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Aedas Wins SHCCIG (Hainan) International Industrial Headquarters, Creating a New Green Gateway in Haikou

Project description

Adjoining the Qiongzhou Strait, Haikou Jiangdong New Area plays an important role as a pioneer in the development of the Hainan Free Trade Zone. Aedas Global Design Director Kevin Wang led the team to win the competition for SHCCIG (Hainan) International Industrial Headquarters, creating the first business card that facilitates the further development of the area.

Located in the western part of Jiangdong New Area, the L-shaped complexes are composed of four plots. The two blocks to the west are commercial offices, while the other two blocks to the east are residential areas. The blocks consist of headquarters buildings and residential staff apartments, complemented by supporting conference center facilities, staff training center and event spaces that enhance interaction and communication.

Aedas Global Design Principal positioned the project, “It is designed to be an eco-focused benchmark for the entire free trade area.” The design concept is to strengthen the country with intelligent infrastructure, abstracting the corporate values ​​and industrial characteristics of the Group to create a unique architectural form with gateway functionality.

In light of Haikou’s tropical climate, a wide linear block layout is adopted. The two south-facing towers in the office area are adjacent to the main road. They are tilted to the southwest and northwest respectively to maximize the view of the sea. Facing the western part of Jiangdong New Area, the towers welcome visitors like an open door. Conceptual symbols are used to shape the architectural form. Four linear shapes symbolize the group’s major energy resources: coal, chemicals, steel and electricity. A plaza is created by increasing recessed public spaces on the ground floor while pedestrian corridors are found on the first and second floors to ensure efficient circulation. Echoing the general architectural language, the residential towers to the east adopt linear forms and double-row blocks to improve ventilation and sunlight penetration.

Incorporating Haikou’s natural resources and the group’s green energy goals, the design focuses on industrial, technological and eco-friendly features to achieve the highest level of the Green Building label. A double layer louvered facade is adopted to optimize light concentration and maximize energy efficiency. The natural ventilation system is attached to the facade, creating an aesthetic and functional architectural form.

A multi-level public space is created using the difference in elevation and the half sunken ground floor. The interconnection increases the penetration of light into the basement and provides a panoramic view of the headquarters landscape. Sharing communal space, the integration of office and residential buildings forms an urban living room in Haikou.

“The green headquarters will be a vibrant living and working center, which will unite Haikou’s smart clusters and various enterprises.” said Kevin.

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