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Bethel gymnasts kick off gymnastics world to raise funds for Ukraine

The gymnasts from Kratos Gymnastics in Bethel, CT are taking the initiative and starting a community of gymnasts working to raise funds for their fellow gymnasts going through the hardships of war in Ukraine!

In addition to owning and operating Kratos Gymnastics, Ashley & Mihael Anton opened a non-profit humanitarian foundation called “The Power of A Dream Foundation” during covid to help the lives/careers of young gymnasts. Mihael, a Romanian immigrant to America, knew he had to act when war hit near his birthplace.

Knowing the despair that the Ukrainian people would face, Ashley and Mihael decided it was time to change the initiative with their foundation and focus on raising funds for Ukrainian gymnasts who need help more than anyone. in the world right now.

While working with members of the Ukrainian Olympic Committee and the Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation to find ways to help, Ashley and Mihael learned of the passing of promising Olympic hopeful Katya Dyachenko and knew that they had to take immediate action.

Noting that gymnasts still living in Ukraine were using Zoom as their primary means of continuing to train because leaving home was unsafe and gymnastics gyms were being bombed, Ashley and Mihael spoke with members of the Ukrainian Olympic Committee and of the gymnastics federation and began coordinating Master Class Zoom events. to raise awareness of the world situation in Ukraine while raising both the morale and the money of the gymnasts living there!

The first upcoming event took place on Sunday, March 27 and was hosted by 2012 Olympic silver medalist Nataliya Leshchyk. The gymnasts made a tax-deductible donation of $100 to the Power of A Dream Foundation to join in person or virtually. As gymnasts around the world tuned in to train through a paid donation, 16 gymnasts aged 8-12 still living in Ukraine tuned in for free, opening their cameras to support gymnasts their age to step up the ante. moral and have an “international” training experience.

In addition to the registration fee, donations totaling $1,200 were collected for the first event, all of which were sent to Ukraine for distribution to families in need.

This weekend, Sunday, April 3, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. New York time, Kratos Gymnastics/The Power of A Dream Foundation will host a second Master Class. This time, World Championship silver medalist Irina Kovalchuk will be the host. There are 18 Ukrainian gymnasts to join us from Ukraine, as well as gymnasts who registered to participate from all over the world, again donating to participate!

Artistic and rhythmic gymnastics enthusiasts of all levels are invited to participate in the event by visiting Once registered, each gymnast will receive a personal fundraising page to help with crowdfunding! Humanitarian supporters can donate any amount by visiting the fundraising page!

Moreau Leotard USA is a corporate sponsor of the event.

Moreau was established in 1984 in France to provide the gymnastics market with variety and quality design. Since its founding 36 years ago, Moreau has strived to bring innovation to the gymnastics leotard environment. The Moreau company is the leader on the European market. In July 2018, Moreau decided to implement an ambitious new international project in the United States with CM Distribution, which is the official distributor in this area. CM Distribution and Moreau Company work together to meet the expectations of the American Gymnastics market.

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