to the city as we continue to grow our roots in a meaningful way. »

Located in Billing’s West End Transtech Center, the building will feature subtle nods to KOA’s rich history while celebrating the bright and innovative future of camping and outdoor hospitality. The new headquarters will also reflect the surrounding landscape of hills, rimrocks and grassy plains, a nod to KOA’s belief in the importance of the great outdoors.

Designed by A&E in Billings, the building will feature flexible workspaces that promote high performance and reflect fluid business needs. These influences will be seen throughout the building, including reconfigurable and collapsible office walls, flexible workspaces, and intentional office locations that reinforce the connection with nature.

Further improving flexibility and efficiency, a raised floor system will allow KOA to easily reconfigure the building to meet future needs. Ventilation and climate control will be addressed throughout the office and common areas using state-of-the-art daylighting and energy modeling software to ensure the comfort of employees and visitors.

Outside, KOA will celebrate its connection to nature with a seasonal “creek bed” that will facilitate stormwater drainage and provide sustainable irrigation for landscaping. An activity lawn, a large patio with a fire pit, and other outdoor spaces will provide ample opportunity for employees to function as outdoor meeting spaces.

“The connection to nature has been an essential part of the design of our new building,” O’Rourke said. “One of our company’s beliefs is that there are intrinsic health benefits to being in nature and we want this to extend to our workspaces. We envision our new headquarters not only as a space that produces good work, but also creates a work environment that promotes health and sustainability.

Sustainability will be a theme throughout the building through environmentally friendly building practices and materials. KOA is seeking a LEED rating for the building.

KOA begins construction of its new international headquarters in February. An official groundbreaking ceremony will take place on April 8, 2022. Completion of the building is scheduled for the first half of 2023.

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Mike Wilson: The SS Memory Lane – Salisbury Post

By Mike Wilson

For those who might be inclined to jump to conclusions, I must warn that this is not a nostalgic cruise; rather, it’s about remembering nightmarish summer jobs occasioned by my recent survey of my “lifetime earnings record” on the website while contemplating the potential joys of retirement.

I confess that before reaching the high status of taxpayer, I was a child of the underground money economy. I’m assured that the statute of limitations has now expired, so I admit I’ve mowed lawns (usually for $2), moved a dump truck of fine gravel for my next door neighbor by wheelbarrow up ‘to his beagle enclosures since the gate was too narrow and – worst of all – steam-cleaned a tanker truck used to haul grease and grease away from restaurants. The owner of this business gathered all the 13-year-old boys in the neighborhood on Saturday mornings to clean the truck cabs for $5 a day, and the big truck tank was for those thin enough to fit through the top hatch. in the Chariot. (Hard to believe now, isn’t it?) It was truly disgusting, but potentially more disgusting was the revelation that all that old fat was meant to be made into the “emollients” you ladies will see on the labels. of your lipsticks.

Anyway, back to the official list of federal revenues:

• 1969, $125 — My gym teacher and junior high swim coach ran a YMCA day camp during the summer. So I had to serve as a monitor and lifeguard for five weeks. I rode my bike several miles back and forth and started at 7 a.m. every morning. Most of the time, we took all the campers out into the countryside to a site near Herb Parsons Lake, and there we played games, hiked, fished, and had lunch. Another counselor and I were tasked each day with hauling the large cooler full of half a pint of milk about a quarter of a mile to camp from a lakeside country store. It was there that I first discovered Gatorade, and the hype was such that I was spending a dollar a day – one-fifth of my gross salary – to get an ice-cold liter.

There was an annoying camper named Echelberger who tormented the entire staff. It was easy to understand why his parents didn’t want him home for those five weeks. I picked it up on the last day: I saw a bream nest dug in the mud at the bottom of the lake and I bet it a quarter that it wouldn’t wade and stand on “that stump”. When he triumphantly took the last step, he sank completely.

On rainy days we took alternative trips like a dairy tour. One day on the one-way tour, I found myself stuck in a room where an employee in waders was raking cottage cheese curds into a giant concrete tank. Those familiar with my aversion to most white foods (ranch dressing, mayonnaise, sour cream, etc.) can best appreciate the disaster that was narrowly avoided… Perhaps you can sympathize with my shock at finding out that the Uncle Sam was going to keep $1.75 of my hard-earned $25 that first week.

• 1971, $340 – Our good church friend, Mr. Cannon, owned a sheet metal business that fabricated ductwork and installed central air conditioning systems, sometimes in new construction projects, but he specialized in renovations, especially of huge antebellum mansions in northern Mississippi.

The first scare was my first day, when he arrived hungover and asked if I had a driver’s license. I swallowed and said yes, and soon he was dozing as I guided the one-ton chainring with the 4-speed stick down two-lane Highway 78 for nearly an hour. Arrived at the house, I was treated to a first exploration of the crawl space, where I found rubbish (old whiskey bottles, etc.) and very old animal skeletons. Perhaps I was the first to enter the crawl space that was not hiding from the Yankees. I got used to working under old houses, but I never got used to having fiberglass – which was itchy like the devil – under my clothes every night wrapping conduits all day.

After a few of these homes I thought a new apartment complex would be a giveaway, until I realized that the black clapboard attics of the new apartment buildings were by definition not air conditioned. on our arrival. Summer in Memphis is hot enough without working in a 135 degree oven!

• 1972, $765 – Another church friend, Mr. Clark, had a flooring business, and I was hired that summer to serve as assistant and factotum to his older brother, whose description of work apparently read “only ever lays the floor”. So I took old flooring (which required hours of gouging with a special curved chisel with a shovel handle for old linoleum in sprawling downtown mansions), sanded the bare floor, hauled in rolls of new vinyl-asbestos (yes, the A-word) the floor or carpet, and mopped up while the brother sat on a bucket of caulk, chewed on his cork, and watched impassively. He never uttered a syllable in transit. The crusty old receptionist/accountant called the toilet “the Crapper”.

• 1976, $1,050 — Van-Go (apology) Accessories, Inc. After June graduation and our wedding, we went to Ft. Lauderdale to spend the summer before I start grad school. I had talks with John Deere International Headquarters, but ultimately I couldn’t in good conscience accept a job representing them in Latin America for just two months and then walk away. The state employment commission sent me to a cinder block building with a tin roof where custom seat covers and tilt and swivel seat mounts for van conversions were made. The windowless back room was full of undocumented immigrant seamstresses who couldn’t complain about not being paid overtime for obvious reasons. As a new, efficient shipping clerk, I was able to clear a months-long backlog, so the manager started liking me. He even gave me four new tires for my ’66 Impala if I stayed until the fall. Luckily I didn’t: I saw in October that the unoccupied building had been destroyed by a bomb. The van accessories market has experienced fierce competition…

• 1978, $2,019 — Browning Ferris Industries. It may seem like I’m stepping into the world, but in reality, this company had the garbage collection contract for the then affluent suburb of Germantown, Tennessee. My wife was great with a kid, and when we got back from a year in Mexico, I found out that my graduate student health insurance at UMass had expired. So I took up the challenge of raising $1,800 in cash, the cost on those days of giving birth. Garbage collector for $3.50/h or return to the aluminum factory for $3? It was obvious. Being a garbage collector today is comparatively child’s play. Back then, there were no rolling containers or trucks with mechanical arms to empty them. We were equipped with 60-gallon plastic drums on rolling carts, and we had to go to every backyard to empty the cans. I also equipped myself with a 3 foot long hoe handle to ward off the black labs. July 5 was one of the worst days of my life, as a two-day supply of festering bags of sun-baked rib bones and watermelon rinds awaited us. I got a reprieve for the past two weeks when the foreman graciously put me in charge of driving the dust truck and spraying water on the dirt roads of the landfill.

Maybe now people will understand better when I – despite my abiding love of the outdoors – proclaim that I’m glad my career took place indoors.

Mike Wilson is Chair of Modern Foreign Languages ​​at Catawba College.

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Prince Charles opens sustainability lab in Cambridge

Prince Charles visited a refurbished old telephone exchange and met a group of international students during a series of engagements in Cambridge today.

The Prince of Wales, 73, unveiled a plaque at the University of Cambridge’s low-carbon Entopia Building, which is the new home of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

It was a 1930s telephone exchange before it was modernized, including solar panels on the roof.

The Prince, himself a Cambridge University graduate, then met international students from King’s College, who are on a Prince of Wales Scholarship, before a visit to the Whittle Laboratory to learn more about work to achieve net zero aviation.

The Prince of Wales, Founding Royal Patron of the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership unveils a plaque alongside CEO Clare Shine during a visit to the Entopia Building, CISL’s new headquarters, during of his visit to the city of Cambridge

Charles in Aerothermal Technology and Director of the Whittle Laboratory, Professor Rob Miller (fourth from left) with the Prince of Wales during his tour of the Whittle Laboratory

Charles in Aerothermal Technology and Director of the Whittle Laboratory, Professor Rob Miller (fourth from left) with the Prince of Wales during his tour of the Whittle Laboratory

The Prince of Wales (centre) during his visit to the Whittle Laboratory in Cambridge.  It was a 1930s telephone exchange before it was modernized, including solar panels on the roof

The Prince of Wales (centre) during his visit to the Whittle Laboratory in Cambridge. It was a 1930s telephone exchange before it was modernized, including solar panels on the roof

The Prince of Wales is shown a Lotus-designed bike during his visit to the Whittle Laboratory

The Prince of Wales is shown a Lotus-designed bike during his visit to the Whittle Laboratory

At King’s College, the prince met seven international students who have benefited from scholarships.

Since 2010, Charles has been patron of the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust, which supports international students from Commonwealth countries who wish to study at Cambridge.

He took the time to talk to the students, discuss their studies and joke with them.

He told student Paul Muiru, from Kenya, who is completing a doctorate in history: “Are you continuing the wonderful Kenyan tradition of running?

“You always win every marathon.

“Incredible, incredible.”

Charles is pictured with Whittle Laboratory Director Professor Rob Miller (left) during his tour of the Whittle Laboratory

Charles is pictured with Whittle Laboratory Director Professor Rob Miller (left) during his tour of the Whittle Laboratory

Charles meets the staff at the Whittle Laboratory where she learned about net zero aviation

Charles meets the staff at the Whittle Laboratory where she learned about net zero aviation

Mr Muiru, 40, then said it was “very exciting” to meet the prince.

“I was nervous but a really good, memorable time,” he said.

“I am glad to have met the prince.

“He’s very smart, I love him.”

Vishaan Udandarao from India said: “At first I was amazed when he came in, but when he started talking to us it was like a normal conversation.

Happy Charles!  The royal also met Cambridge Trust students who benefit from Prince of Wales scholarships

Happy Charles! The royal also met Cambridge Trust students who benefit from Prince of Wales scholarships

The Prince of Wales unveils a plaque alongside CEO Clare Shine (left) during a visit to the University of Cambridge's Entopia building

The Prince of Wales unveils a plaque alongside CEO Clare Shine (left) during a visit to the University of Cambridge’s Entopia building

The 22-year-old, who is studying for a masters in machine learning, continued: “He was really knowledgeable, quite humorous too.

“He made me laugh, it was quite fun talking to him.

“He knew a lot about the estate and he would tell some of his anecdotes about my estate.

“It’s good that he was very kind to the conversation.”

At the university’s Whittle Laboratory, Charles was joined by Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng.

Mr Kwarteng said it was ‘fantastic’ to accompany the prince on a visit to ‘one of our country’s great centers of learning to learn about some of the amazing new zero-emission technologies currently in the pipeline. development course at the world-class Whittle Laboratory”. ‘.

The Prince of Wales accesses the roof area with solar panels (not pictured) of the Entopia building during his visit to Cambridge

The Prince of Wales accesses the roof area with solar panels (not pictured) of the Entopia building during his visit to Cambridge

The Prince of Wales meets staff during a tour of the Whittle Laboratory in Cambridge

The Prince of Wales meets staff during a tour of the Whittle Laboratory in Cambridge

He added: “We are determined to seize the economic opportunities of the global transition to greener aviation technologies, which will help secure growth and thousands of jobs across the country.”

Professor Rob Miller, Director of the Whittle Laboratory, said: “Achieving a climate-neutral aviation sector is one of society’s greatest challenges.

“Solving it will take a complex combination of technology, business, human behavior and politics.

“We have assembled a world-class team of academics and industry experts to meet this challenge.”

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International Taekwon-Do Federation Holds Board Meeting at CAS Headquarters

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UN Weekly Summary: March 19-25, 2022

Editor’s note: Here’s a quick look at what the international community has been up to over the past week, as seen from the perch of the United Nations.

Russia further isolated in General Assembly vote

Russia found itself even more isolated within the international community on Thursday, when the United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly in favor of a resolution demanding that Moscow immediately end its war against Ukraine. By 140 votes to 5 and 38 abstentions, the nations adopted the text, presented by Ukraine and supported by more than 80 countries, which also demands the protection of all civilians and civilian infrastructure, humanitarian and medical personnel and journalists. .

Humanitarian truce declared in northern Ethiopia

This week, the Ethiopian Federal Government declared a unilateral humanitarian ceasefire in northern Ethiopia, where it has been fighting the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) since November 2020, resulting in a severe humanitarian crisis. The Tigrayans responded that they were open to an immediate cessation of hostilities if their humanitarian needs were met. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres welcomed the development on Friday, saying it should lead to improvements on the ground, where a de facto government blockade on the TPLF stronghold in Tigray has left more than 5 million people in urgent need of humanitarian aid. The conflict has spread to neighboring Amhara and Afar regions, leaving an additional 4.2 million people in need.

Taliban break promise to allow all Afghan girls back to school

António Guterres has expressed “deep regret” after the Taliban announced this week that secondary education for girls had been suspended until further notice, breaking their promise to allow them to return to school on March 23. He urged the Taliban authorities to open schools for all students without further delay. The UN Security Council was also briefed on the situation on Friday evening by the head of the UN mission in Afghanistan. Ten of the 15 council members called the development a “deeply worrying setback” in a joint statement ahead of the discussion.

In short

– UNICEF and the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, said this week that 4.3 million children – more than half of Ukraine’s child population – have been displaced due to the invasion of the country by Russia. More than 1.8 million are refugees and 2.5 million are internally displaced. A total of 10 million people have been forced to flee their homes in Ukraine, of whom around 6.5 million are internally displaced and 3.7 million are now refugees. Some 13 million people are believed to be stranded in conflict-affected areas.

— António Guterres said on Tuesday that the war in Ukraine was “unwinnable” and that it was time for the parties to negotiate a ceasefire. He told reporters at UN headquarters that “the continuation of the war in Ukraine is morally unacceptable, politically indefensible and militarily absurd.”

– On Friday evening, the Security Council will discuss North Korea’s launch this week of a massive new intercontinental ballistic missile. It was North Korea’s fourth ICBM test, and the first since 2017. The launch was in violation of several council resolutions.

note quote

“Should we take food from hungry children and give it to the hungry?”

– World Food Program chief David Beasley this week on the impact of a billion-dollar funding shortfall for several major humanitarian crises.

Next week

On March 31, the United Nations will host a donors’ conference for Afghanistan. Some $4.4 billion is needed to help millions of Afghans who face acute hunger due to drought and severe economic crisis. As the world’s attention focuses on Ukraine, humanitarians worry about funding shortages for Afghanistan and other countries in crisis.

In memory

On Wednesday, former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright died of cancer at the age of 84. Prior to assuming the post, she served as President Bill Clinton’s ambassador to the United Nations from 1993 to 1997. Guterres offered condolences on his passing, saying she was his “dear friend” and “a trailblazer, a model and a champion of multilateral action and international cooperation”. He also spoke of her as one of the “most influential American foreign policy leaders of her time”. Learn more about his life and career:

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It’s 2 p.m. in Kyiv. Here’s what you need to know

New footage shows the extent of destruction in some cities caused by Russia’s month-long invasion of Ukraine, as Western leaders gather in Brussels to hold special sessions of NATO, the European Council and the G7.

Destruction in Ukraine: It has been exactly one month since Russia invaded Ukraine, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is calling for global protests to mark the date.

The mayor of Chernihiv said the cemetery in the northern Ukrainian city could not handle all the dead. Severely damaged buildings line rubble-strewn streets, while still-burning fires fill the air with thick smoke, as video by Mayor Vladyslav Atroshenko shows.

New videos from Mariupol show the desolate Ukrainian city under siege, with streets deserted and filled with debris, cars blown out and buildings destroyed.

The first one videos and images have emerged of the city of Izyum, showing widespread destruction, charred and bombed buildings and bodies left in the streets. The Russian army claims to have taken control of the city, which the Ukrainians deny.

Meanwhile, a large Russian ship was destroyed in the Russian-occupied port of Berdyansk in southeastern Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian Navy on Thursday. CNN could not confirm the Navy’s claim, although videos on social media appear to show a large fire with secondary explosions in the harbor. And the Ukrainian forces have repelled Russian forces on the front lines around kyiv, a senior US defense official told reporters on Wednesday.

Refugees: More than 2 million Ukrainian refugees have entered Poland since Russian forces invaded Ukraine a month ago, which is “the fastest displacement crisis we have seen since World War II”, according to the International Rescue Committee.

One in two Ukrainian children has been displaced since Russia began its invasion on February 24, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund.

The United States plans to accept up to 100,000 refugees fleeing war in Ukraine, a person familiar with the decision has said.

Current summits: Announcements on new sanctions, NATO force posture and military assistance are all expected as part of the diplomatic push, according to US and European officials. What they won’t do is what Zelensky repeatedly demanded: impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Zelensky is expected to address NATO leaders virtually.

The current NATO session was to focus in part on what to do if Russia deployed a chemical, biological or even nuclear weapon.

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Sony Music Group opens its headquarters in Singapore

Sony Music Group (SMG) announced on Wednesday the opening of its new headquarters for Southeast Asia, based in Singapore.

The flagship office will house SMG companies including Sony Music Entertainment (SME), Sony Music Publishing (SMP) and artist and label services company The Orchard. It will also serve as the new base for Sony Interactive Entertainment, creators of PlayStation.

An opening ceremony saw the participation of Singapore’s Minister of State at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Minister of Culture, Community and Youth, Alvin Tan, and Lim Tse Yong, Deputy -Chair of the Singapore Economic Development Board. Among the talent in attendance were local Singapore stars Sezairi, Linying and Benjamin Kheng.

SME said the opening of the office increases its investment and cements its long-term commitment to the Southeast Asia region. It will include specialists in pan-regional marketing, data analytics, human resources, finance, digital innovation, business development, A&R and advertising, focused on Singapore and the Greater Singapore region. ‘South East Asia.

Shridhar Subramaniam
Sony Music Group

“Our new headquarters in Southeast Asia will allow us to work more closely with our sister companies, combining innovation and entertainment to create even more benefits and opportunities for artists in the region,” said Shridhar Subramaniam. , SME President, Corporate Strategy and Market Development, Asia. and Middle East.

Sony Music Group is home to some of Southeast Asia’s best-known artists and songwriters, including Eric Chou, Tabitha Nauser, Gary Valenciano, Zee Avi, Dandy Hendstyo, Rhosy, Jason Chan, A-Teez, Ben&Ben and Fatin .

“The music scene in Asia is thriving,” said Priya Dewan, vice president of international marketing, Asia Pacific and MD, Southeast Asia and Korea at The Orchard. “We always want to make sure our labels and partners have access to the information, opportunities, platforms and services they need to grow their audiences in global markets.”

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U.S. ambassador urges Americans detained in Russia to be allowed access to consulate, U.S. Embassy in Moscow says

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is shown on a giant screen after delivering a live voice message to the Swiss Parliament in Bern, Switzerland, March 19. (Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky challenges Nestlé for the continuation of the Swiss company’s relations with Russia.

“‘Good food good life.’ This is the slogan of Nestlé. Your company that refuses to leave Russia,” Zelensky said on Saturday during an address to the Swiss people. “Even now, when Russia threatens other European countries. Not only against us. When there is even nuclear blackmail from Russia.

Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company and maker of Gerber, KitKat and Dreyer’s ice cream, has defended itself by pointing out that it has made sweeping changes since Russia invaded Ukraine. .

“We have significantly reduced (our) activities in Russia: we have stopped all imports and exports from Russia, except for essential products,” a Nestlé spokesperson said in a statement to CNN. “We no longer invest or advertise our products. We make no profit from our remaining business.

Nestlé employs more than 7,000 people in Russia, most of whom are locals, the company previously said.

“The fact that we, like other food companies, are providing people with important food does not mean that we are just carrying on as before,” Nestlé said. “We are still one of the few active food companies in Ukraine and sometimes even manage to distribute food in Kharkiv.”

The Swiss company announced on March 11 that it suspended exports of its products outside of Russia except for essential foods like baby food. Nestlé also said it has stopped importing Nespresso and other products into Russia, except for essential foods such as baby food, cereals, tailored nutrition and therapeutic pet food.

Nestlé said at the time that it was “shocked and deeply saddened by the invasion of Ukraine” and that the company stands with the international community in calling for peace and the restoration of security and stability.

Last week Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal criticized Nestlé CEO Mark Schneider for the company’s continued presence in Russia.

“Unfortunately he shows no understanding,” Shmyhal wrote on Twitter after saying he spoke to the CEO of Nestlé. “To pay taxes to the budget of a terrorist country is to kill defenseless children and mothers. I hope Nestlé changes its mind soon.

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The Russian-Ukrainian conflict in photos – Xinhua

BEIJING, March 19 (Xinhua) — A daily photo update from Xinhua on the situation in Ukraine.

Zhang Jun (C, front), China’s permanent representative to the United Nations, speaks during a Security Council meeting on the issue of Ukrainian refugees at the United Nations headquarters in New York, on March 17, 2022. Zhang Jun on Thursday called on all parties to the Ukrainian conflict to exercise restraint in order to avert an even greater humanitarian crisis. (Xinhua/Xie E)

Chinese citizens evacuated from Ukraine arrive at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province, March 18, 2022. A temporary flight carrying Chinese citizens evacuated from Ukraine arrived at Wuhan Friday morning. (Xinhua/Xiao Yijiu)

Photo taken on March 17, 2022 shows an oil refinery in Ellesmere Port, Britain. The Bank of England’s (BoE) monetary policy committee said the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has ‘led to further significant increases in energy and other commodity prices, including food prices “, according to a statement from the BoE on Thursday. (Photo by Jon Super/Xinhua)

Chinese citizens evacuated from Ukraine arrive at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province, March 18, 2022. (Xinhua/Xiao Yijiu)

Photo taken on March 18, 2022 shows a meeting of the Security Council on the issue of biological safety in Ukraine at the UN headquarters in New York. Zhang Jun, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations, on Friday called on parties concerned with Ukraine’s biosafety issue to respond to the newly discovered documents and provide clarifications to dispel doubts from the international community. (Xinhua/Xie E)

Chinese citizens evacuated from Ukraine arrive at Changsha Huanghua International Airport in Changsha, central China’s Hunan Province, March 19, 2022. At 6:45 a.m. Saturday, a temporary flight carrying Chinese citizens evacuated from Ukraine arrived in Changsha. Previously, 16 temporary flights bringing Chinese nationals from Ukraine have safely returned to China. (Xinhua/Chen Zhenhai)

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EXPLANATOR: Who is a war criminal and who decides?

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden on Wednesday categorically called Russian Vladimir Putin a “war criminal” for the onslaught unfolding in Ukraine, where hospitals and maternity wards have been bombed. But declaring someone a war criminal is not as simple as saying the words. There are established definitions and processes for determining who is a war criminal and how they should be punished.

The White House had avoided applying the designation to Putin, saying it required investigation and international resolve. After Biden used the term, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the president “speaks from his heart” and reiterated his statements that there is a process to make a formal decision.

In popular usage, however, the phrase has taken on a colloquial meaning as an umbrella term for someone who is awful.

“It’s clear that Putin is a war criminal, but the president is talking politically about it,” said David Crane, who has worked on war crimes for decades and served as chief prosecutor at the UN Special Court. for Sierra Leone, which tried former Liberian President Charles Taylor.

Investigations into Putin’s actions have already begun. The United States and 44 other countries are working together to investigate possible violations and abuses, after the adoption of a resolution by the United Nations Human Rights Council to create a commission of inquiry. There is another investigation by the International Criminal Court, an independent body based in the Netherlands.

“We’re at the beginning of the beginning,” said Crane, who now heads the Global Accountability Network, which works with the international court and the United Nations, among others. On the day of the invasion, his group set up a task force compiling criminal information on war crimes. He also drafts a sample indictment against Putin. He predicted that an indictment of Putin could take place within a year. But there is no limitation period.

Here’s an overview of how it all works:


The term applies to anyone who violates a set of rules adopted by world leaders known as the law of armed conflict. Rules govern the behavior of countries during times of war.

These rules have been modified and expanded over the past century, drawn from the Geneva Conventions in the aftermath of World War II and protocols added later.

The rules aim to protect those not taking part in combat and those who can no longer fight, including civilians like doctors and nurses, wounded soldiers and prisoners of war. Treaties and protocols specify who can be targeted and with what weapons. Certain weapons are prohibited, including chemical or biological agents.


So-called “grave breaches” of the conventions that constitute war crimes include intentional homicide and the mass destruction and appropriation of property not justified by military necessity. Other war crimes include the deliberate targeting of civilians, the use of disproportionate force, the use of human shields and the taking of hostages.

The International Criminal Court also prosecutes crimes against humanity committed as part of “a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population”. These include murder, extermination, forcible transfer, torture, rape and sexual slavery.

The most likely way for Putin to enter the picture as a war criminal is through the widely accepted legal doctrine of command responsibility. If commanders order or even know or are in a position to know of crimes and have done nothing to prevent them, they can be held legally responsible.


Generally, there are four avenues for investigating and determining war crimes, although each has limitations. One is through the International Criminal Court.

A second option would be for the United Nations to hand over its work on the commission of inquiry to a hybrid international war crimes tribunal to prosecute Putin.

A third would be to create a tribunal or court to try Putin by a group of interested or concerned states, such as NATO, the European Union and the United States. One example is the Nuremberg military tribunals after World War II against Nazi leaders.

Finally, some countries have their own laws for prosecuting war crimes. Germany, for example, is already investigating Putin. The United States does not have such a law, but the Department of Justice has a special section that focuses on acts such as international genocide, torture, recruitment of child soldiers, and female genital mutilation.


It’s not clear. Russia does not recognize the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court and would not send any suspects to the seat of the Court in The Hague, Netherlands. The United States also does not recognize the authority of the court. Putin could be tried in a country chosen by the United Nations or by the consortium of nations concerned. But getting him there would be difficult.


Yes. From the Nuremberg and Tokyo tribunals after World War II to more recent ad hoc tribunals, top leaders have been prosecuted for their actions in countries like Bosnia, Cambodia and Rwanda.

Former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic was tried by a UN court in The Hague for fomenting bloody conflict during the collapse of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s. He died in his cell before the court cannot render a verdict. His Bosnian Serb ally Radovan Karadzic and Bosnian Serb military leader General Ratko Mladic have been successfully prosecuted and are both serving life sentences.

Taylor, from Liberia, was sentenced to 50 years in prison after being found guilty of sponsoring atrocities in neighboring Sierra Leone. Former Chadian dictator Hissène Habré, who died last year, was the first former head of state to be convicted of crimes against humanity by an African court. He was sentenced to life.


Corder reported from the Netherlands. News researcher Rhonda Shafner in New York contributed to this report.

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RME supplies Northern Star’s Thunderbox Mine with 500th mill reline machine

Posted by Daniel Gleeson on March 14, 2022

In what it says is a major milestone, Russell Mineral Equipment (RME) has designed and completed production of its 500th reline machine (MRM) for Australian gold producer Northern Star Resources Ltd.

This bespoke RUSSELL MRM will be accepted by Northern Star in a ceremony at RME’s global headquarters in Toowoomba, Queensland later this month. This MRM will service Northern Star’s new SAG mill at its Thunderbox project in the Goldfields of Western Australia.

RME and Northern Star began their relationship at Kanowna Belle operations approximately 30 years ago with the purchase of RUSSELL MRM number five (MRM005). Northern Star has six RUSSELL MRMs, including the 400th RUSSELL MRM, commissioned in 2018 at Kanowna Belle. This machine replaced a RUSSELL MRM that had been in operation at Kanowna Belle for 25 years.

The 500th RUSSELL MRM is a 7-axis RUSSELL machine with a capacity of 6,000 kg. The RUSSELL 7 is RME’s signature model sold worldwide, and this unit also comes with advanced RME INSIDEOUT™ technologies. These new exclusive technologies, developed by RME, allow the placement and removal of crusher liners without any team working on the load inside the crusher, which considerably reduces the exposure of personnel to significant risks, indicates the company.

Since the introduction of the very first RUSSELL 7-axis MRM in 1992, traditional rolling mill relining times have been cut in fours and many health and safety hazards have been eliminated, says RME.
Chief Customer Officer, Cherylyn Russell, says RME is a proud supplier to the mining and hard rock mineral processing industry, primarily those processing gold and copper.

“This milestone is an opportunity to recognize the technology and safety advancements of the RME Mill reline system that allow giant mills to get back to work faster after regular relining,” she said. “Plant relining is the most specialized maintenance task in the ore concentrator process and often dictates the length of shutdowns. RME’s innovative, customized and robust equipment contributes to increasing the profitability of the mining site, while improving the safety of the working environment.

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Prime Minister Modi’s global reach has boosted the BJP electorally

The poll results are also an endorsement of Prime Minister Modi’s comments he made at one of his rallies when he attributed the success of Operation Ganga to India’s rise to power over the World Scene.

New Delhi: The four out of five election result for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) can be attributed to some extent to the steadfast, determined and extraordinary global reach of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which led to “India’s substantial rise ” on the global platform. The surge of saffron in most states that have recently gone to the polls suggests that Prime Minister Modi’s “masterstrokes” on the foreign policy front have struck a chord with voters.
As he addressed party workers after the election victory at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi on Thursday, what Prime Minister Modi said was, in fact, a confirmation of how voters endorsed diplomatic positions that his government has taken from time to time. Referring to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Prime Minister Modi said on Thursday, “India’s many needs are related to the countries concerned, but she is on the side of peace and hopes that all problems will be solved through dialogue”. He added, “In this uncertain environment of upheaval, the people of India, especially states like Uttar Pradesh, have shown their foresight.” “The way voters gave their mandate for stable governments in these polls means that democracy runs through the veins of Indians,” he added.
Prime Minister Modi’s message was loud and clear to the global community as well as Indian politicians who questioned his government’s stance on the conflict in Ukraine. The BJP’s massive mandate in the UP and other states is the people’s response to those who question India’s Ukrainian position. The poll results are also an endorsement of Prime Minister Modi’s comments he made at one of his rallies when he attributed the success of Operation Ganga – an evacuation mission in Ukraine – to the rise in power of India on the world stage. What created a positive impact of Prime Minister Modi’s diplomacy among the people of the contending states was that the President of Ukraine and other world leaders asked him to persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop the war . The fact that Putin continued to brief Prime Minister Modi on the conflict situation “reinforced the belief in the strength of his leadership on the world stage”. Even diplomats from the Department of External Affairs (MEA) analyze how the government’s diplomatic positions have been well received by voters. “Prime Minister Modi not bowing to pressure from Quad members over India’s stance on Ukraine was appreciated even by his political opponents,” a diplomat told the Sunday Guardian.
While expressing satisfaction with law and order, development and other issues in UP, voters in the more remote parts of the state have publicly appreciated Prime Minister Modi’s bold foreign policy moves. What is interesting for diplomats is how the current dispensation’s foreign policy has impacted domestic electoral politics. “That major powers such as the US, UK, Germany, France and Italy are coming to India was the perception of the voters. These countries are unable to bully us today with Modi as prime minister,” a foreign service official says. Prime Minister Modi’s surgical strike on Pakistan continues to thrill voters. “People attributed to the aggressive diplomacy of the Modi government that Pakistan continues to be on the FATF gray list,” the sources said.
China being under enormous pressure due to Prime Minister Modi’s diplomatic offensive was another reason cited by some for supporting the BJP. “Some voters were of the view that India’s pressure and the foreign minister’s tough rhetoric forced China to come to the dialogue table,” a source said.
What has also dominated public discourse is that Prime Minister Modi has been named the most popular leader in the world with an approval rating of 71% of India’s adult population. A US-based global leader endorsement tracker, Morning Consult had released this result. Among the 13 leaders surveyed by the research firm, PM Modi tops the list with 71%. US President Joe Biden and Canadian Justin Trudeau were far behind him. “It was another certificate of Prime Minister Modi’s international image,” a diplomat said.
“Needless to say, India’s international standing has improved tremendously over the past seven years,” a diplomat said. “Although the members of the Quad, including the almighty United States, criticize Russia, India has continued to take a different stance due to the determination of Prime Minister Modi,” he adds. He insisted that India wants peace which can only be achieved through dialogue.
Voters also recalled how the global community praised Prime Minister Modi’s vaccination policy in what was another great global achievement of his government.
Moreover, Prime Minister Modi’s outspoken comments during his Independence Day speech at Red Fort were remembered by UP voters when he said, “India is fighting with great courage against the double challenge of terrorism and expansionism, and does not hesitate to make difficult decisions. “He said that by carrying out surgical and airstrikes, the country was sending the message of a ‘New India’.
“This was welcomed by voters in Uttar Pradesh as the ‘New India’ refrain cemented Prime Minister Modi’s image of being a strong leader,” sources said. It is undeniable that the huge public reaction to Prime Minister Modi’s foreign policy initiatives aimed at containing China’s “enemies” from Pakistan to the Taliban has also boosted the energy levels of BJP workers and leaders. BJP MP Hema Malini was so quick to take advantage when she declared to thunderous applause at a rally that everyone in the world wanted PM Modi to stop the Russian-Ukrainian war .

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Myrtle Beach International Airport Named Airport of the Year, Category II

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The next time you arrive at or exit Myrtle Beach International Airport, you’ll be the 2021 Category II-IV Airport of the Year.

MYR was named the 2021 Category II-IV Airport of the Year for its outstanding operational performance in 2021 as part of the TSA’s annual honors awards.

“It’s a great honor to have an airport recognized, but the real recognition comes from the workforce and the leadership that always shows through a positive attitude and team spirit,” said David McMahon, TSA Federal Security Director for South Carolina. “Myrtle Beach’s workforce and additional dispatchers deserve recognition for their outstanding performance.”

Passenger volume at the airport increased by 200% in July and August from 2020 to 2021 and by around 40% compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

MYR management has worked closely with the State and TSA Headquarters to secure additional staff and resources to maintain a strong security posture and screen passengers as efficiently as possible.

This posture included the addition of the TSA’s National Deployment Agent (NDO) force and the TSA’s explosive detection canine teams. Both have been deployed at the airport to help with the dramatic increase in passenger volume, which exceeded screening lane capacity by up to four lanes during peak periods last summer.

Myrtle Beach shares the title of airport of the year with Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, selected among major airports.

Copyright 2022 WMBF. All rights reserved.

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Latest news on Russia and the war in Ukraine

Ukraine announces evacuation routes from 7 cities

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said there would be seven civilian escape routes on Thursday.

Six of the routes will take civilians fleeing heavy fighting in Trostyanets, Krasnopillya, Sumy, Mariupol, Volnovakha and Izyum to other parts of the country, while another will transport people from the outskirts of Kyiv to the center of the city.

Numerous attempts to evacuate civilians have been halted in recent days, with Ukrainian authorities accusing Russian forces of violating ceasefire agreements, attacking agreed escape routes and only allowing civilians to flee to Russia.

— Chloe Taylor

‘Close the skies and stop the bombings’: Ukrainian Zelensky urges allies to create no-fly zone

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky speaks during a news conference in Kiev on March 3, 2022.

Sergei Supinsky | AFP | Getty Images

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy renewed his call for Western allies to create a no-fly zone over the country, saying any further delay would be “too late” to avert a humanitarian disaster.

“We’re talking about closing the sky. You can’t decide to close or not to close, you can’t decide,” Zelenskky said. in an interview with Sky News.

“Do not wait [for] me asking you many times, a million times, to close the sky. No. You have to phone us…our people who have lost their children and say, ‘Sorry, we didn’t yesterday, a week ago. We didn’t push Putin, we didn’t talk much with him, we didn’t find a dialogue with him. We didn’t do anything.'”

“And it’s true. Yesterday the world did nothing. I’m sorry but it’s true,” Zelenskky said, calling on policymakers to act faster to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

“Close the skies and stop the bombings,” he said.

Asked about Western concerns of a no-fly zone leading to a direct confrontation with Russia, further aggravating the situation, Zelenskky replied: “So it would be worse for whom? For our families? No, for whom? For them “No, who knows? Nobody knows. But we know that’s exactly what’s happening now. And in the future, it will be too late.”

—Sam Meredith

Ukrainian and Russian foreign ministers to meet for talks

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba briefs the media after a General Assembly meeting on the situation in Ukraine at the UN headquarters.

Lev Radin | Light flare | Getty Images

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba is due to meet his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Antalya, Turkey on Thursday for talks.

The two ministers will hold separate press conferences after the meeting.

—Chloe Taylor

IMF approves $1.4 billion in emergency financing for Ukraine

The seal of the International Monetary Fund is seen near the headquarters of the World Bank (R) in Washington, DC, January 10, 2022.

Stefani Reynolds | AFP | Getty Images

The International Monetary Fund has approved $1.4 billion in emergency funding to support Ukraine’s economy, citing the devastating humanitarian crisis and destruction of infrastructure following the Russian invasion.

It is estimated that more than 2 million people have fled Ukraine since the Russian assault began two weeks ago.

“The Russian military invasion of Ukraine has been responsible for a massive humanitarian and economic crisis,” IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said in a statement.

“The tragic loss of life, huge refugee flows and immense destruction of infrastructure and productive capacity are causing severe human suffering and will lead to a deep recession this year. Financing needs are large, urgent and could increase dramatically as the war continues,” she added.

Earlier this week, the World Bank approved a package of grants and loans totaling $723 million to Ukraine.

—Sam Meredith

Read previous CNBC coverage here:

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Photos: The world comes together for Women’s Day under the shadow of war in Ukraine | Gallery News

Protesters took to the streets around the world for International Women’s Day on Tuesday with rallies in Pakistan defying security warnings and demonstrations in Europe calling for solidarity with war-torn Ukraine.

Despite the marches, all eyes were on the relentless flow of women and children leaving Ukraine after the Russian invasion, sparking the fastest growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II.

With more than two million people forced into exile, few arriving in the Polish border town of Przemysl could think to mark the date, although a lone priest can be seen wandering the station with an armful of tulips , distributing them to the women who arrive.

Meanwhile, in Brussels, protesters staged a “Women Stand With Ukraine” rally, waving a vast blue and yellow Ukrainian flag.

And in Paris, several thousand people marched against gender violence and for equal pay in a rally entitled: “the feminist groundswell for equality”.

Ahead of the rally, organizers read a letter from Russian feminists urging women’s rights activists around the world to ‘take a stand against war’, saying it highlighted both ‘bullet violence but also violence sexual”.

In Pakistan, some 2,000 women gathered in the eastern city of Lahore despite official efforts to ban the protest and withdraw security from an event frequently targeted with violence.

In a jovial atmosphere, they marched through the streets chanting “Respect women” and “End the patriarchy” as 1,000 other women gathered in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, and 200 in the capital, Islamabad.

Such gatherings have sparked a violent backlash since they began four years ago in deeply conservative Pakistan where women have been shot, stabbed, stoned, burned and strangled for undermining family “honour”.

Critics said they promote liberal Western values ​​and disrespect religious and cultural mores, and two years ago Islamist extremists stoned women as they walked through Islamabad.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan marked a muted day with militants intimidated by the threat of arrest by the country’s Taliban leaders who returned to power in August.

In Turkey, demonstrators spent days preparing banners ahead of the main march in Istanbul later on Tuesday to protest femicide and urge Ankara to join a European treaty protecting women from violence.

Last year, 416 women were killed in Turkey, while the toll this year currently stands at 72, according to figures from We Will Stop Femicide.

There was a wave of protests after Turkey’s withdrawal last year from the Istanbul Convention which establishes a legal framework to combat, prevent and prosecute violence against women.

Ankara justified the withdrawal by saying the 2011 treaty had a hidden agenda to normalize homosexuality.

And in Kenya, 150 people marched through the capital Nairobi to demand an end to gender-based violence after a woman was violently assaulted by motorcycle taxi drivers.

The incident happened after a traffic accident on Friday, with a video going viral showing the men grabbing the young woman’s clothes as she screamed inside her car.

Protesters marched to police headquarters, waving banners that read “Hear my cry” and urging an end to gender-based violence.

Police have arrested 16 people in connection with the assault.

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Astronautics moves manufacturing operations to new headquarters

Estimated reading time 3 minutes, 39 seconds.

Astronautics Corporation of America, a global designer and manufacturer of avionics and connectivity solutions for the aerospace industry, is relocating its manufacturing operations and repair station from the Federal Aviation Administration in Milwaukee to a newly renovated, 80-room state-of-the-art facility. 000 square foot facility in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

Astronautics’ newly renovated 80,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Astronautics Photo

The relocation of Astronautics’ manufacturing operations to its new production facility at corporate headquarters will be complete by mid-March 2022. The transition marks the completion of the company’s second phase of renovation on its Oak Creek property and the first time in more than 60 years of history that production, repairs, quality, engineering, programs and support services will be consolidated within the same purpose-built campus to improve collaboration and innovation.

“What was a game-changer with this relocation was that the Oak Creek warehouse we were turning into our new production facility was a blank slate, allowing us to plan and design our ideal manufacturing workflow, from start to finish, before any construction begins,” said Jason Rowell. , Director of Astronautics Operations. “We have implemented purposeful designs intended to streamline our manufacturing and repair processes, improve production efficiency and create a flexible environment that can easily adapt to workflow changes as we build new new products and adding new people and equipment.”

Astronautics’ new 190,000 square foot headquarters is located eight miles south of Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport, 27 miles from downtown Milwaukee and 80 miles from Chicago. The company’s campus is adjacent to Oak Creek’s Drexel Town Square, the city’s newest commercial, retail, civic and residential development with convenient access to parks, restaurants, shopping, hotel accommodations and Interstate 94.

“We are excited to consolidate most of our Milwaukee area facilities into our Oak Creek campus where natural synergies and improved communication will emerge from bringing our teams together, which will positively impact innovation and product production,” commented Mary Loomis, director of communications for Astronautics. . “Additionally, our new facility provides us with the opportunity to grow our operations with a talented, high-tech workforce motivated to design and build state-of-the-art solutions that make flying safer and more secure.”

The first phase of Astronautics’ design-build project was completed in January 2020 when the company moved its engineering, programs and support departments to its newly renovated Oak Creek headquarters. To learn more about Astronautics products and services, as well as career opportunities, visit the company’s website at Demonstrations of Astronautics’ leading display systems and connectivity solutions will be held at HAI Heli-Expo 2022, Booth 4312, March 8-10 in Dallas, TX

This press release was prepared and distributed by onautics Corporation of America.

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Putin’s Balkan narrative argument for the war in Ukraine

BELGRADE – Long before Russian tanks and troops arrived in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin was using the bloody breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s to ostensibly justify the invasion of a sovereign European country.

The Russian president has particularly focused on the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999 and the West’s acceptance of Kosovo’s declaration of independence in 2008. He says the two set an illegal precedent that broke international law and order, seemingly giving him an excuse to invade Ukraine.

Putin’s arguments, repeated over and over since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, seem to run along this line: if different ex-Yugoslavian republics and the former Serbian province of Kosovo could become independent with the support and wars countries, why couldn’t Ukraine’s strategic Black Sea peninsula? and the rebel-controlled Russian-majority regions in the east of the country broke away from their parent nations – with Russian help?

A d

With strong American support, the ethnic Albanian-dominated Kosovo seceded despite Serbia’s strong objections. Russia, a historic ally of the Serbs, then argued that this set a precedent that could trigger a series of state claims elsewhere in the world.

In July 2010, the UN’s highest court ruled that Kosovo’s declaration of independence was legal, but did not outright endorse Kosovo’s claim to statehood.

There are many differences between the Russian attack on Ukraine, considered in the West as one of the darkest moments for Europe since the Second World War, and the wars in the Balkans which claimed more than 120,000 dead and millions homeless. There are also some similarities.


NATO did not occupy Kosovo after driving out Serbian forces from the former Serbian province, but sent peacekeepers. Russian troops, meanwhile, took control of Crimea even before its referendum on joining Russia.

A d

NATO only intervened in Kosovo after significant evidence of Serb abuses against ethnic Albanians, including massacres and deportations. Russian forces intervened in Ukraine with no reports of major abuse or violence against ethnic Russians.

The Kosovars declared their independence but did not join their ethnic brethren in neighboring Albania in a single state. Crimea, which has a majority Russian population, signed an agreement to join Russia two days after the referendum, deemed flawed and undemocratic by the West.


Both interventions began with false claims that ethnic minorities are being persecuted in neighboring countries. The Serb-led army unleashed a heavy artillery barrage on towns and villages in Croatia in 1991, something similar to the initial attacks by Russian forces on Ukraine.

Just as Croats, Bosnians and Kosovo Albanians feared Serbian repression under the autocratic rule of late Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic, ethnic Russians feared Ukrainian nationalists.

A d


“(German Chancellor Olaf Scholz) just said that people of his generation – and I certainly belong to that generation myself – find it hard to imagine a war in Europe,” Putin said after talks with Scholz at Moscow on November 15.

“But we all witnessed the war in Europe that NATO unleashed against Yugoslavia,” Putin said. He recalled that it was a major military operation involving bombardments against a European capital, Belgrade.

” It happened. Without any sanctions from the UN Security Council. This is a very sad example, but it is an undeniable fact,” Putin said.

He argued that by intervening in Kosovo, the West set a precedent with lasting consequences.


During the press conference with Putin, Scholz hit back at the Russian president’s arguments about NATO’s actions in Kosovo, saying it was done to prevent genocide, referring to the persecution of the majority of ethnic Albanians of Kosovo by Serbian forces.

A d

Western leaders have repeatedly dismissed Putin’s arguments, saying Kosovo was a unique case because of the high number of casualties during the Balkan wars amid the violent breakup of Yugoslavia. Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel had insisted that Putin’s analogies between the West’s actions in Kosovo and Russia’s intervention in Crimea were “shameful”.


There are fears that pro-Russian Serbian leaders are trying to use international attention on Ukraine to further destabilize its neighbours, particularly Bosnia where the Serbian minority is threatening to join Serbia.

European Union peacekeepers in Bosnia have announced the deployment of some 500 additional troops, citing “deteriorating international security (which) has the potential to spread instability” in the region.

Kosovo leaders fear that Serbia is being encouraged by Russia to try to intervene in its former province to end alleged harassment of minority Serbs. Kosovo asked NATO for a fast track to membership in the wake of the Ukraine crisis, which neither Serbia nor Russia would likely accept peacefully.

A d

Kosovar officials dismissed Putin’s parallels between NATO’s intervention in Kosovo and his invasion of Ukraine as “totally baseless and ridiculous”.


AP Balkan correspondent Dusan Stojanovic covered the Yugoslav wars in the 1990s and events in Ukraine in 2014.

Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

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Real estate companies plan new headquarters in Alabama, creating 400 jobs

Lake Homes Realty, which bills itself as the nation’s largest real estate brokerage focused on lake properties, and RealSource said the headquarters move aligns with key growth initiatives of both companies.

The companies occupy space at 500 Corporate Parkway in the Meadbrook Office Park off US 280 in the Shelby County portion of Hoover. Building renovations and business relocation will include $1 million in new capital investment in businesses.

“500 Corporate Parkway has met our current business needs while leaving plenty of room for future growth,” said Glenn S. Phillips, CEO of Lake Homes Realty.


Lake Homes and RealSource settle in an area of ​​Hoover that provides a solid base for technology companies and corporate headquarters. Along the corridor, companies such as McLeod Software, NXTSoft, SS&C Health and FIS employ hundreds of tech workers.

Civitan International is headquartered in the building where Lake Homes and RealSource will be located. Diversified Energy and the Sheffield Group, both located in Meadow Brook Corporate Park, are also headquartered in Hoover.

“Lake Homes and RealSource retain and create hundreds of knowledge-based jobs that further strengthen this type of corporate presence in our city,” said Hoover Mayor Frank Brocato.

Lake Homes Realty currently serves 33 states, while RealSource operates in 12 states and will operate in more in the near future.

“Lake Homes Reality and RealSource’s recent commitment to permanently anchor their national headquarters in Alabama is another testament to the strong business environment we all strive to create,” said Vince Perez, Project Manager senior for the Alabama Department of Commerce.

“We are proud that Lake Homes Realty and RealSource share our vision that Alabama is an ideal place to start, grow and thrive in an innovative business.”

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Why the Ukrainian Invasion Was Predictable: ‘It’s time the world finally learned a lesson about Russia’ | FIU News

Through a series of opinion pieces, FIU News shares the expertise and diverse perspectives of members of the university community. In this article, Besiki Luka Kutateladze, an associate professor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice and a native of the Republic of Georgia, examines how many experts saw the attack on Ukraine coming — and even warned the world about its probability.

By Besiki Luka Kutateladze

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is finally getting some deserved attention. From financial penalties to direct military aid, the West unites to confront Putin’s imperialism. Along with this development comes the realization that the benefits of resisting Russian aggression outweigh the economic and security risks posed by such actions. While it’s certainly refreshing to see the West finally throwing a punch, much of this could have been done sooner.

I remember 2008, standing in front of the United Nations headquarters in New York as an international student from Georgia, shouting at the top of his lungs: If the West ignores the Russian invasion of Georgia, this would encourage further Russian military expansion both south and west. As in 2008, the opportunities still seem endless, from Kazakhstan to the Baltic countries, even if the latter are members of NATO.

Russia occupies 20% of Georgiaand continues the process of creeping annexation land surrounding the occupied territories. Russia has also orchestrated frozen conflicts in Nagorno-Karabakh and Transnistria.

Still, the move to Ukraine seemed to fetch the biggest prizes for the post-Soviet era. The invasion was intended to deter the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, as well as Georgia and Moldova. Putin has always considered Ukraine to be part of the historical territory of greater Russia. The illegality of 2014 annexation of Crimea and eastern Ukraine tamed the unbridled appetite of the imperialist monster for nearly eight years, but those who thought Putin would stop there were wrong.

The ground for an invasion of Ukraine could not have been more fertile.

The rise of the European Union energy dependence on Russia has made many Europeans, and in particular Germans, prefer today’s egg to tomorrow’s chicken. While Russian natural gas, crude oil and solid fuels kept European cars running and buildings warm, many European politicians blamed Ukrainians (and also Georgians) for not being ready to join the EU or NATO.

At the Bucharest summit in 2008, NATO created a path for Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO, but no major steps have been taken, leaving these fragile democracies in danger of slipping back into the Russian orbit.

The abandonment of Ukraine and Georgia has stalled pro-democracy reforms throughout the post-Soviet sphere whose leaders are watching Georgia and Ukraine pay a heavy price for looking west.

Russia has been undeterred for far too long. The ongoing war in Ukraine is being waged on behalf of the entire region. The Ukrainian people are being punished for their commitment to building a free democratic society, a society that their eastern neighbor still hates. Offering NATO and EU memberships is the least we can do to thank these fighters for their commitment to a free world.

Professor Kutateladze experienced first-hand Russian aggression in the 1990s when Russia took control of the Georgian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. During the 2008 Russo-Georgian War, he joined his fellow Georgians in New York and Washington DC to protest the occupation and warn against possible future aggression from the Putin regime. From 2008 to 2013, he played a crucial role in the development of the United Nations Rule of Law Indicators. In 2002, he was a US State Department Fellow in the Republic of Georgia. He holds a law degree from Georgia and a doctorate in criminal justice from the United States.

Besiki Luka Kutateladze

Map of Russian conflicts

Map of Post-Soviet Era Conflicts (Source: Warsaw Institute)

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Lauren O’Neill-Butler on Hilma af Klint

Hilma af Klint’s bright and far-sighted output never fails to illuminate. She believed that her art would only be understood by people from the future. Perhaps that’s why his 2018-2019 retrospective at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York was the institution’s most attended exhibition. never. Miraculously, af Klint (1862-1944) always had more to give. Consider the eight delicate drawings from the Swedish artist’s 1913-15 “Tree of Knowledge” series, a recently unearthed body of work that made a rare public appearance in David Zwirner’s tony space in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. An inscription on the back of an image indicates that each piece should be “considered as a prototype of a new period”. This idea came through like a bell in the show, which offered an unexpected development in the mystic’s story – a wonderful reveal of a vast body of work that many of us thought we already knew.

Af Klint produced these works as she completed her first large group of biomorphic and geometric abstractions, “The Paintings for the Temple”, 1906-1915, a hypnotic series of 193 canvases, which the artist produced between the ages of forty-four and fifty-three, which were generated in part by his spiritualist practice as a medium. In 1908, Rudolf Steiner, the head of the German Theosophical Society, visited af Klint in his studio in Stockholm, where he saw some of the first paintings of the “Temple”. Thus began a lasting association: in 1920 the artist became a life member of the Anthroposophical Society, which Steiner had founded in 1913. Af Klint made two series of drawings of the “Tree of Knowledge”, presenting one as a gift to Steiner for the Goetheanum, the seat he had designed for the Anthroposophical Society in Dornach, Switzerland. (The artist studied there intermittently between 1921 and 1930.) Steiner’s cache landed in a private collection around 1927, and in Zwirner it was to be sold to a public institution (anything less would be criminal). The other set is owned by the Hilma af Klint Foundation in the Swedish capital.

Made in watercolour, gouache, ink and graphite on sheets of paper measuring approximately eighteen by twelve inches, most of the drawings present the outline of a tree-like shape haloed by two spherical objects: one representing the terrestrial sphere, the other the divine sphere. . The orbs are united by a long vertical spine – the trunk of the tree – descending down the center of each work. In Tree of Knowledge, No. 1, a red and purple heart sits at the bottom of the plant shape. Like a germinating seed, the form sprouts blue and yellow veins, producing a looping circulatory system that runs up and down the tree. All rooms exude a geometric Art Nouveau vibe and enact Klint’s idiosyncratic patterns and symbolism. For example, blue and yellow represent femininity and masculinity respectively – two harmonizing aspects that the artist believed every human being possesses.

There was, of course, an allusion here to “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” – one of two specific trees, along with the tree of life, named in the biblical story of the Garden of Eden of Genesis 2:3. Still, I didn’t sense Klint arguing about ethics or morality in these works, even though apocalyptic anxieties and fear of the outbreak of World War I must have been on his mind. Instead, she once again provided shelter from the storm by emphasizing grounding and grounding herself in utterly baseless times. Works such as tree of knowledge No. 3, 4, 5and 6 produce a variety of colors and lines that is so open, fantastical and joyful that I left the show believing that af Klint was truly telegraphing a more sustainable and equitable future for all of us: a “new period” of spiritual consciousness whose we all need it now more than ever.

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UN Security Council votes to refer Ukraine issue to General Assembly

FIFA announced on Sunday that Russia must play all future international matches at neutral venues under the name ‘Russian Football Union’, as part of an initial sanctions list due to the invasion of Russia. Ukraine by country.

“Above all, FIFA wishes to reiterate its condemnation of the use of force by Russia in its invasion of Ukraine. Violence is never a solution and FIFA expresses its deepest solidarity with all those affected. by what is happening in Ukraine,” world football’s governing body said in a statement.

“FIFA calls again for the urgent restoration of peace and the immediate initiation of a constructive dialogue,” the statement continued. “FIFA remains in close contact with the Ukrainian Football Association and members of the Ukrainian football community who have requested assistance to leave the country as long as the current conflict persists.

In coordination with UEFA and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Bureau of the FIFA Council has decided that all of Russia’s home matches in international competitions should be played on neutral ground and without spectators.

The member association representing Russia must also play all international competitions under the name “Football Union of Russia (RFU)” without a permitted Russian flag or anthem.

Although the initial sanctions list does not completely ban Russia, FIFA said in the statement that it “will continue its ongoing dialogue with the IOC, UEFA and other sports organizations to determine any additional measures or sanctions. , including a possible exclusion from competitions, which will be applied in the near future if the situation does not improve soon.”

The Bureau of the FIFA Council “remains ready to take either of these decisions”, the statement said.

FIFA also acknowledged that it is in contact with the Polish Football Association, the Football Association of the Czech Republic and the Swedish Football Association to find appropriate and acceptable solutions regarding the upcoming FIFA World Cup qualifiers. FIFA 2022.

Russia are currently set to host Poland in a playoff semi-final on March 24. The match is scheduled to take place at the VTB Arena in Moscow. The winner of the Poland-Russia match will host either Sweden or the Czech Republic on March 29 in the final of their World Cup qualifying run.

In response to FIFA’s sanctions against Russia, Cezary Kulesza, president of the Polish Football Association, issued a statement calling FIFA’s decision “completely unacceptable”.

“We are not interested in participating in this game of appearances. Our position remains intact: the Polish national team will NOT PLAY with Russia, regardless of the name of the team.”

Along with Poland, the Czech Republic, Sweden and England have all said they will not face Russia in any of the upcoming World Cup qualifiers next month.

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People around the world protest against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

From Washington, DC to Paris to Tel Aviv, people around the world protested Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this week, waving the Ukrainian flag and highlighting its blue and yellow national colors.

the Brandenburg Gate in Berlinthe Colosseum in Rome, Downing Street in London and the European Union headquarters in Brussels were lit up in yellow and blue this week to show solidarity with Ukraine after Russia invaded the country, The Washington Post reported.

Protesters held signs reading “No War” in Tokyo and “Hands Off Ukraine” in Berlin. Protester protesting outside the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv set her Russian passport on fire, CBS News reported.

“We have been trying to build peace on this continent for 70 years,” French consultant Goery Mourez told The Post. “It’s important to say no to [Russian President Vladimir PutinVladimir Vladimirovich PutinTrudeau announces sanctions on Putin, Russian foreign minister Overnight Defense & National Security — Ukraine hangs in the balance Capitals’ Ovechkin calls for ‘no more war’ with Ukraine MORE]this is madness.

In Russia, however, the response to similar protests staged in St. Petersburg and Moscow has been markedly different, with officials detaining hundreds in St. Petersburg alone, according to CBS News.

White House Press Secretary Jen PsakiJen PsakiTrudeau announces sanctions against Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Overnight Defense & National Security — Ukraine is at stake On The Money — Inflation held steady in January as omicron raged MORE said Thursday that it was “deeply courageous” for Russians to protest the invasion.

“Despite Putin’s crackdown in the country, dissenting opinions remain, and I think it’s important to note that,” the White House press secretary said. “To publicly protest President Putin and his war is a deeply courageous act. Their actions show the world that despite the Kremlin’s propaganda, there are Russians who deeply disagree with what he is doing in Ukraine.”

Athletes around the world have become some of the most prominent figures to speak out against the Russian invasion as well, including Russian Washington Capitals player Alex Ovechkin who declared, “Please, no more war. It doesn’t matter who is at war – Russia, Ukraine, different countries – we have to live in peace.”

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The Golfzon Leadbetter Academy settles in Reunion Resort

The world headquarters of the Leadbetter Golf Academy plans to relocate to Interstate 4 south of Orlando, after announcing on Thursday that it was moving from ChampionsGate Golf Club to relocate to Reunion Resort this year.

Leadbetter Golf Academy was acquired in 2018 by Golfzon, a South Korean company best known for its indoor golf simulators. The company is now officially known as Golfzon Leadbetter and operates 38 academies in 15 countries. Leadbetter Academies was founded in 1983 by instructor David Leadbetter, who has worked with many circuit professionals and 26 major championship winners, his most famous student being perhaps Nick Faldo.

Reunion Resort is home to three golf courses designed by Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson. It is the former home of the ANNIKA Academy, which closed in 2016. Kingwood International Resorts bought La Réunion in 2019.

David Leadbetter on the Reunion Resort shooting range near Orlando (Courtesy of Golfzon Leadbetter)

“I have taught golf all over the world and there are few places more suitable for golfers to learn and play than Reunion Resort and Golf Club,” Leadbetter said in a press release announcing the move. “We share Kingwood International Resorts’ vision of providing the best golf experience in Reunion. Reunion already has three major golf courses; now they will have a golf academy to match. I can’t wait to give the first lesson of the new installation.

Reunion’s new academy will feature plenty of technology, including lesson studios with launch monitors, 3D swing analysis, radar tracking of shots on the range, club equipment, fitness and biomechanics . The facility will also include a Golfzon TwoVision simulation studio to host virtual tournaments, according to the statement. The coaching staff plans to accommodate a wide range of players, from rookies to tour stars.

“Reunion Resort and Golf Club provides us with the perfect location to grow the Golfzon Leadbetter business and provide golfers with a unique facility to work on all aspects of their game, regardless of their level of play,” said Benedict Riches. , CEO of Golfzon Leadbetter. in the release.

“This new partnership is a natural fit, bringing another legend to our resort with the world headquarters of Golfzon Leadbetter,” said Anthony Carll, General Manager of Reunion Resort. “We are absolutely thrilled to be able to offer this experience this fall with such a respected legend in the golf community.”

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Within the framework of the agreement concluded, ASOFARMA will collaborate with Moderna in the management of supply contracts already in force, as well as in the processes of registration of vaccines, support for pharmacovigilance activities, continuing medical education, business governmental, marketing and generation of new agreements that facilitate the availability of SPIKEVAX in the region.

“We are thrilled to partner with Moderna to help patients, physicians and governments in this effort against COVID-19. Moderna is a leading company in the fight against the pandemic, and we are proud to have been chosen as partners for this task, providing all our experience and regional presence,” said Bernardo GiralaGeneral Manager of ASOFARMA Central America and Caribbean.

“This alliance confirms our goal to provide people with innovative treatments that help improve their quality of life and expand vaccination rates in the region,” Girala said.

Moderna Inc., a biotechnology company pioneering the development of messenger RNA (mRNA) therapies and vaccines, has relied on ASOFARMA to enable the arrival in the region of its COVID 19 vaccine, Spikevax .

Moderna’s mRNA platform is based on continuous advancements in basic and applied mRNA science, delivery and manufacturing technology; which has enabled the development of therapies and vaccines for infectious diseases, immuno-oncology, rare diseases, cardiovascular diseases and autoimmune diseases.

With this new agreement concluded by ASOFARMA, Moderna Inc. joins a list of international pharmaceutical and biotechnology research and development companies that ASOFARMA has represented in the region for more than twenty years.

Photo –


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Chinese Cryptocurrency Exchange Huobi Plans US Back-to-School

Chinese cryptocurrency exchange Huobi plans to re-enter the U.S. market more than two years after ceasing operations to comply with regulations, one of the company’s co-founders told CNBC.

But the company may not launch an exchange and may instead focus on other areas such as asset management, after missteps last time around, according to Du Jun.

“In 2018 we tried to enter the US market but quickly pulled out because we didn’t have a strong market commitment at that time and we didn’t have a good management team in the States. States,” Du said according to a CNBC translation of his Mandarin comments.

“I expect asset management to be a bigger business than trading, which also echoes the traditional financial market,” he told CNBC, adding, “I don’t think that the exchange is a necessary element of entering the United States”.

Du did not confirm which Huobi company will launch first when it returns to the United States. A return to the US market could put Huobi in competition with companies like Coinbase. Huobi is one of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume in the world, according to CoinGecko.

Huobi first launched a cryptocurrency exchange business in the United States in 2018. The following year, the company announced that it would freeze US user accounts and added that it would return to the market in a “more integrated and impactful fashion”.

Huobi Group owns an exchange business and an asset management business called Huobi Tech, which is listed in Hong Kong.

The US push is part of a larger international expansion plan after several years of tighter crypto regulations in China, the market where Huobi was founded. Last year, Beijing sought to completely eliminate cryptocurrency mining in China and crack down on loopholes that allowed Chinese citizens to trade.

At the end of 2021, Huobi retired existing mainland Chinese user accounts and chose Singapore as its headquarters in Asia.

Du said Huobi lost around 30% of its revenue due to the shutdown of users in China. But it gave the company new impetus for international expansion. It plans to set up a headquarters in Europe, in addition to its US push.

Learn more about cryptocurrencies from CNBC Pro

“Regarding the number of resources or personnel that we will deploy for the international market, we have no choice but to use all our strength to move forward in our global strategy,” said From. “In the past, we explored a new market and we could always walk out if it didn’t work out. Now Huobi has no choice but to go global.”

Chinese regulations

Du praised China’s strict cryptocurrency regulations as they tackled gambling and money laundering cases. The Huobi co-founder said the regulations protect small investors. He said, however, that other countries should not follow China’s approach as investors may be more mature in other markets.

“In China, when people lose in their investment, sometimes extreme people jump from the regulator building and investors are less mature. The government took a similar approach to Covid restriction. It sensed danger and took measures. measures to protect people’s safety,” Du said.

“In other regions, we can say that investors are more mature. They have more experience and they take responsibility for their investment decisions and therefore the governments of these markets do not need to take strict measures.”

Global regulators are considering rules for cryptocurrency, from trading to how it should be taxed. This month, India has proposed a 30% tax on any income from the transfer of digital assets. Meanwhile, the United States is still considering how to regulate cryptocurrencies.

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Russian and Belarusian troops will continue readiness checks, says Belarusian defense minister

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. (Matt Dunham/Pool/AFP/Getty Images)

Russia is planning ‘the biggest war in Europe since 1945’, says British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the BBC during an interview broadcast on Sunday.

“I’m afraid to say the plan we see is for something that could really be the biggest war in Europe since 1945,” he said.

He added that “people need to understand the cost in human lives that this could entail not only for Ukrainians, but also for Russians and young Russians.”

On the issue of sanctions, Johnson said the goal was to impact not just “Vladimir Putin’s associates but also all companies, organizations of strategic importance to Russia.”

“We are going to prevent Russian companies from raising funds in the UK markets and we are going, even with our American friends, to prevent them from trading in pounds and dollars, which will be very difficult,” he said.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Germany on Saturday, Johnson said that in preparing to invade Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin “made a serious miscalculation”, adding that Moscow would not have “absolutely nothing to gain from this catastrophic enterprise and everything to lose”.

Johnson urged Moscow to defuse tensions before it was too late.

I fear that a blitzkrieg will be followed by a long and hideous period of retaliation, revenge and insurrection, and that Russian parents will mourn the loss of young Russian soldiers, who in their own way are just as innocent as the Ukrainians who are now preparing to attack,” he said.

Johnson said: “We don’t know exactly what President Putin has in mind,” adding that “the omens are bleak and that’s why we need to stay strong together.”

Johnson’s remarks come a day after US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said Russia was “putting itself in the right positions to carry out an attack”.

“They’re unfolding and now ready to strike,” Austin said, speaking Saturday from Vilnius, Lithuania.

“If you look at the position he’s in today, it’s obvious [Putin] made a decision and they are moving into the right positions to carry out an attack.

Echoing US President Joe Biden’s assertion that Putin had decided to invade, Austin added that the United States would pursue a diplomatic solution “until the very last minute, until it’s not possible”.

However, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has denied increased claims by Western leaders that a Russian invasion is imminent.

Asked about the aggressive use of US intelligence to dissuade Putin from invading Ukraine, Zelensky said he was “grateful for the work that our two intelligence services have done. But the intelligence I trust is my information.

“I trust the Ukrainian intelligence services who … understand what is happening along our borders, who have different sources of intelligence and understand different risks depending on the data intercepted … this information must be used,” Zelensky told Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s chief international anchor. personal interview at the security conference on Saturday.

He continued: “We’re not really living in illusion. We understand what can happen tomorrow…just putting ourselves in coffins and waiting for foreign soldiers to come in is not something we’re prepared to do.”

Zelensky then called on international partners to support Ukraine by investing in the country. “Strengthen our arms… our economy. Invest in our country. Bring your business.

“We are not panicking, we want to live our lives,” he added.

CNN’s Ross Levitt, Karen Smith, Maegan Vazquez, Kevin Liptak, Betsy Klein, Sam Fossum, Emmet Lyons and Lauren Said-Moorhouse contributed to this post.

This post has been updated.

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Ukraine and US say vehicle explosion in separatist-controlled town was staged

French President Emmanuel Macron called on Friday for a end of military activities in the Ukrainian region of Donbassafter Ukrainian Armed Forces and separatists controlling parts of eastern Ukraine spoke of new shelling.

“In a context where Russian military pressure does not weaken, where destabilization increases, where bombardments in the contact zone have resumed, we first call for the cessation of these military actions, and for a rapid de-escalation”, Macron said at the European Union-African Union summit in Brussels. “Very clearly, there is [military] actions that have multiplied. These actions, in our view, must stop because they contravene the agreements that have been reached, the ceasefires that have been respected so far, and for which all parties concerned had recently reiterated their support.”

Macron said Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) teams should clarify the events of the past few hours and days.

In an earlier statement, the OSCE said the organization is “aware that Russia intends to create a pretext to justify an invasion” in Ukraine, and has received reports that detail “Russia’s efforts to fabricating supposed “Ukrainian provocations” and shaping a public narrative”. that would justify a Russian invasion.

“Several weeks ago we learned that the Russian government was planning to stage a fabricated attack by the Ukrainian military or security forces against Russian sovereign territory, or against Russian speakers in separatist-controlled territory, to justify military action against Ukraine,” the OSCE statement said.

“We must resolutely refute the false narrative of a Ukrainian ‘escalation’ which finds no evidence in the reports of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission,” the statement added.

Macron echoed remarks from other NATO allies, noting that he had seen “no evidence of Russian military disengagement at this stage.”

“I welcome the statements of President (Vladimir) Putin, but I believe that if we want to be a reliable partner, it is always good that the actions are in line with the statements, and therefore we want to be able to have concrete elements that follow them, ” , he told reporters.

“We call for the reopening of constructive negotiations, as we continue to believe that this situation can be resolved through dialogue,” Macron said.

He also noted that the “next hours” would see “close coordination between European and American allies”, who will aim to provide an “appropriate response” by the end of the day.

“I heard the words of the Russian president. Now we have to take action, and we have to work with great precision and commitment to stabilize and then de-escalate the situation in collaboration with Russia,” Macron said. “It’s essential.”

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“I am not here today to start a war, but to prevent one”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield at the UN in New York on February 17. (Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he was speaking to the United Nations about Russia and Ukraine “not to start a war, but to prevent it”.

“I am not here today to start a war, but to prevent it. The information I have presented here is validated by what we have seen unfold before our eyes for months. Alarms like melodrama and nonsense, they have regularly amassed over 150,000 troops on Ukraine’s borders as well as the capabilities to carry out a massive military assault. We are not the only ones to see this. Allies and partners see the same Blinken mentioned.

He urged Russia to use diplomacy as a solution to the crisis.

“And Russia doesn’t just hear about us. The international chorus has grown stronger and stronger,” the US official said. “If Russia does not invade Ukraine, then we will be relieved that Russia has changed course and proven our predictions wrong. It would be a much better outcome than the course we are currently on, and we will gladly accept any criticism than anyone who comes to us.”

Blinken said he sent a letter to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov proposing they meet next week in Europe. It also offers meetings of the NATO-Russia Council and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

“These meetings can pave the way for a summit of key leaders in the context of de-escalation to reach agreement on our mutual security concerns. As top diplomats for our nations, we have a responsibility to do everything we can to make diplomacy succeed, not to turn the diplomatic stone unturned,” he said.

He said Russia will likely respond with layoffs that the United States is “fueling hysteria.”

“The Russian government can announce today without reservation, equivocation or misdirection that Russia will not invade Ukraine, make it clear, make it clear to the world – and then demonstrate it by returning your troops, your tanks, your planes, to hangars and sending diplomats to the negotiating table. In the days to come, the world will remember that commitment. Or the refusal to do so,” he concluded.

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Doubting Russia’s exit, NATO seeks to strengthen its defenses

BRUSSELS (AP) – NATO member nations on Wednesday discussed new ways to bolster the defenses of nations on the organization’s eastern flank as Russia’s military buildup around Ukraine fuels one of the biggest security crises in Europe for decades.

For two days at NATO headquarters in Brussels, defense ministers were due to discuss how and when to quickly send troops and equipment to the countries closest to Russia and the sea region. Black if Moscow ordered an invasion of Ukraine.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and his counterparts also plan to assess the possibility of stationing longer-term troops in southeastern Europe, possibly starting later this year. The troops would reflect the presence of some 5,000 military personnel who have been stationed in allied nations Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland on a rotational basis in recent years.

The United States has begun deploying 5,000 troops to Poland and Romania. Britain sends hundreds of soldiers to Poland and offers more warships and planes. Germany, the Netherlands and Norway send additional troops to Lithuania. Denmark and Spain provide jets for air policing.

“The fact that we have deployed more NATO troops on the ground, more naval assets, more aircraft, all of this sends a very clear message,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said. “I think there is no room for miscalculation in Moscow about our commitment to defending our allies.”

This deployment responds to a formidable challenge.

Over the past four months, Russia is estimated to have amassed around 60% of its entire ground forces and a significant part of its air forces in northern and eastern Ukraine, as well as in Belarus. neighbor. Moscow looks set to repeat its 2014 invasion of Ukraine, but on a larger scale.

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants NATO, the world’s largest security organization, to stop expanding. It demands that the US-led alliance withdraw its troops and equipment from countries that joined after 1997 – almost half of NATO’s 30 ranks.

NATO cannot agree to his terms. Its founding treaty commits to an ‘open door’ policy for European countries wishing to join, and a mutual defense clause ensures that all members will come to the defense of a threatened ally.

Ukraine, however, is not a member and NATO as an organization is unwilling to defend it.

“We have to understand that Ukraine is a partner. We support Ukraine. But for all NATO allies, we provide 100% security guarantees,” Stoltenberg told reporters ahead of Wednesday’s meeting.

That said, some member countries help Ukraine more directly, such as the United States, Britain and Canada.

“We will provide lethal and non-lethal aid to Ukraine. This is a very important issue for all of us,” said Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand.

But the “massive costs” promised to Putin if he ordered an invasion would be economic and political, mainly in the form of sanctions, which are not part of NATO’s remit. The alliance offered Russia a series of talks on security, including arms control.

Over the past two days, Russia has said it was returning troops and weapons to bases, but Stoltenberg said the allies had seen no concrete signs of a withdrawal and fears that Russia would not invading Ukraine persists.

“They’ve always moved forces back and forth, so just that we’re seeing movement of forces, it doesn’t confirm a true pullback,” Stoltenberg said. “The trend in recent weeks and months has been a steady increase in Russian capabilities near Ukraine’s borders.”

Russia poses no direct threat to the security of any NATO country, but the alliance is concerned about the fallout from any conflict in Ukraine, such as a wave of people fleeing the fighting across European borders, or d possible cyberattacks and disinformation attacks.


Follow AP’s coverage of the Russia-Ukraine tension at

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Cambodia: Covid-19 used to justify crackdown on union

(Bangkok) – Cambodian authorities should immediately stop misusing public health measures to suppress workers’ right to strike and other basic rights, Human Rights Watch said today.

Since the labor rights-backed NagaWorld Khmer Employees Union (LRSU) went on strike in December 2021 to demand the reinstatement of workers fired earlier in the year, Cambodian authorities have arbitrarily arrested, detained and prosecuted union activists. More recently, authorities have sought to justify these criminal charges as measures related to Covid-19. On February 5, 2022, the police stopped six union members at the NagaWorld casino in Phnom Penh as they left a Covid-19 testing site and baselessly accused three of them of obstructing government efforts against Covid-19.

“Cambodian authorities are stooping to new levels by filing criminal charges under the guise of public health measures to end a strike,” said Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch. “The government’s persecution of labor activists appears to be aimed at blunting the growing unity and strength of the Cambodian labor movement and its support for the NagaWorld strikers.

On February 4, the Cambodian Ministry of Health order Several hundred workers went on strike outside the NagaWorld casino to take a Covid-19 test, after a member of the striking union (which last participated in the strike on January 15) tested positive. Authorities said anyone who tested negative would have to self-isolate for seven days and if they tested positive they would be sent to a Covid-19 treatment centre. Between February 5 and 6, more than 400 protesting workers appeared as ordered at the designated testing site on the Diamond Island of Phnom Penh (Koh Pich). Since the strike began, protesters have been protecting themselves and others by wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

The six people arrested on February 5 were Seng Vannarith, Choub Channath, Sao Sambath, Ouk Sophorn, Touch Danet and Em Kunthea. Police released Sophorn, Danet and Kunthea later that night, but detained Vannarith, Channath and Sambath at Phnom Penh police headquarters. On February 9, the Phnom Penh court charged the latter three with “obstruction of Covid-19 measures” (article 11 of the Cambodian Covid-19 law), punishable by up to five years in prison. . The court ordered their pre-trial detention at the Judicial Police Prison in Phnom Penh, which in November 2020 was at around 170% capacity.

On February 5, the authorities Posted four other workers summoned for questioning over alleged obstruction of Covid-19 measures. The four had followed government orders in getting tested for Covid-19 and self-isolating after testing negative. One of four Recount VOD News that she was “shocked” to receive a summons because she said she was “not inciting people to block the tests”. Another feared she would be found in breach of Covid-19 measures if she came out of solitary confinement to appear in court.

“Throwing workers into overcrowded prisons that are hotbeds for Covid-19 as they await a criminal trial shows that the government’s concern is not public health but the end of one of the longest industrial actions in the world. Cambodia for years,” Robertson said.

On December 18, LRSU went on strike in accordance with international labor law, calling for the reinstatement of 365 previously dismissed employees in connection with the mass dismissal of 1,329 workers by Phnom Penh’s NagaWorld casino in April 2021. Among those laid off were trade union leaders. Authorities called the “illegal” strike on the basis of a court decision handed down on December 16 which violated the right to strike protected by international law. Authorities ordered protesters back to work, saying that if they failed to do so, NagaWorld would be allowed to fire them. The government failed to find a fair solution to the labor disputes between NagaWorld and the union.

Since December 31, authorities have arrested dozens of LRSU members who took part in the strike, and have already imprisoned eight, including union president Chhim Sithar, for “incitement”. They are being held in Correctional Centers 1 and 2 in Phnom Penh.

The Cambodian government passed the Law on Measures to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 and Other Serious, Dangerous, and Contagious Diseases in March 2020. Human Rights Watch has repeatedly highlighted the threat the law poses to human rights in Cambodia, as the authorities can easily abuse them. its overly broad and vague provisions. The law also lacks independent oversight and procedural safeguards, and provides for disproportionate fines and penalties of up to 20 years in prison for alleged breaches of Covid-19 related measures.

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Cambodia has indicated that, between March and October 2021, police have arrested more than 700 people on allegations of breaching Covid-19 measures. Some of the alleged breaches of the Covid-19 law involved people making critical comments on social media about the government’s handling of the pandemic.

Cambodia is bound by the International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention No. 87 and the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which protects the right to strike. The ILO Tripartite Committee on Freedom of Association tenuous that strike bans during a national emergency, such as the Covid-19 public health crisis, must be time-limited, strictly necessary and proportionate. The committee also said that “the responsibility for suspending a strike for public health reasons should not lie with the government, but with an independent body which has the confidence of all parties concerned”.

Precautionary health measures taken by LRSU protesters rendered the strike refusal and subsequent arrests unnecessary, excessive, and disproportionate, violating their internationally protected right to strike, Human Rights Watch said.

“Using public health measures to suppress workers undermines public confidence in government actions against Covid-19,” Robertson said. “UN agencies in Cambodia, the ILO and foreign embassies should pressure the government to immediately and unconditionally release detained union activists and stop abusing health measures for political purposes. .

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Switzerland approves tobacco ad ban

ZURICH — Glamorous cigarette ads will soon be a thing of the past in Switzerland, after voters overwhelmingly approved legislation on Sunday banning tobacco companies from displaying them in public spaces.

Health advocates said the legislation, which was approved in a referendum, was an important step towards tightening the country’s regulations on loose tobacco.

“Many organizations have mobilized and advocated for a solution that prioritizes the protection of young people,” said Flavia Wasserfallen, member of the Swiss National Council and supporter of the initiative.

In much of the West, tobacco adverts have long fallen out of favor, but they have survived in this Alpine nation, with displays of cigarettes and e-cigarettes appearing on billboards, in cinemas and at events like music festivals.

But voters made it clear on Sunday that they were no longer interested in seeing them, and despite strong opposition from the tobacco industry and government, the tougher regulations were approved by 56.6% of voters and won received strong support from the French and Italians in the country. -languages, despite having the highest smoking rates in the country.

Steps have been taken in recent years to try to introduce stricter regulations on tobacco-related products in Switzerland. In 2015, the Federal Council, the country’s executive branch, proposed a Tobacco Products Act that would ban the sale of tobacco and related products to minors and restrict advertising.

Parliament eventually approved a watered down version of the bill, which banned the sale of tobacco to those under 18 but allowed advertising to continue almost unhindered.

The most recent initiative was launched by a group of more than 40 health organizations that formed in response to weakening tobacco laws. The new Tobacco Products Act, which includes the advertising provisions that voters approved on Sunday, is expected to come into force in 2023.

“The majority of our country has decided to correct Parliament’s decision on the Tobacco Products Act,” said Hans Stöckli, chairman of the committee behind the initiative, on Sunday. Mr Stöckli described the result as “a historic step” and a “necessary step” towards better tobacco regulation.

Opponents of the measure called the tighter restrictions extreme. And while they agreed tobacco should be age-restricted, they said the new rules amounted to a de facto ban on a legal product because children could potentially be exposed to n anywhere.

Switzerland has a long-standing close relationship with the tobacco industry. Philip Morris and Japan Tobacco International have their international headquarters in the country, and British American Tobacco also has a strong presence.

The industry employs approximately 4,500 people in Switzerland, according to the government, including in the production of high-tar cigarettes which are illegal to produce or sell in the European Union. Cigarettes rank with chocolate and cheese among the main exports.

Even after the new rules come into effect, Switzerland will continue to have more liberal tobacco regulations than many other countries. Moreover, it will still not meet all the conditions required to ratify the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, an international response to the fight against tobacco. tobacco epidemicdespite signing in 2004. The United States has not ratified the convention either.

Alain Berset, Swiss vice-president, who is also the country’s health minister, had opposed the initiative before the vote. But at a press conference on Sunday, he acknowledged that Swiss voters had spoken and said the government would move forward with the new regulations.

“The Federal Council will now tackle the implementation of the initiative,” Berset said.

The Tobacco Products Act was not the only issue of the ballot on Sunday. In a move people feared had cut Switzerland off from global medical progress, voters rejected a proposal to ban all human and animal experiments in the country.

Voters also decided against giving Swiss media more financial support, rejecting a government proposal to extend subsidies to online media as well as regional radio and TV stations.

A government-approved amendment to the federal stamp duty law that would have made it cheaper for businesses to raise new capital was also rejected, with opponents saying it would have mainly benefited big business.

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The program for the 37th Santa Barbara International Film Festival announced

The 37th Santa Barbara International Film Festival, which runs from March 2-12, 2022, announced its schedule and unveiled its poster on Thursday, February 10 at the Sullivan Goss Gallery in Santa Barbara.

The festival provides a key platform for artists on the Oscars campaign trail, and 2022 is no exception. All of the actors receiving SBIFF Awards as part of one-night celebrity tribute programs have been nominated for Oscars this year. The list includes Kristen Stewart (American Riviera Award on Friday, March 4), Will Smith and Aunjanue Ellis (Outstanding Performers of the Year Award, Sunday, March 6), Benedict Cumberbatch (Cinema Vanguard Award, Wednesday, March 9), and Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem (Maltin Modern Masters Award, Thursday March 10). SBIFF Director Roger Durling will announce the final individual tribute honored for the Montecito Award in the coming weeks.

This year’s opening night movie, The Phantom of the Open, is a British comedy that stars Mark Rylance as Maurice Flitcroft. Flitcroft became famous for playing major golf tournaments such as the British Open, despite being a terrible novice golfer. The film, which received a warm reception when it premiered at the London BFI Film Festival, seems like the kind of feel-good comedy we could all use right now. Sally Hawkins, who delivered a memorable performance in spencer as Lady Diana’s favorite maid, Maggie, plays Jean, Flitcroft’s patient wife.

The closing film of the festival, Dionne Warwick: Don’t do me again, tells the story of the great New Jersey gospel choir singer’s rise to international stardom as the definitive interpreter of the songs of Burt Bacharach. Warwick, a social media sensation thanks to his dry wit on Twitter, will be on hand for the screening.

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Other major festival news include the appointment of eminent film critic Claudia Puig as director of programming. There will be a 10th anniversary screening of Silver Linings Playbook with a discussion with director David O. Russell and a retrospective of films by Gregory Nava, the groundbreaking author who wrote and directed The North (1983), Selena (1997) and the TV series American family (2002-2004). American family star Edward James Olmos will be on hand to pay tribute to Nava.

In his remarks, Durling took the opportunity to highlight the passing of several people who had an impact on the festival. The 10th anniversary of the tragic death of oceanographer and documentary filmmaker Mike deGruy was February 4. Russ Spencer, a Santa Barbara filmmaker and former Independent staff member who died in 2019, is remembered as the person who successfully advocated for the inclusion of local filmmakers in the festival. Most recently, Nadine Turner, the host of the longtime festival headquarters at the Santa Barbara Hotel, died in 2021, as did Barbara Boris, the artist responsible for many years of SBIFF’s posters.

The poster design unveiled for this year’s festival features a blue-saturated beachscape by Hank Pitcher, who was there to witness the unveiling and offer some insight into his perception of what makes SBIFF special. Pitcher compared the experience of walking on the beach and looking at the ocean to the moments immediately after the lights go down in a movie theater. These two public acts “reveal us as we live our dreams and our desires,” Pitcher said.

Despite the county’s decision to lift its indoor mask mandate on Feb. 16, Durling said the festival would continue to require attendees to remain fully masked at all tributes, panels and screenings. For more information and to order tickets, visit

Support it Santa Barbara Independent through a long-term or one-time contribution.

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Job: Development and supply chain project manager – Castelli Cycling USA

Job title

Development & Supply Chain Project Manager

Company / Organization

Castelli Cycling United States

job description

Job Description
Date: February 2022
Job Title: Development and Supply Chain Project Manager
Reports to: Product Development Manager

Position Summary:
The Development and Supply Chain Project Manager will play a critical role in the development, production and shipment of premium cycling products within a global organization. The position will work with teams in the United States and Italy, as well as factories in Europe, Asia and Central America, to ensure products are delivered on time, on cost and on quality. The Development and Supply Chain Project Manager will create and implement new project management and communication tools, plan and manage development meetings.
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to; Creating a global schedule, implementing communication channels between global teams, responding to customer delivery needs.
• Gather information from all departments needed to move a project forward
• Map and define all assigned projects and milestones needed to complete and reach the end goal
• Create and maintain project tracking and implementation records
• Identify and resolve problems and conflicts within the project team
• Support ongoing online (retail) and custom product programs with existing global factories, as well as the development and launch of new factories
• Works closely with Product Development Manager, Senior Product Developer, Supply Chain Manager, Logistics Manager, Sales Manager and General Manager
• Organize and manage kick-off meetings with relevant stakeholders
• Historical and forecast analysis to determine product needs
• Actively participate in achieving the company’s business objectives
• Serve as a liaison between cross-functional teams to drive strategy deployment
• Develop best practices and tools for project execution and management
• Work in partnership with department heads to identify opportunities for improvement, develop business cases and drive the prioritization and delivery of eligible projects
• Ensure alignment of global internal processes to reduce complexity, increase transparency and establish clear accountability for achieving the most effective results.
• Keep all departments on track to meet the project schedule
• Identify and mitigate potential risks
• Other duties required by the position

Personal Qualifications:
• Demonstrated initiative with excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to connect with internal and external team members at multiple levels, building confidence in your abilities to get the job done effectively
• Strong time management with accountability to ensure initiatives are completed and delivered on time and within budget
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with different international cultures
• Demonstrated success in managing multiple priorities in changing environments
• As a project manager, you will work in close coordination with operations and logistics
• Experience managing budgets and delivering initiatives
• A seasoned and strong ability to solve problems throughout the development process
• Embodies the temperament of a leader: adaptable, resilient, empathetic and assertive
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Experience in Centric is a plus

Preferred Education and Work Experience Qualifications:
• Licence
• 2+ years of experience as a project manager
• Experience and/or training in the apparel industry with exposure to print production and/or custom product manufacturing as well as supply chain operations.

Please note that this job description is not designed to cover or contain a complete list of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this position. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable people with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job.

About Castelli/Sportful:
VC Group is a family business operated for over 75 years with a commitment to our customers and our team members. We are a premium cycling apparel manufacturer with global headquarters in Italy and US headquarters in Portland, Oregon. We operate two clothing brands: Castelli and Sportful. Our company has a history of product innovation and performance. Our products have been used by Tour de France winners, world champions and Olympic gold medalists.

Our office and warehouse are in the Hollywood/Laurelhurst area of ​​NE Portland and close to MAX and bike paths.

Full-time positions offer competitive pay, health care, 401k, paid time off, and generous product compensation.

The Castelli/Sportful team strives to create an inclusive workplace that promotes and values ​​diversity. Companies that are diverse in terms of age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and outlook have proven to be better companies. More importantly, creating an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best is the right thing to do. We welcome all applicants.

How to register

Please send a CV to [email protected]

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Partnership reports 26 economic development gains in 21

Despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, the Houston area continued to see domestic and international business expansions and relocation activity in 2021. The Partnership and its regional allies assisted with 26 economic development projects, representing more than $922 million dollars in capital expenditures and more than 2,900 new jobs in the region.

These include:

  • eagle managementan American manufacturer of high-quality PPE and a health technology company, has announced that it will open a manufacturing plant in Brookshire.
  • Archaea Energyone of the largest producers of renewable natural gas in the United States, is moving its headquarters to 40,000 square foot office space in Houston.
  • Capsule, a leading New York-based digital pharmacy, will expand to Houston with a hub for its pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and delivery drivers. The company plans to grow its local team to more than 100 employees over the next year.
  • Chewy.coman online retailer of pet supplies, expands its distribution network with a 700,000 square foot facility in Houston.
  • Dayton Street Partners, a Chicago-based real estate investment firm, has acquired a 500,000 square foot logistics center in northeast Houston. The company plans a multimillion-dollar renovation of the terminal and the development of an additional 25 acres.
  • First Bank of Taiwan, one of the world’s leading banks, opened its first branch in Houston. It is the first Taiwanese bank to establish itself in Texas. The Houston branch will provide a full range of financial services to meet the operational needs of Taiwanese companies overseas.
  • Fluidity analysisa company-backed startup that provides patented process analytics and control solutions to polymer and biopharmaceutical manufacturers, announced the move of its headquarters from New Orleans to Stafford, Texas, with more than 5,600 square feet of office, manufacturing and laboratory space.
  • Haldor Topsoea world leader in catalysis and process technology based in Denmark, will build a 15,000 ton per year hydrotreating catalyst plant at Bayport’s existing production site in Pasadena, Texas.
  • Han lasera Chinese national supplier of laser equipment, has opened an office in Houston that will support its marketing, R&D, assembly plant and more.
  • Pipe Hobas United Statesan Austria-based global piping systems manufacturer, is expanding to the Houston area with a facility that will support three new product lines.
  • Honeywell International Inc. moved its Performance Materials and Technologies business division to Houston, bringing the company’s workforce in Houston to more than 850 employees. Honeywell also plans to open a new Customer Center of Excellence on the CityWestPlace campus to showcase its technologies aimed at improving efficiency and profitability for industrial customers.
  • JPMorgan Chase, returned to its namesake building and downtown Houston’s tallest tower, with a 250,000 square foot lease. The bank is planning a major renovation of the building’s lobby, outdoor plaza and amenities. As part of the move, JPMorgan Chase will relocate its Houston Technology Center, which employs more than 1,500 people.
  • Neurogenica biotechnology company focused on genetic drugs for patients with rare neurological diseases, announced plans to convert a 19,000 square foot building into a manufacturing facility to support research and development efforts.
  • The Financial Times and Nikkei open the first joint office of their international editorial network in Houston to strengthen coverage of the energy industry.
  • NRG Energya Fortune 500 energy company with 3,000 local employees, announced it had designated Houston as its sole headquarters with plans for continued expansion.
  • ProDevice Corp.a leader in modern storage media data destruction technologies, announced an expansion to Houston with an office that will manage the company’s North and South American operations.
  • Puro Bioplasticsa New York-based sustainable bioplastics solutions provider, is setting up manufacturing operations at a 20,000 square foot facility in Houston.
  • Quantum Servicesa Houston-based company, a leader in specialized contracting services for the energy industry and others, will expand its headquarters.
  • Sourcepoint Mortgagea leader in mortgage business process management services, expands to Houston with a 35,000 square foot office.
  • Flow Floa Canadian manufacturer that supports the oil and gas industry, said it will expand to Houston to support manufacturing of a new line of products.
  • Super Cementa company based in the United Arab Emirates, is going to build a green cement factory in Houston intended to reduce the greenhouse effect.
  • Talaris Therapeutica Kentucky-based biopharmaceutical company, opened a research center in Houston to focus on process and assay development.
  • Texas MedPlastan Argentinian manufacturer of PPE products, opened a manufacturing plant in Houston.
  • Transoceana leading international provider of offshore contract drilling services, develops and updates technology and software platforms used with offshore rigs and mobile fleets on the Houston Gulf Coast.
  • UPSa global leader in distribution and logistics, will replace its existing Houston facility with a state-of-the-art 660,000 square foot packing and sorting facility.
  • Recycled products of the worlda California-based company that has developed proprietary technology to utilize recycled products, recently opened a 34,000 square foot facility in Waller.

The Houston area further cemented its position as America’s top metropolis for business relocations and expansions, with a total of more than 231 projects announced. Of those projects, 24% disclosed jobs related to the announcement, or more than 10,520 jobs, and 15% disclosed capital expenditures totaling $3.4 billion.

Learn more about the Partnership’s work in economic development and other areas of interest in the Annual report 2021.

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US and Russia clash over use and impact of UN sanctions

UNITED NATIONS (AP) – The United States and its allies clashed Monday at the UN Security Council with Russia and China over the usefulness and impact of the UN sanctions, which are currently being imposed to countries ranging from North Korea to Yemen and Congo as well as al-Qaeda and Islamic State extremist groups and their affiliates and supporters.

Russia, which holds the presidency of the Council at this meeting and chose the subject – preventing the humanitarian and unintended consequences of sanctions – also denounced the unilateral sanctions imposed by the United States, the European Union and other countries and groups.

UN political chief Rosemary DiCarlo told the council that there are 14 UN sanctions regimes: for example, in Libya, Mali, South Sudan and Yemen, they support the resolution of the Conflicts ; in Guinea-Bissau, they aim to deter unconstitutional changes of government; in the Central African Republic, Congo and Somalia, they curb the illicit exploitation of natural resources that finance armed groups; in North Korea, they target proliferation activities; and they limit terrorist threats from the Islamic State and al-Qaeda.

DiCarlo said UN sanctions are no longer “the blunt instrument they once were”. Since the 1990s, they have undergone changes to minimize possible adverse consequences on civilians and third countries, and the Security Council has included and provided for humanitarian exemptions in most sanctions regimes, she said. .

Russia’s deputy UN ambassador Dmitry Polyansky, who chaired the meeting, said many sanctions regimes interfere with state-building and economic development plans, pointing the finger at the Central African Republic and Sudan and calling the measures against Guinea-Bissau “anachronistic”.

The Security Council must “pay more attention to what the authorities of states under sanctions think” and be more realistic in setting benchmarks for lifting them to ensure that they do not turn into “mission impossible”, did he declare.

US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield countered that sanctions are “a powerful tool” that “make it harder for terrorists to raise funds through international financial systems” and have slowed the development of “certain capacities” in programs North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile weapons. Sanctions also “constrain the resources of those who would spoil peace processes, threaten UN peacekeepers, commit atrocities and obstruct humanitarian aid,” she said.

Britain’s deputy ambassador, James Kariyuki, said the value of UN sanctions had been proven in Angola, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia and Sierra Leone where “they helped end the conflicts and to support the transition to peace and democracy” and were subsequently lifted.

“In the Central African Republic, they improved the practices of a mining company,” he said. “In Somalia, the arms embargo has resulted in the seizure of thousands of cartridges, anti-tank guided missiles and sniper rifles believed to have been destined for al-Shabab”, the extremist group linked to al-Qaeda.

Russia’s Polyansky took particular aim at sanctions imposed outside the UN by countries or groups, which he said ‘remain a serious obstacle to the full functioning of humanitarian exemptions’, citing problems with contractors , carriers, freight insurance and banking.

He also said that Russia operates on the principle that only UN sanctions “are legitimate” and that a wider use of unilateral sanctions “undermines the norms and institutes of international law”.

Polyansky claimed that “secondary sanctions from major Western powers are creating a ‘toxic vibe’ around Pyongyang” that discourages cooperation even in areas not affected by international restrictions. He also cited what he called the “sanctions war” against Russia’s ally Syria, which has very negatively affected its economy, as well as US sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela.

Chinese Ambassador to the UN Zhang Jun called the unilateral sanctions “extremely harmful” and expressed concern that a few countries “threw them left, right and center, with a such a frenzy that they seem to be addicted to it”. He said that these measures “have put a brake on the economic and social development works and the scientific and technological progress of the targeted countries”.

Thomas-Greenfield, the US ambassador, countered that the US much prefers sanctions to be imposed multilaterally, including in the Security Council.

But when some Council members block “critical designations of peace process saboteurs, high-level terrorists, human rights abusers and sanctions evaders”, the United States and many other countries are ready to act – and to use their national monetary regulations and financial systems “as economic leverage to address pressing global challenges such as nuclear proliferation, human rights abuses and violations, and corruption,” he said. she stated.

To Russia’s assertion that sanctions imposed by individual countries may be illegal, Thomas-Greenfield countered, “the United States categorically rejects that position.”

The United States fully supports its partners, regional organizations including the European Union, African Union, and the West African regional group ECOWAS “which are imposing their own sanctions in response to threats,” she said. .

France’s deputy ambassador to the UN, Nathalie Broadhurst, said the EU sanctions were ”in line with international law” and ”do not hinder humanitarian action”.

Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

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John Vinocur, foreign correspondent and editor, dies at 81

Mr. Vinocur may have seemed unstable, but few contemporaries questioned the depth of his reporting, his access to the most reliable sources and his insight. His magazine article which won the prestigious Polk Award began as follows:

“Paraguay works like this: a man parks his car and to prevent it from being stolen, he ties it to a rope tied around his waist. The man is arrested walking the streets and charged with public ridicule. He insulted the national dignity, which, officially, has been restored and exalted over the last 30 years by El Excelentisimo, the President of the Republic, Don Alfredo Stroessner, General of the Army, First Magistrate of the country. Beaten, robbed, belittled, the man ends up bribing his release from prison. He finds his automobile on a used car lot and informs the dealer. “It’s a break for you,” says the dealer. “You know the real mileage.”

John Eli Vinocur was born May 17, 1940 in Queens, the son of Harry Vinocur, a journalist and historian who wrote under the pen name John Stuart, and Helen (Segal) Vinocur, who ran the heiress’ family philanthropy office. Rosenwald. Ascoli, who mainly dealt with child protection.

After graduating from Forest Hills High School, he earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Oberlin College in Ohio in 1961, where an English teacher encouraged him to pursue a career in journalism.

He worked for The Port Chester (NY) Item and The Long Island Star-Journal and Agence France-Presse in Paris before joining the Associated Press.

His marriages with Martine Weill in 1960 and Elisabeth Schmidt in 1966 ended in divorce. He married Harriet Berglund in 1985.

She survives him, as do his sons, James and Nicholas, from his marriage to Mrs. Berglund; two daughters, Alexandra and Danielle, from his marriage to Mrs. Schmidt; Mrs. Schaap; and seven grandchildren.

Alex Traub contributed reporting.

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ExxonMobil’s spring campus will become the company’s headquarters; International Comfort Food Restaurant Opening in Tomball and Other Houston-area News

According to a Jan. 31 press release, ExxonMobil plans to move its headquarters from Irving to its existing 385-acre campus at City Place, formerly known as Springwoods Village. (Courtesy of ExxonMobil)

Read the most popular Houston-area news stories from the past week.


ExxonMobil announces the move of its headquarters to City Place in the spring

The Spring and Klein community will soon house ExxonMobil’s headquarters, according to a company announcement Jan. 31.

Tomball Magnolia

Graze restaurant celebrates its opening in Tomball

Graze, a restaurant offering international comfort food, celebrated its grand opening on January 26 in Tomball.

18 restaurants in Tomball, Magnolia open in 2021 or coming in 2022

Several restaurants have opened in the Tomball and Magnolia community in 2021, while a number more are expected to open this year.

Pearland Friendswood

Work on downtown Manvel, HEB anchor continues

Grocery chain HEB will open a new location in 2023 in Manvel as part of Downtown Manvel, an ongoing development.

Lake Houston-Humble-Kingwood

The opening of the Amazon delivery station in Porter delayed

The opening of an Amazon delivery station slated to debut in Porter in 2021 has been delayed until further notice, Amazon officials confirmed on Feb. 1.

Hannah Zedaker, Maegan Kirby, Chandler France, Sierra Rozen and Wesley Gardner contributed to this report.

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The International Space Station will rush to Earth in 2031 but won’t hit you

What happened above must come below.

After more than 30 years as the world’s cosmic crash pad, NASA said the International Space Station would “de-orbit” and hurtle the 227 miles to Earth’s surface at a speed of 17,000 miles per hour in January 2031.

The 356-foot-wide galactic ship will likely fall into a fiery fire as it passes through Earth’s atmosphere.

But don’t worry: it certainly won’t fall on anyone. Rather, it will meet its aquatic demise in the South Pacific.

The space agency’s recent budget estimates report showed plans to shut down the ISS by 2030 before it crashes at Point Nemo, about 1,677 miles (2,700 kilometers) from the earth on all sides.

Sometimes referred to as the “ocean pole of inaccessibility” or “uninhabited area of ​​the South Pacific”, the marine area has for decades used as a cemetery for old space equipment, such as satellites and rocket debris.

NASA has called the waters off Point Nemo “about the farthest place from any human civilization you can find.”

As for a replacement down the road, there won’t be a new and improved ISS; rather NASA intends to work with commercial spaceflight companies to embark their astronauts for long-haul stays in orbit – while save about $1.3 billion in just the first year after leaving the ISS.

Robyn Gatens, director of the International Space Station at NASA Headquarters, said the organization’s goal was to “lay the foundation for a commercial future in low Earth orbit”.

Phil McAlister, Director of Commercial Space at NASA Headquarters, also added in a statement, “We look forward to sharing our lessons learned and operations experience with the private sector to help them develop safe, reliable destinations. and profitable in space”.

The agency added that money saved on space station maintenance could “be applied to NASA’s deep space exploration initiatives, allowing the agency to explore farther and faster in the world.” ‘deep space’.

Last year, a Russian space official warned of small cracks in the structure of the ISS that engineers fear could become too large – and expensive – to repair to maintain the structure in the future. The ISS was “reviewing recent technical issues aboard the Russian segment,” NASA said in its report.

The football field-sized space station has housed astronauts continuously since the year 2000, although it was originally slated to operate for just 15 years.

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“Ignite” to boost digital content creation and media production in Saudi Arabia with US$1.1 billion investment

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, February 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Saudi Arabia today announced Ignite, a new program for digital content creation and production, new investments and support for next-generation connectivity and communications infrastructure; and a partnership that will see Trend Micro open its regional headquarters to Riyadh. The announcements were made during LEAP22, the global technology platform taking place at Riyadh.

The new program and investments are all part of Saudi Arabia plans to accelerate its digital ecosystem and leverage its position in the MENA region to become a leading international digital economy.


The Digital Content Council has announced Ignite, a new program that will transform Saudi Arabia in a leading digital entertainment and multimedia production center. The program aims to create a comprehensive ecosystem that will attract digital content companies and grow the local media and content creation sector.

Ignite aims to triple Saudi Arabia digital content market size in games, audio, video and advertising. The program is supported by a US$1.1 billion investment, with incentives including financial support for local, regional and international companies and start-ups; infrastructure development; talent development programs and improved policies and regulations.

The program includes funds to support local film and game industries. Saudi Arabia will also strengthen intellectual property protections and provide a one-stop shop to streamline processes for investors.


The Kingdom has announced the launch of WiFi 6E, backed by the largest amount of spectrum available for WiFi of any country in the world. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and a record amount of spectrum will allow Saudi Arabia to benefit from the fastest Wi-Fi speeds in the world (2.4 Gbit/s). Enabling this advanced connectivity is expected to quadruple Wi-Fi’s overall contribution to Saudi Arabia GDP rising from US$4.7 billion in 2021 to more than 18 billion US dollars by 2030.

The Kingdom’s WiFi upgrade is supported by other initiatives, including the first regional trial of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology to extend reliable coverage to remote areas of the Kingdom. The CITC will also hold a spectrum auction in the first half of this year, a development that is expected to put Saudi Arabia first in the world for available spectrum for 5G networks.


Trend Micro has announced the opening of its Middle East & Africa (MEA) headquartered in Riyadha security data lake, a cybersecurity center of excellence and other investments in Saudi Arabia totaling more $50 million. The investments are intended to amplify Trend Micro’s ongoing commitment to protecting public and private organizations in the Kingdom and across the region.

LEAP is poised to become the world’s largest technology platform, shining a light on the global innovation ecosystem, connecting pioneers and disruptors with business and government leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to discover and learn more about the technologies of the future.


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SecZetta Expands International Presence with Opening of EMEA Headquarters

EMEA Market Entry Demonstrates Growing Demand for SecZetta

Third-Party Identity Risk Solution

Autumn River, Mass. – February 1, 2022 SecZetta, a leading provider of third-party identity risk management solutions, announced the opening of its Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) headquarters in London, UK . The expansion demonstrates the company’s continued momentum as it seeks to meet growing demand for its solution in the EMEA market and globally.

Phil Allen, an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in identity management, has been appointed Managing Director, EMEA. Mr. Allen began his career in the public key infrastructure space in the late 1990s and has developed deep expertise in helping organizations get the most out of their identity management programs. He most recently served as Vice President and General Manager, EMEA at Ping Identity, where he supported many of the world’s largest companies with their strategic initiatives such as Open Banking, Post-GDPR Identity, accelerating cloud adoption and their Zero Trust strategies.

In addition to the increased awareness of the need for least-privilege or zero-trust based access methodologies for non-employee third parties, the extent to which many organizations use third parties as part of their usual business practices put additional pressure on existing processes and increased their exposure to risk. Additionally, as global organizations continue to use cloud computing, DevOps, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and other “stuff” to advance their digital transformation initiatives, the use of non-humans continues to grow and with it the need to provide them with access.

“A key driver of our expansion into EMEA is the growing movement we have seen towards automation and the use of identity authority as a critical component to managing the diversity, complexity and the volume of access of non-salaried third-party labor. SecZetta uniquely offers this capability,” said David Pignolet, Founder and CEO of SecZetta. “We are very happy to welcome Phil to SecZetta; his deep industry knowledge, leadership experience and regional expertise positions him well to lead our growth strategy in the EMEA region,”

“Having spent the last 20 years helping organizations with their identity management programs, the focus has always been on employee or customer identities, regardless of the myriad of non-employee and non-employee identities. that are part of most organizations,” said Phil Allen, GM EMEA, SecZetta. “SecZetta solutions uniquely help automate risk-based identity lifecycle management processes for third-party users and non-human users, which not only improves overall operational efficiency around managing access for these users, but significantly reduces the risk associated with granting internal access to external, non-human users. – salaried users. I look forward to growing the EMEA organization and working with our channel partners to help customers manage all other identities as part of their identity management programs. »

The EMEA organization will enter the market with a channel-driven sales strategy designed to utilize existing partnerships and promote channel growth to support sales momentum.

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Entain launches the Global Innovation Hub, Ennovate

Ennovate supports Entain’s ambition to be a global leader in interactive entertainment, delivering great products and moments of excitement for customers. As media, entertainment and games converge, customers expect richer experiences, with greater variety of content, immersive experiences, personalization and social interaction that increase their enjoyment and engagement.

Early technology companies to work with Ennovate include Verizon, BT and Theta Labs, all of which seek to develop groundbreaking customer experiences in gaming and interactive entertainment. Non-profit organizations are also collaborating with Ennovate, using technology for innovations that bring societal and environmental benefits. All external partners will collaborate with Entain’s own technical team and use the Ennovate hub to design, develop, experiment and bring their innovations to life.

“We want to lead the way with exciting new products and experiences for customers and use our cutting-edge technology to innovate sports, games and interactive entertainment for the metaverse,” said Jette Nygaard-Andersenmanaging director of Entain.

“We also want to use our position as a global technology leader to drive innovation on a larger scale. Working with partners around the world, Ennovate will demonstrate how Entain’s cutting-edge technology can both revolutionize consumer experiences and deliver real benefits to society,” she added.

Ennovate’s first dedicated innovation lab will be located in Charterhouse Square, Farringdon, in the heart of London entrepreneurial tech community, close to the UK headquarters of TikTok and Snapchat. It will host members of Entain’s innovation technology team, working alongside its business and nonprofit partners.

Inaugurated this spring, the place is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, in order to create a unique environment in which to build and experience new entertainment experiences. These will include the development of new entertainment products for the Metaverse, a virtual reality space where people can interact in a computer-generated environment.

The centerpiece of this and future Ennovate Labs will be an Experience Zone, allowing customers, investors, partners and employees to try out new, immersive experiences in sports, games and interactive entertainment.

“Our goal is to bring to life the most exciting experiences in immersive sports, gaming and interactive entertainment as the metaverse takes shape,” said Sandep Tiku, chief operating officer at Entain, which leads its work on disruptive innovation. “By working with partners, we believe we can achieve great things faster, both for customers and to apply these technologies and skills to benefit society at large.”

Ennovate will initially present:

New consumer products and experiences to drive immersive entertainment

  • Non-fungible tokens (NFT), or unique digital collectible assets, that Entain develops for the Group’s brands. Partypoker today announces plans to launch its first official Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) soon, powered by Theta Labs. NFTs are unique, non-fungible certificates of authenticity of digital files, which may include items such as artwork, music, video, or tweets. Partypoker NFTs will feature some of the most iconic video moments and tournament hands in partypoker and partypoker LIVE history.
  • Immersive experiences in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will also be presented and developed at the Ennovate Hub. These will include a pioneering multi-sport club experience in virtual reality, which the Group will launch shortly.
  • VR arcades. Entain will make immersive experiences available to customers on the high street, converting two locations into new VR retail experience zones where consumers will soon be able to try ground-breaking new experiences in immersive sports and interactive entertainment for themselves- same. Entain is working on innovations for VR in retail and plans to open its first VR arcades later this year.

Technology partnerships

Entain builds relationships and partnerships with technology innovators and companies, based in the UK and around the world, through the Ennovate hub. Initial technology partners include:

  • Verizon, one of the world’s leading digital communications providers, is one of the first major technology companies to work with Entain to build the Ennovate 5G Lab and explore the power of 5G to deliver immersive customer experiences in the field of sports and entertainment. Additionally, the two companies are collaborating to deliver more immersive and connected gaming experiences in international markets, including the United States.
  • LV will partner with Ennovate Hub to explore new immersive products and experiences. As one of the UK’s largest investors in technology R&D, BT will work with Ennovate to bring the power of its cutting-edge 5G connectivity, high-speed fixed networks and explore the use of edge computing to provide bespoke services and disruptive experiences to Entain customers in the UK, delivering immersive experiences in sports, games and interactive entertainment.
  • Theta Laboratories, which provides end-to-end infrastructure for decentralized video and powers NFT and metaverse platforms, is working with Entain to launch a white label NFT platform for partypoker customers. Entain technologists will work further with Theta Labs to use its technology in video streaming, metaverse, gaming and more.

Accelerator and incubator programs

  • The Ennovate Hub will host accelerator and incubator programs, combining disruptive innovative ideas, technology and startup entrepreneurship with Entain’s unparalleled experience serving millions of customers worldwide.
  • The accelerator will initially invest up to £5 million in individual initiatives to develop and boost innovative concepts to revolutionize interactive entertainment, as well as new technologies that deliver societal benefits in line with Entain’s sustainability agenda.
  • Ennovate is already inviting startups focused on immersive customer experiences, interactive entertainment, and the metaverse to be part of this accelerator program, which will officially launch this summer.
  • The first Ennovate laboratory will open in Farringdon, London in spring. It will house on-site experimentation work involving approximately 50 full-time Entain developers and software engineers working on disruptive technologies around the world.

Non-profit and ESG partnerships

Entain wants the advanced technology and innovations being developed at the Ennovate hub to deliver environmental and societal benefits. Nonprofit partners will have access to Ennovate’s technology expertise and workspace, as well as additional support and funding through Ennovate. Initial partnerships include:

  • chance for childhoodan award-winning charity that supports vulnerable children through Africawill work with technologists from the Ennovate hub on an innovative mobile app that digitizes and leverages Chance for Childhood’s breakthrough approach to detecting hidden disabilities and developmental delays in preschoolers Africa. Entain’s technology, using artificial intelligence, will promote personalized and play-based learning for children with disabilities and special educational needs (SEN), which will go a long way towards improving their lives and their learning prospects.
  • Climate Hack.AI Also through Ennovate, as joint lead sponsor with Newcross Healthcare, Entain will fund and support Climate Hack.AI, an international competition that features some of the brightest students from 25 of the world’s top universities such as University College London , Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Oxford and Cambridge – seeking to use artificial intelligence to help fight climate change. The first competition is now underway and focuses on designing algorithms using satellite imagery of the Earth to predict the movement of weather fronts over the UK – an important step in the pipeline to predict weather production. solar energy and, subsequently, to reduce the amount of backup power needed to be produced by carbon-based generators.

Through train, the Group’s global D&I technology initiative, the Group will also explore new opportunities for collaboration within the Ennovate hub to improve the representation of women in STEM industries. Existing partners include Girls Who Code, a nonprofit Entain supports to attract more young women to the tech industry, and the Tech Girls Movement Foundation, which challenges perceptions of gender that limit women’s participation. girls in STEM.

Through its non-profit Foundation, the Group also works with The Berlin University of Technology and the Nexus Institute develop international training for executives to strengthen diversity in research and development and University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)to support internships for graduates who will work alongside Entain’s US-based global innovation team at UNLV Harry Reid Research and Technology Park.

Photo –


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Chicago Fire plans new training facility at former CHA site

The Chicago Fire football team plans to build a practice facility on land that was once one of the Chicago Housing Authority’s largest public housing developments.

The Major League Soccer team, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Housing Authority CEO announced Thursday that they have begun discussions about developing 30 acres of vacant land on Chicago’s Near West Side. The site would house a headquarters and training center for firefighters, they said.

Under a long-term lease, the Fire would develop the multimillion-dollar facility and provide community benefits and investment, officials said. This would include investments in nearby public housing sites, job creation for community members and recreational opportunities for young people.

The property was once the site of ABLA homes, which once housed nearly 17,000 people in 3,600 units, WTTW Chicago reported.

The proposal will be discussed at community meetings over the coming weeks.

“In neighborhoods across the city, football brings people together, fostering a strong sense of history and community while showing immense passion for the game,” said Chicago Fire FC President Ishwara Glassman Chrein. “We look forward to introducing the project to the local community, hearing their feedback and creating new opportunities for Near West Side residents to enjoy the game.”

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Minutes of the Combined General Meeting of 28

Report of the Combined General assembly
of January 28 2022

The mixed general meeting (ordinary and extraordinary) of the company BIGBEN INTERACTIVE meeting at the registered office of Lesquin on Friday January 28, 2022 at 11 a.m., adopted all the resolutions proposed after presentation of the legal documents.

540 shareholders present or represented held 12,585,016 shares out of 19,303,597 shares with voting rights, i.e. 65.19% and thus more than a quarter of the share capital with voting rights. These shares represented 15,121,184 votes or 68.40% of the net voting rights.

Number of shares outstanding as of January 28, 2022 19,380,484
Number of voting shares 19,303,597
Number of voting rights (net) 22 104 126

Adoption of randsolutions

No. Description of resolutions For % Vs %
1 Modification of the articles of association (distribution of profits) Extraordinary. 15,115,527 99.98 3,605 0.02
2 Exceptional distribution in kind of Nacon shares Ordinary 15,117,070 99.98 3,107 0.02
3 Powers to complete legal formalities Ordinary 15,115,007 99.98 2,626 0.02

Purchases of Bigben shares made until Tuesday, February 1, 2022 inclusive will be eligible for distribution in kind.

Consultation of the documents presented to the General Assembly
The documents presented at the General Meeting can be downloaded from the website, under “The Group”, “Investors Area”, “General Meeting”:

– Minutes of the Board of Directors relating to the Combined General Meeting
– Conditions for shareholder participation
– Resolutions for the approval of the Combined General Meeting
– Notice of meeting published in BALO n° 152 of December 20, 2021
– Convening notice to BALO n° 5 of January 12, 2022
– Universal registration document 2020-21 (filed with the AMF on July 6, 2021, number D.21-0687)

Paper copies of all these documents are available free of charge at the registered office of the Company.

Financial communication calendar

This schedule is provided for information purposes only and is subject to change if the Company deems it necessary. As a general rule, press releases are issued after the Paris Stock Exchange closes.

Q4 sales April 25, 2022
Annual results May 30, 2022


SALES 2020-21

On. 1060 employees

28 subsidiaries and a distribution network in more than 100 countries

Bigben Interactive is a European player in the development and publishing of video games, the design and distribution of accessories for smartphones and games as well as audio products. The Group, recognized for its capacity for innovation and creativity, intends to become one of the European leaders in each of its markets.

Company listed on Euronext Paris, compartment B – Index: CAC Mid & Small – Eligible SRD long
No. No.: FR0000074072; Reuters: BIGPA; Bloomberg: BIGFP


CapValue – Gilles Broquelet [email protected] – +33 1 80 81 50 01

  • BBI_AG_28_01_2022_Report_Diffusion FR

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Catella: Real Estate AG acquires the headquarters of Adezz in Uden, the Netherlands, for the fund “Catella Logistik Deutschland Plus”

The logistics building, which was built to high standards in 2018 and expanded in 2020, has a total leasable area of ​​23,758 m², including 21,437 m² of warehouse and logistics space, 884 m² of office space. exhibition and 1,437 m² of offices and social spaces.

The building is designed and constructed to be sustainable and energy efficient. Thanks to solar panels installed on the roof, much of the energy needed can be produced by the company itself, and the office space is certified with an energy label A. In addition to numerous social spaces for employees, the building also has a green facade.

The Netherlands is one of the five largest exporting countries in the world. Its geographical location and its traditionally close links with European and intercontinental markets make it an international hub for trade and logistics. Uden is strategically located in the heart of East Brabant between Nijmegen, Eindhoven and Venlo. Thanks to its central location and excellent transport links, the region is one of the main logistics centers in the Netherlands. Eindhoven, Zwolle, Oss and Breda are easily accessible via the nearby A50, A59 and A73 motorways. The A73 motorway (Nijmegen – Venlo) and the A16, which easily connects the port of Rotterdam with the southern region and the port of Antwerp, also pass not far from Uden.

The property is situated on a plot of approx. 16,450 m² on the south-eastern edge of Uden, in the middle of a fully developed business park. The business park was established in the 1960s and has been restructured in recent years into a modern, dynamic and sustainable business park, aiming to be a relevant logistics hub in the Netherlands, especially in the sectors of furniture, decoration and design. This not only led to a significant improvement in the quality of the location, but also brought in several prime real estate developments.

The seller is Potmaat BV, a Dutch holding company with three operating companies, Adezz BV, Furns BV and Senzzo BV, all specializing in garden and street furniture, water and fire elements and garden products. The 15-year lease was signed by its main operating company Adezz on a triple net ROZ basis.

Catella Real Estate AG was advised by Osborne Clarke on legal matters, by Bremen Bouwaadviseurs on technical due diligence and by KPMG on tax and structuring. The seller and future tenant was supported by Houthoff.

André Göpfert, Portfolio Manager Logistics, is delighted with the successful purchase in the Netherlands: “After seven successful transactions in Germany in 2021, the portfolio of Catella Logistik Deutschland Plus is now going international with the purchase in Uden. In addition to the very good location in one of the main logistics regions of the Netherlands, the high-quality construction and equipment of the building combined with an above-average rental period with a tenant with a solid credit argued in favor of the purchase. using our management expertise to successively implement other sustainability projects with the tenant, as well as to continue to develop our logistics portfolio in the Netherlands and across Europe”.

About the fund “Catella Logistik Deutschland Plus”

The “Catella Logistik Deutschland Plus” invests in sustainable warehouses and logistics properties in Germany and neighboring countries. The focus is on properties with good to very good locations in established logistics regions close to transport hubs and conurbations as well as production centers. All locations have strong fundamentals and growth potential, both current and future, combined with stable cash flow when acquiring properties.

The investment strategy focuses on existing properties as well as newly built properties and special logistics halls (e.g. parcel distribution centers, delivery bases, fulfillment centers, cross docks, light industrial or industrial properties, refrigerated logistics, etc.). A high degree of third-party use and flexibility of properties, and multi-modal properties/locations (eg rail sidings) are strongly preferred.

About Catella Real Estate AG (CREAG)

Catella Real Estate AG (CREAG), founded in January 2007 and headquartered in Munich, is engaged in the management of real estate investment funds and the provision of real estate investment advice. CREAG is a licensed capital management company (KVG) under the German Investment Act (KAGB). The purpose of the company is the design, development and management of real estate investment funds with variable capital based on the expertise and exceptional market position of the Catella Group. CREAG currently manages €6.9 billion of assets in 19 real estate funds (as of December 31, 2021).

For more information, please contact:

Catella Immobilier SA

Julia Stubler

Marketing & PR Manager

F: (0)89 189 16 65 466

M: +49 (0) 152 389 228 65

E: [email protected]

More information please find here:

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All the registrations and certificates you need to visit Saudi Arabia

A Saudi hospitality project will allow visitors to walk in the footsteps of the royal family, in palaces steeped in history

MAKKAH/RIYADH: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman recently announced the launch of the Boutique Group, which plans to turn a number of historically and culturally significant palaces in Saudi Arabia into ultra-luxury hotels.

The move is part of efforts to showcase the Kingdom’s rich heritage and vibrant culture to domestic and foreign visitors, as well as the hospitality for which the country is renowned. The first phase of the project focuses on the development of three historic destinations: Al-Hamra Palace in Jeddah, Tuwaiq Palace and Red Palace in Riyadh.

Al Hamra Palace

Al-Hamra Palace is one of the most historically significant palaces of the modern era, according to Saleh Al-Misnad Al-Tamimi, a contemporary Saudi history researcher.

Inspired by Andalusian culture and style, it was built during the reign of King Saud bin Abdulaziz for Prince Faisal bin Abdulaziz but was not intended to host official functions and conferences.

The palace, located north of the US embassy, ​​was relatively small when it was built in the late 1950s, Al-Tamimi told Arab News. It was later expanded and transformed into a place to receive royal guests and hold official meetings.

The prince had an office on the south side of the building, directly overlooking the palace mosque, according to Al-Tamimi. Palace workers would hear requests and complaints from citizens, then relay them to the royal in his office, near reception.

The palace hosted many important events, Al-Tamimi said, including the first conference of foreign ministers of Islamic countries in March 1970, which resulted in the formation of the General Secretariat of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, now known as the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Cooperation.

Inspired by Andalusian culture and style, Al-Hamra Palace was built during the reign of King Saud bin Abdulaziz for Prince Faisal bin Abdulaziz. (Provided)

Among the many foreign leaders and heads of state who met King Faisal at the palace were US President Richard Nixon, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, Lebanese President Suleiman Frangieh and Sudanese President Jaafar Nimeiry. Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser was a rare exception, who was instead received at the royal court at Khuzam Palace.

Al-Hamra Palace was built by the Arab Engineering Company, which had built many similar structures in Jeddah, including those belonging to Prince Nawaf bin Abdulaziz and politician, economist and poet Mohammed Surur Sabban.

After its development by Boutique Group, Al-Hamra Palace will have 77 rooms, including 33 luxury suites and 44 luxury villas.

Mohammed H. Al-Ruwaili, of the Al-Sudairy Cultural Center in Jouf, described the launch of the Boutique Group as a civilizational, historical and cultural investment leap that will open up Saudi Arabia’s heritage and cultural treasures to the world. . and enjoy.

He said the project aims to capitalize on the aspect of Saudi heritage represented by the luxurious palaces nestled in nature and once owned by kings and princes, turning them into tourist attractions that visitors from all over the world can enjoy. .

With their eye-catching courtyards, gardens and floors, they will be transformed into world-class luxury hotels with ornate interior decorations and unprecedented architectural designs, he told Arab News.

The palace, located north of the US Embassy, ​​was relatively small when built in the late 1950s. (Supplied)

“I think we are on the verge of making a significant and qualitative shift in investing and introducing valuable historical and cultural destinations in our country,” Al-Ruwaili said, referring to the first phase of the Boutique group project.

“The announcement (by the Crown Prince) is historic as it will likely be followed by milestones and milestones that Saudi citizens will benefit from.”

Abdullah Almuneef, dean of the faculty of tourism and antiquities at King Saud University, also welcomed the announcement, saying the project will ensure the restoration and preservation of historical sites by turning them into elite tourist destinations.

“It is an important experience for the Kingdom, similar to that in Europe, where many famous palaces have benefited from restoration and preservation projects,” he said.

The red palace

King Abdulaziz ordered the construction of the Red Palace in Riyadh in 1942 to serve as the residence of his son, Saud, who was then the crown prince. It was also used to receive official guests.

After King Saud moved to his Nasiriyah Palace in 1956, the Red Palace became the seat of the Council of Ministers during the reigns of King Faisal, King Khalid and King Fahd, before becoming the seat of the Committee of Grievances .

After the redevelopment, the Red Palace will have 71 rooms, including 46 luxury suites and 25 luxury guest rooms. (Provided)

It was called the Red Palace because of the distinctive color of its exterior. Among the notable guests hosted within its walls were Egyptian Presidents Nasser and Sadat, Syrian President Shukri Al-Quwatli, Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and King Talal bin Abdullah of Jordan.

The palace consists of 16 suites and rooms equipped with air conditioning and ceiling fans, as well as a system that allows sunlight to illuminate the interior of the palace. After the redevelopment, the palace will have 71 rooms, including 46 luxury suites and 25 luxurious guest rooms.

Tuwaiq Palace

Tuwaiq Palace is located in the diplomatic district of Riyadh, occupying an area of ​​approximately 24,000 square meters. Designed in 1981 and completed in 1985, it received the Aga Khan International Award for Architecture in 1998.

Today, the palace is a center for cultural activities, conferences, seminars, specialized exhibitions and social activities. It also hosts workshops, festivals, meetings and training events.

It comprises several halls, public facilities and reception areas behind a long undulating wall clad in Riyadh stone, a beige-colored limestone quarried in Saudi Arabia.

Designed in 1981 and completed in 1985, Tuwaiq Palace received the Aga Khan International Award for Architecture in 1998. (Supplied)

It also has a three-story guest house overlooking the valley, with four suites and 25 rooms.

There are several reception halls and amphitheatres, all equipped with presentation and translation facilities, in addition to dining halls and other hospitality services.

Three distinctive white canopies span the main halls, whose walls of glass offer a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding valley, gardens and scenic outdoor pathways. After redevelopment, the palace will feature 96 rooms, including 40 luxury suites and 56 luxury villas.

Khuzam Palace

Although not currently included in the redevelopment plan, Khuzam Palace has great potential to become a boutique hotel. Located in Al-Nazla Al-Yamaniya, in the southeast of historic Jeddah, the palace was named after the Khuzam tulips that grow abundantly on its grounds. Construction began in 1928 and was completed in 1932.

“The palace was built of stone bricks and its roof was constructed of Javanese timber,” Al-Tamimi said. “About three years later, the Egyptian National Company built reinforced concrete annexes there, including the palace that King Abdulaziz used to receive kings, heads of state, ministers, ambassadors and high officials.”

Located in Al-Nazla Al-Yamaniya in the southeast of historic Jeddah, Khuzam Palace was named after the Khuzam tulips that grow abundantly on its grounds. (Provided)

According to Al-Tamimi, Khuzam Palace was where the concession agreement allowing oil exploration was signed between the Saudi government, represented by Finance Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Suleiman, and Standard Oil of California, represented by Lloyd Hamilton, May 29, 1933. .

The palace also hosted the signing ceremonies of a border agreement with Kuwait and a reciprocal memorandum with Egypt regarding construction projects, according to Al-Tamimi. Other notable events that took place there include the renewal of the Jeddah Treaty with the British government in 1943, the signing of the Dhahran Airfield Agreement with the United States, a trade agreement with Syria and a friendship treaty with Pakistan.

The palace’s importance throughout the kingdom’s history has been such that its iconic main gates were once featured on Saudi banknotes.

Al-Saqqaf Palace

Al-Saqqaf Palace, also known as Al-Bayyadiyah Royal Palace, is located in the holy city of Makkah. It should be included in the next phase of the Boutique Group project, as it is currently undergoing restoration work.

“The palace is a high beacon of architectural art and one of the oldest archaeological buildings,” Makkah history researcher Samir Ahmed Barqa told Arab News.

“It represents heritage architectural designs and bears the Islamic architectural character as it contains a lot of Islamic arts and decorations. He has also witnessed many high-profile occasions throughout a royal era, whose roots stretch to the first Saudi state.

Al-Saqqaf Palace, also known as Al-Bayyadiyah Royal Palace, is located in the holy city of Makkah. (Provided)

The site consists of two older palaces, Al-Bayyadiyah Al-Shamali and Al-Bayyadiyah Al-Janoubi, which were combined with a newer palace built by King Abdulaziz, who lived there from 1924.

“The palace became the seat of government when the founding king came to Makkah,” Barqa said. “After that, the palace was used as the headquarters for King Abdulaziz’s deputy in Hejaz, his son Prince Faisal, and later it was used as the headquarters of the Muslim World League, and then as the headquarters of Makkah Police.”

King Abdulaziz ordered the construction of several halls to accommodate visiting presidents, kings and other dignitaries, as well as heads of Hajj missions. (Provided)

King Abdulaziz ordered the construction of several halls to accommodate visiting presidents, kings and other dignitaries, as well as heads of Hajj missions. The palace became the seat of the Royal Court in 1953, then was occupied by a number of government departments between 1960 and 1982.

It has over 100 rooms, including a central meeting room. The main entrance stands out for its exquisite grandeur.

If included in the boutique project, it would undoubtedly become an important attraction for religious tourists visiting Makkah and captivated by the heritage of the Kingdom.

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Unifrax moves its headquarters to Dallas, changing its name | Business premises

Unifrax has changed its name and will move its headquarters to Dallas.

Photo from news folder

Unifrax plans to move its headquarters from the city of Tonawanda to Dallas, but the company said it does not expect the change to result in immediate local job cuts.

The company announced the move on Monday, along with announcing it was changing its name to Alkegen.

The newly renamed company will continue to have manufacturing operations in Tonawanda. And Tonawanda will serve as the headquarters for Alkegen’s thermal insulation and emissions control activities.

“No changes are expected in the short term for jobs in Tonawanda,” said company spokeswoman Deb Myers.

“Just as we were with Unifrax, as Alkegen we are committed to Buffalo and plan to maintain a significant presence here for the long term,” she said.

The change in name and headquarters stems from Unifrax’s acquisition of Lydall, a manufacturer of specialty filtration materials with a worldwide presence. The $1.3 billion deal was completed last October, with John Dandolph, chairman and chief executive of Unifrax, leading the combined company in those same roles.

Alkegen will locate the headquarters of its filtration and battery business in Dallas, as well as its corporate headquarters.

“The decision to base our business, filtration and battery teams in Dallas demonstrates our commitment to growing the business and making Alkegen a global leader focused on advanced technologies,” said Dandolph.

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Migrants at the Hungarian border are part of the election campaign


Migrants clean an abandoned shed while preparing for harsh winter weather near the Hungarian border outside the village of Majdan, Serbia, Tuesday, January 11, 2022. Hungarian nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban holds to use the threat of migrants on his country’s southern border to give him an advantage in the upcoming elections. But the extent of the migratory pressure claimed by Orban is called into question by statistics from neighboring Serbia and the European Union’s border agency. (AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky)


A group of migrants huddle next to a small, smoky fire inside an abandoned building in northern Serbia, the last moments of warmth before rushing through the snow towards barbed wire, cameras and sensors of Hungary’s electrified border fence.

Hours later they return, their efforts to cross Hungary and into Western Europe thwarted by the three-meter (10-foot) fence and the heavy patrols of the Hungarian police who, having intercepted them, escorted them from across the border to Serbia.

“I’m going to Austria, I’m going to Germany, I’m going to the Netherlands,” says Muhtar Ahmad, a 26-year-old from Aleppo, Syria, who is squatting with about 35 other migrants in the makeshift tent camp in outside the Serbian village of Majdan, one mile (less than two kilometers) from the Hungarian border.

“I am not staying in Hungary. What’s the problem?”

As migrants from Syria, Afghanistan and other countries embark on the final leg of their long journey to Europe’s wealthier countries, their efforts to enter the European Union illegally via Hungary – and the practice the country’s controversial move to send them back to Serbia when captured – have incorporated them into a political campaign with which the Hungarian nationalist leader hopes to win the next general election.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who according to polls will face his closest election in more than a decade in April, is campaigning on a strict anti-immigration platform and keen to use the prospect of a wave of migrants massing at the Hungarian border as a means of mobilizing his conservative electoral base.

“This year alone, we have arrested and detained…more than 100,000 people,” Orban said in a rare appearance before reporters in December. “If the Hungarian fence had not been there, more than 100,000 more illegal migrants would now be first in Austria and then in Germany.”

One of Europe’s most vocal opponents of immigration, Orban said migration threatens to displace the continent’s Christian culture and that illegal migrants are responsible for bringing in infections like COVID-19 variants. in his country.

“We don’t want to be an immigration country,” Orban said in a state radio interview this week.

Ahead of the April 3 election, he described current migration pressures as higher than in 2015, when hundreds of thousands of refugees entered the EU fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East and elsewhere. , and when he ordered the construction of the border of the country. fence.

But figures released by Serbian officials and the EU Border and Coast Guard agency suggest far fewer people are trying to enter Hungary than the right-wing leader claims.

“It’s a bit bigger number than, say, two years ago, but they’re not significant numbers. It’s a small increase,” Nemanja Matejic, manager of a migrant reception center in the northern Serbian town of Subotica, said of the current level of migrants along the Hungarian border.

While Hungarian police put the number of migrants intercepted by Hungarian authorities at more than 122,000, data from the European border agency Frontex showed that there were 60,540 attempts to cross borders illegally. last year on the Western Balkan migration route, which includes the Hungary-Serbia border.

Moreover, since most migrants make repeated attempts to cross, the number of individuals involved is even much smaller.

The Serbian Commissariat for Refugees and Migration reports that there are 4,276 migrants residing in reception centers in Serbia and another 1,000 sleeping rough.

Frontex noted that the majority of Western Balkan crossings “can be traced back to people who have been in the region for some time and repeatedly attempt to reach their target country in the EU”.

Hikmad Serat, 20, from Nangarhar province, Afghanistan, took shelter in an isolated abandoned building near the Serbian border town of Horgos this month as a cold snap brought temperatures to -10 C (14 F.)

Serat said he had been in Serbia for 15 months and had lost count of how many times he had entered Hungary and been turned away by the police.

“Many times I try, 100 times, more than 100 times… Each time the police arrest me and deport me to Serbia,” Serat said.

This practice – where police deny migrants the right to seek asylum and escort them back across national borders – is known as “refoulement”. It has been declared illegal by the EU’s highest court and violates international asylum treaties.

Matejic, the head of the reception center, said migrants making dozens of crossing attempts are “typical”.

“Sometimes a guy tries once and walks away, he’s lucky…Sometimes they try over 50 times…They try and try again,” he said.

Many migrants have reported being ill-treated by the police after leaving Serbian territory for Hungary, Croatia or Romania. This includes destroying or stealing mobile phones, sitting or kneeling in the snow for hours and being beaten – allegations that are very difficult to independently confirm.

Romanian police did not respond to questions from The Associated Press. But Hungary’s national police headquarters wrote in an email that it “strongly rejects the unsubstantiated allegations” of migrant abuse.

Still, Matejic said 150 cases of broken limbs were recorded by the Subotica reception center in 2019.

“Sometimes they break their phones, the police. Sometimes they take their money. Sometimes they break their legs. It’s a different experience for everyone,” Matejic said.

Orban has asked the EU to reimburse Hungary for at least half of the costs of building, maintaining and patrolling its border fence, which he says amounted to 590 billion Hungarian forints ( $1.9 billion) over the past six years.

Still at odds with the EU’s more liberal member states, he also threatened “to open a corridor along which migrants can walk to Austria, Germany and Sweden and anyone who needs it”.

Despite the dangers, Faris al-Ibrahimi, a Moroccan migrant from the Subotica reception center who intends to travel to Spain, said he was undeterred after being pushed back 27 times by Hungarian police .

“I will try again. I won’t give up now… I will try until I succeed,” he said. “It’s an adventure. We cross, we go, they catch up with us, we come back, we leave. It’s like a game for us.”


Follow AP’s global migration coverage at

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Prosecute the International Finance Corporation and the Chicago Police’s Kill or Sell Policy

Petitions of the week

Jeffrey Fisher pleads for plaintiffs in jam c. International Finance Corporation. in 2018. (Art Link)

This week, we highlight cert petitions that ask the Supreme Court to consider, among other things, whether the International Finance Corporation is immune from prosecution for its actions regarding the Tata Mundra power plant in Gujarat, India, and whether the Chicago Police Department’s policy of destroying or selling property of arrested persons not recovered after 30 days violates the Fourth or Fifth Amendments.

The Business Activity Exception of the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court of Cassirer c. Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection Foundation heard oral argument in a case under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act regarding conflict of law rules. In jam c. International Finance Corporation, the Supreme Court faces another problem under the FSIA in a case that is back before the justices after sending it back to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit earlier in 2019. Jam began in 2015, when farmers and fishermen who live near the Tata Mundra power station in Gujarat, India, along with other petitioners, sued the IFC in federal district court in Washington, DC. The petitioners alleged that the power plant – financed by the IFC and approved from its headquarters in Washington – has “devastated” the local environment and way of life. First Jam case, the Supreme Court ruled that the IFC did not have absolute immunity as an international organization, but only “limited immunity”, meaning that plaintiffs could sue the IFC for claims involving its commercial activity carried on in the United States, or they could sue if the IFC had waived its immunity.

On remand, the DC circuit ruled again that the IFC was immune from suit against the applicants. First, upholding the district court, the appeals court held that the FSIA’s business activity exception did not apply. Since the “construction and operation” of the power plant in India was what “actually harmed” the claimants, their claims were not based on any of IFC’s business activities in the United States. Second, despite the wording of the IFC charter stating that “[a]actions may be brought against it”, the Court of Appeal considered itself “compelled” by the case law to find waivers of immunity only if a waiver “benefited” the organization – and the court estimated that it would not be in this case.

In their motion for judicial review, the petitioners argue that the DC Circuit created a new divided circuit with its approach to the FSIA’s business activity exception and invented its doctrine avoiding waiver in the face of seemingly clear text. waiver of immunity.

The Chicago Police’s Sell or Destroy Policy

In Conyers v. City of Chicago, Illinois, Blake Conyers challenges the Chicago Police Department’s policy of selling or destroying personal property seized from arrestees if the arrestee does not recover it within 30 days. After Chicago police destroyed an earring, bracelet and two cell phones belonging to Conyers (who was in pretrial detention when the 30 days elapsed), Conyers filed suit under the fourth, fifth and 14th amendments. The United States Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit upheld the district court’s dismissal of Conyers’ claims, in part on the grounds that he had been notified of his need to recover property.

These and others petitions of the week are below:

Conyers v. City of Chicago, Illinois
Publish: If a municipality may, pursuant to the Fourth and Fifth Amendments and pursuant to an explicit policy, destroy or sell property seized during an inventory search of an arrested person because the arrested person remains in custody awaiting trial for more than 30 days and is unable to recover the property.

Corbeau v. Fontenot
Publish: if “new” evidence, within the meaning Schlup vs. Delo and McQuiggin v. Perkins, means evidence that was not available at the time of trial or, as broadly construed below, encompasses any evidence, including evidence known to the defendant and/or available with due diligence, not presented at trial .

Idaho vs. Howard
PublishIf, when officers are lawfully deploying a narcotics detection dog outside a vehicle, and without any instruction, prompting or facilitation from officers, the dog briefly touches the vehicle or sticks its muzzle through a window open, the conduct of the dog constitutes a Fourth Amendment investigation by officers.

Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. v. Hewitt
Publish: If a supervisor earning more than $200,000 a year is entitled to overtime pay because the stand-alone regulatory exemption set out in 29 CFR § 541.601 remains subject to the detailed requirements of 29 CFR § 541.604 to determine whether highly paid supervisors are exempt from the overtime pay requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

jam c. International Finance Corporation
Problems: (1) If the business activity exception to the immunity for foreign sovereigns and international organizations under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act authorizes suits where the alleged acts of the defendant giving rise to its liability constitute a commercial activity carried on in the United States, whether or not the conduct of another party more directly caused the damage; and (2) if a treaty provision stipulating that “[a]actions can be brought against [international organization]” waives the immunity of the organization.

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NCAA changes transgender athlete participation policy amid calls for re-evaluation

The NCAA has changed its policy regarding transgender athletes, it announced Wednesday.

The new approach to allowing transgender athletes will follow a sport-by-sport model similarly adopted by US and international Olympic committees, Sports Illustrated reported. the NCAA said if there was no international federation policy, then “previously established IOC policy criteria would be followed”.


“We are steadfast in our support of transgender student-athletes and in promoting equity in college sports,” Georgetown University president and NCAA board chairman John DeGioia said Wednesday. in a press release announcing the change.

The new policy takes effect immediately.

NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis on March 12, 2020.
(Associated Press)


The Board of Governors voted in favor of the new policy because it “preserves opportunities for transgender student-athletes while balancing fairness, inclusion and safety for all who compete,” according to the report.

“It is important that NCAA member schools, conferences and varsity athletes compete in an inclusive, fair, safe and respectful environment and can move forward with a clear understanding of the new policy,” DeGioia added.

The national governing body for each sport will be responsible for determining the participation of transgender athletes. If a sport does not have a national governing body, the policy of the international federation will be enacted, Sports Illustrated reported.

Lia Thomas swims for Penn.

Lia Thomas is swimming for Penn.
(Penn Athletics)

NCAA President Mark Emmert released a statement saying the new policy brings collegiate sports closer to Olympic standards.

“About 80% of US Olympians are current or former college athletes,” Emmert said. “This policy alignment provides consistency and further strengthens the relationship between college sports and the US Olympics.”


NCAA rules moved into the national spotlight due to the emergence of Penn’s Lia Thomas. She began breaking Ivy League records with national records in her sights. She was on the men’s team for her first three years, but started on the Quakers women’s team this season after her transition.

Its success this year has drawn criticism for allowing transgender women to compete with biological women. Women’s sports advocates and Penn parents recently spoke out against the NCAA and its rules on the participation of transgender female student-athletes.

The new NCAA policy means swimming athletes will be governed by the policies of USA Swimming, which follow the International Olympic Committee.

The IOC policy updated its transgender participation policy in November 2021 by refraining from focusing on testosterone levels to determine eligibility, according to The Washington Post. The IOC has urged the governing bodies of each individual sport to create the rules while offering assistance.

“Every athlete has the right to participate in sport without discrimination and in a manner that respects their health, safety and dignity,” the updated rules state. “At the same time, the credibility of competitive sport – and in particular high-level sporting competition – depends on a level playing field where no athlete has an unfair or disproportionate advantage over the others.”

Richard Budgett, the IOC’s medical and scientific director, said at the time that it was important to look at broader terms rather than just testosterone levels.

“It’s important that we expand the evidence base. There’s some interesting research that needs to come to fruition, and that will give us a lot more insight into performance, which is the question that’s really key in determining eligibility,” Budgett said.

According to swim swam, an NCAA spokesperson said the “previously established IOC policy criteria” referred to the November 2021 guidance.

The rules previously stated that trans female athletes had to demonstrate serum testosterone levels “below 10 nmol/L for at least 12 months”.

The advice was apparently changed after Laurel Hubbard’s historic appearance at the Olympics.

Thomas finished about two seconds ahead of his opponents with a time of 1:48.73 in the 200 freestyle. She missed setting an NCAA record held by Olympian Missy Franklin, who finished the event in 1:39.10 in 2015. Thomas wasn’t as dominant as she was at the Zippy Invitational in Akron last month.

Lia Thomas of the Pennsylvania Quakers swims in the 500-yard freestyle event during a triple meet against the Yale Bulldogs and the Dartmouth Big Green at Sheerr Pool on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania on January 8, 2022 in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania.

Lia Thomas of the Pennsylvania Quakers swims in the 500-yard freestyle event during a triple meet against the Yale Bulldogs and the Dartmouth Big Green at Sheerr Pool on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania on January 8, 2022 in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania.
(Hunter Martin/Getty Images)

She faced a real challenge in the 100 freestyle from Yale’s Iszac Henig, who is making the transition from female to male. Henig clocked 49.57 seconds and Thomas finished behind him with a time of 52.84 seconds.


Henig, who is from California and has been competing for Yale since 2018, stunned the race’s limited spectators.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Capewell appoints Lieutenant General (Rtd) Edward Davis as UK Strategic Director

Davis served 35 years in the naval service as an officer in the Royal Marines. During his distinguished career, he was the 63rd Commanding General of the Royal Marines and Commander of UK Amphibious Forces and Deputy Commander of NATO Land Command Headquarters. Retired from the British Armed Forces at the rank of Lieutenant General, he was transferred to the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office and was appointed, by Her Majesty The Queen, 67and Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Gibraltar in January 2016. He completed his term as Gibraltar Governor in February 2020.

Davis spent his early years in the naval service in regimental service in the United Kingdom, the the falkland islands, Cyprus, Norway, and Belize. He commanded a specialized military unit from 2002 to 2004, which included Operation TELIC 1 in Iraq, and later commanded 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines from 2010 to 2011, during which time he deployed to Afghanistan as commander of Task Force Helmand on Operation HERRICK 14. He was appointed 63rd Commanding General of the Royal Marines and Commander of the United Kingdom Amphibious Forces in December 2011. His last appointment to naval service was as Deputy Commander of NATO Land Command Headquarters in Izmir, Turkey, from July 2014 at January 2016.

“Ed’s significant leadership experience as Governor of Gibraltar, his vast expertise in international governance and his long tenure as a military leader with our allies in the United Kingdom are invaluable,” said Gregory Bloom, CEO of Capewell. “Our global team has gained immeasurable strength with his arrival.”

“Faced with the persistent challenges of our ever-changing world,” said Davis, “I particularly relish the opportunity to contribute to Capewell’s strategic ambition to become the premier provider of air and life support systems across the Kingdom. -United, Europe and the Commonwealth. It is an ambition that Capewell will undoubtedly achieve, given its 140 years of successful engineering that is innovative, agile and reliable for mission and life. It is indeed a proud moment for me to join Capewell.”

About Capwell:
Founded in 1881, Capewell is the world’s leading custom engineer and manufacturer of critical air delivery systems and combat water survival solutions for United States government and its partner nations. Capewell’s core mission – to protect people who operate systems in hazardous environments to support national security – continues to this day. Operating from South Windsor, Conn., and Meadows of Dan, Va., the company offers four primary product segments of critical components and systems: aerial and parachute delivery systems, air and marine safety and life support equipment, operator and maintainer training and logistics, and engineering.

SOURCE Capewell

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UPSC CSE Key – January 17, 2022: What you need to read today


Collarwali breathes his last, MP’s Pench Tiger Reserve loses ‘Supermom’


Preliminary examination: General questions on environmental ecology, biodiversity and climate change

Main examination: General Studies III: Environmental Conservation, Pollution and Degradation, Environmental Impact Assessment.

Key points to ponder:

• Pench Tiger Reserve and Pench National Park (Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra)

• Cartographic work – Pench River and Kanhan River – Origin

• Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book and Pench National Park – Connect the Dots

• Collarwali (Tigress) – Why was she so famous?

• Map Work-Tiger reserves in India

• Tiger Conservation Program (Project Tiger) – About, Mission and Vision

Other important articles dealing with the same subject:

📍 The Story of Collarwali – The “Empress Pench National Park”

📍 Supermom: What makes Collarwali Baghin of Pench Tiger Reserve a tigress like no other


Devas investors cite Canadian court order, want AI assets seized in US


Preliminary examination: News of national and international importance

Main examination: General Studies II: Effect of Policies and Policies of Developed and Developing Countries on India’s Interests

Key points to ponder:

• Mandate and Headquarters of the International Air Transport Association

• Convention on International Civil Aviation, as well as the Chicago Convention and India

• Antrix-Devas Agreement Controversy – Background (2005 agreement, 2011 UPA government canceled agreement, legal disputes, etc.)

• Why are Airports Authority of India (AAI) and Air India targeted?

• Decision of the National Court of Company Law on Devas Multimedia

• Know the National Court of Company Law, Antrix, restrictive immunity

Other important articles dealing with the same subject:

📍 Explained: Why NCLAT Called the Devas-Antrix Deal a Fraud

📍 The story of a Rs 4,400 crore fiasco at ISRO

Stop unilateral road construction, Nepal tells India


Preliminary examination: News of national and international importance

Main examination: General Studies II: India and its neighborhood relations.

Key points to ponder:

• India-Nepal Bilateral Relations

• Border disputes between India and Nepal (Kalapani and Susta region)

• Map Work-Limpiadhura, Lipulekh and Kalapani, Kali River, Dharchula

• Measures taken to resolve the border dispute

Other important articles dealing with the same subject:

📍 Interpretation of the Indo-Nepal border dispute

📍 Mapping the history of the Kalapani dispute between India and Nepal

📍 Border dispute between India and Nepal at Kalapani: an explanation


In Crypto Garb


Preliminary examination: Economic and social development

Main examination: General Studies-III: Indian Economy and Awareness of IT Fields

Key points to ponder:

• What is crypto investing?

• Can crypto then be considered an asset?

• Cryptocurrency or virtual currency – what do you mean by this term?

• What is Bitcoin?

• What is Blockchain technology and why is it associated with Bitcoin?

• The Cryptocurrency and Official Digital Currency Regulation Bill, 2021-Highlights

• Supreme Court on Cryptocurrency in 2018

• What is RBI Sandbox?

• What are the problems with cryptocurrency in traditional financial markets or simply in the market?

• Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

• Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) – Meaning, Issues and Challenges

Other important articles dealing with the same subject:

📍 Explanation: digital currencies and how they work

📍 Explanation: how are cryptocurrencies regulated in countries around the world?

📍 The Myth and Lure of Crypto


An Indian Green Accord

Preliminary examination: General questions on environmental ecology, biodiversity and climate change

Main examination: General Studies III: Environmental Conservation, Pollution and Degradation, Environmental Impact Assessment.

Key points to ponder:

• According to the author of this article, what is the Indian Green Deal (IGD)?

• Components of the Indian Green Deal (IGD) and how will this program help?

• What does ‘Net Zero’ mean?

• India’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2070 at the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP) Climate Summit in
Glasgow or India’s enhanced climate commitments – the “Panchamrit”

• Difference between ‘Net Zero’ and ‘Carbon Neutral’?

• India’s new renewable energy target

• How to reach net zero?

• Public-private partnership frameworks to achieve “net zero”

• Current India Emissions Scenario

Other important articles dealing with the same subject:

📍 Praveer Sinha: “Net-zero carbon emissions by 2070 is totally doable”

📍 1 billion tons of emissions reduced: why it’s a big step forward


WEF summit starts today; Modi, XI to deliver special addresses


Preliminary examination: News of national and international importance.

Main examination: General Studies II: Important international institutions, agencies and forums – their structure, mandate.

Key points to ponder:

• World Economic Forum – About, Role, Mission, Vision, Mandate, Headquarters

• Initiatives taken by the World Economic Forum

• India and World Economic Forum

• Reports published by the World Economic Forum

In 2021, the incomes of 84% of households fell, but the number of billionaires increased


Preliminary examination: News of national and international importance.

main examination: General Studies I: Poverty and Development Issues

Key points to ponder:

• Oxfam Report, ‘Inequality Kills’ – Key Points

• Get to know Oxfam International

Other important articles dealing with the same subject:

📍 Covid has widened inequalities: wealth, education, gender


Russia issues more subtle threats than invading Ukraine


Preliminary examination: News of national and international importance.

Main examination: General Studies II: Effect of Policies and Policies of Developed and Developing Countries on India’s Interests

Key points to ponder:

• What do you mean by “hybrid warfare”?

• Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) – About, Member Countries, Mandate and Headquarters

• Where is Ukraine-locate on the map

• United States-Russia and Ukraine crisis

• Request/Proposals from Russia – Main Highlights

• 2014 Crimean crisis

• Crimea’s strategic location – why is it important for Russia?

• Ukraine, NATO, USA and Russia – where are we?

• Article 5 of the founding treaty of NATO (Collective security)

• India’s position in the Ukrainian crisis

• Bilateral relations between India and Ukraine

• How can India help the United States and Russia keep the “peace” in this conflict?

Other important articles dealing with the same subject:

📍 Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)

📍 Ukraine crisis: Risks remain as Russia and the West talk

📍 Ukraine accuses Russia of being behind cyberattack in ‘hybrid warfare’

📍 Hybrid War – New Threats, Complexity, and “Trust” as an Antidote

📍 On the edge of the abyss


Why the road ahead could be bumpy for India’s early harvest deal with the UK


Preliminary examination: Economic and social development

Main examination: General Studies II: General Studies II: Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests

Key points to ponder:

• What is the Early Harvest Agreement?

• What is a Free Trade Agreement (FTA)?

• Know other types of trade agreements such as bilateral investment treaty (BIT), preferential trade zone, single market, customs union, etc.

• What is the definition of trade given by the WTO?

• Reinforced commercial partnership between India and the United Kingdom

• Trade between India and the UK

• Importance of trade relations between India and UK

• India and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)

Other important articles dealing with the same subject:

📍 Unlocking a new era: India-UK trade deal

📍 Explained: why India is trying to strike a free trade agreement with the UK

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International headquarters

Emirates News Agency – WAM and Colombian media entities discuss media cooperation

BOGOTA, Colombia, 16th January, 2022 (WAM) — A delegation from the Emirates News Agency (WAM) discussed ways to enhance cooperation with a number of media entities in Colombia, as well as their participation in the World Congress media, which will be hosted by Abu Dhabi next November.

The discussion took place during the visit of the delegation, led by Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Managing Director of WAM, to Colombia, as part of the efforts of the Emirates News Agency to establish fruitful relations of cooperation and lasting partnerships with several global media entities.

The WAM delegation visited the headquarters of the Colombian magazine “Semana”, one of the largest magazines in Colombia, to discuss ways to further strengthen joint cooperation and the best ways to publish topics of interest to its audience in Colombia, noting that the weekly devoted a full edition in 2021 to the UAE.

The delegation also had a meeting with the Colprensa news agency and discussed ways to strengthen relations between the two sides in terms of news exchange and media cooperation. A memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the media and exchange of information was signed during the visit.

The WAM delegation also visited the headquarters of the newspaper “El Tempo”, which is the most widely distributed publication in Colombia, where the parties discussed ways to activate the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed last year. with the newspaper.

The delegation then visited the headquarters of the Caracol television network, one of the main television networks in Colombia since 1998. During the visit, the possibilities of strengthening media cooperation and the exchange of information between the two parties were examined. A delegation from Caracol will travel to the United Arab Emirates next month to sign a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the field of information exchange.

During their visit to the headquarters of Blu Radio, founded in 1927, the delegation was briefed on the working system and discussed ways to enhance media cooperation between the two sides.

The Emirates News Agency delegation also visited the headquarters of the newspaper El Espectador, one of the oldest newspapers in the world, established in 1887 as Colombia’s first newspaper. A memorandum of understanding was signed to cooperate in the field of news exchange.

The WAM delegation concluded its working trip to Colombia by visiting the headquarters of the Latin American Information Alliance (AIL), a media organization that includes 22 private television stations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Al Rayssi said WAM is looking forward to building strategic relationships with the media in Colombia, as part of the continued cooperation between the two friendly countries in various fields.

The WAM Managing Director stressed that the media is a major development tributary in the countries, pointing out that this visit embodied the efforts of both sides to establish an advanced model of media cooperation at different levels.

He added that the World Media Congress, to be held in the capital Abu Dhabi next November, “is an important milestone in the process of cooperation between WAM and other international media entities, and we look forward to a strong turnout. Colombian media in this premier global event.”

Al Rayssi concluded by thanking all officials of the UAE Embassy in Colombia, commending their efforts to provide all forms of support to the WAM delegation during its stay in Colombia, which played a crucial role in the success of the visit.

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International headquarters

Three Graduates Receive Thomas R. Pickering and Charles B. Rangel Graduate Scholarships | News | Notre Dame News

University of Notre Dame alumni Irla Atanda and Amber Bryan have been named Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Fellows. Alumnus DeJorie Monroe has been named a Charles B. Rangel Scholar. He is the University’s first Rangel Graduate Fellow and the second and third Pickering Graduate Fellows.

Funded by the U.S. Department of State and administered annually by Howard University, the Pickering and Rangel Graduate Scholarship Programs each award 45 scholarships that cover tuition, room, board, books, and fees for obtaining a two-year master’s degree.

The programs also offer two internships. The first, an internship at the headquarters of the US Department of State in Washington, DC The second, an internship abroad in a US embassy or consulate. The program provides additional support for summer travel, housing, and other related expenses.

Both programs encourage applications from members of minority groups historically underrepresented in the Foreign Service, women, and those in financial need.

Irla Atanda

In applying for the scholarships, the alumni worked with Elise Rudt, Senior National Fellowship Program Manager with the Flatley Center for Undergraduate University Engagement (CUSE), which promotes the intellectual development of Notre Dame undergraduates through scholarly engagement, research, creative endeavours, and scholarship seeking.

“Irla, DeJorie and Amber epitomize excellence and international service. Their trajectories should be examples for all Notre Dame students. I often say that scholarships beget scholarships, and Irla, having won the Gilman and Boren scholarships, DeJorie, having won the Orr and Fulbright scholarships, and Amber, having worked as an AmeriCorps fellow, perfectly demonstrate the possibilities of such scholarships to build a clear career path,” Rudt said. “I want to thank rivers of holly (associate director of Kellogg Institute for International Studies) and Dr. George Lopez (Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC, Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies) for their assistance with practice interviews.

Atanda graduated from Notre Dame in 2020 with a BA in American Studies and a minor in International Development Studies. She studied abroad at the University of Cape Town as a Gilman Scholar and at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

While at Notre Dame, she was a recipient of the David L. Boren Scholarship, Charles B. Rangel Alternate, and QuestBridge Scholar.

Amber Bryan 300x
Amber Brian

She currently works at Refugees International as Special Assistant to the President.

Bryan graduated from Notre Dame in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. She studied abroad at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo.

While at Notre Dame, she was a Scholar AnBryce and served as Vice President and Community Services Coordinator for the Black Student Association.

She currently works at Terminix as a senior internal auditor.

Monroe graduated from Notre Dame in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and minors in Latin American studies, Middle Eastern studies and theology. She also studied abroad at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

While at Notre Dame, Monroe was a Hesburgh-Yusko Fellow and a Dean’s Scholar in the College of Arts and Letters, and was awarded a position as a Fulbright English teaching assistant in Argentina.

She received her Master of Science in Management and Leadership from Western Governors University.

Monroe is currently a dual-language immersion teacher at an elementary school in Columbia, South Carolina, and marketing operations coordinator at Urbanforce/Generator Power Systems Inc.

Dejoriemonroephoto 300x
By Jorie Monroe

Upon completion of the fellowship programs, Atanda, Bryan, and Monroe will serve as Foreign Service Officers in the Department of State.

The Pickering Fellowship for Foreign Affairs is named after Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering. Pickering has served as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs and United States Ambassador to the Russian Federation, India, Israel, El Salvador, Nigeria, and Jordan. He also served as United States Ambassador and Representative to the United Nations in New York.

The Rangel Fellowship in International Affairs is named after Charles B. Rangel. Rangel served in the United States Congress, representing New York City for 23 terms and 46 years. He retired in December 2016. Rangel made history in 2006 as the first African American to lead the Committee of Ways and Means, which oversees international trade, health care, economic policy and development. other major political issues.

Current students and alumni interested in applying for the Pickering, Rangel, or Payne Fellowships (a similar award for working with USAID) can contact Rudt at [email protected].

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