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Battle Creek receives approximately $ 60 million from the National Defense Act

Signing of the National Defense Act sends tens of thousands of people to Michigan.

Maintaining our armed forces is one of the most important aspects of national security. Especially since countries like China and Russia continue to try to expand their reach. This military investment does not stop with the fortification of military infrastructure, it also includes a salary increase for members of the military service and civilian employees of the Ministry of Defense.

The law also includes a 3-year pilot program that allows Beneficiaries of TRICARE receive their medications from a network retail pharmacy rather than having to obtain them from drugstores on military bases or depending on the postal service, while creating a basic needs allowance to help military families low-income to feed themselves.

Here’s where most of Michigan’s $ 144 million goes:

  • $ 28 million in improvements to Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Macomb County
  • $ 23 million to support the infrastructure of the Alpena Combat Readiness Center in Alpena County
  • $ 16 million in facility improvements at Camp Grayling Maneuver Readiness Center in Crawford County
  • $ 10 million in facility upgrades at Battle Creek Air National Guard Base in Calhoun County
  • Shadow of the camp will also receive $ 5.7 million under the Energy Conservation and Resilience Investment Program
  • The bill also provides $ 12 million to build an Army Reserve Center at Southfield
  • $ 49.09 million for a new naval operations support center at Battle stream

The annual budget, which stands at $ 768.2 billion, authorizes an additional $ 9.9 billion for defense needs outside the bill’s traditional jurisdiction, bringing the overall price to $ 777 billion.

In addition, the bill includes $ 476 million to address PFAS contamination, including environmental remediation and restoration, establishment of a PFAS task force, establishment of ” a mandatory report to be submitted to Congress describing efforts to address PFAS exposure at 50 sites across the country. A portion of these funds will be used to remedy PFAS chemicals that were found at the Battle Creek Executive Airport at Kellogg Field.

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