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22 dogs rescued from ‘deplorable’ conditions

LIMA — Donations have started pouring in to the Ohio SPCA/Humane Society shelter in Lima as news spreads that 22 German Shepherd dogs were rescued by the nonprofit agency earlier this week from what was described as “deplorable” living conditions.

Jason Asoro, who runs the Humane Society shelter, said officials received a call last week referring to a “lots of animals” in an undisclosed location inside the city limits that required special attention.

“We went there and learned that the owner of the dogs had been arrested for a domestic dispute and his daughter was living on the property,” Asoro said. “The animals were in pretty bad shape…covered in mud. They have clearly been living in these conditions for some time,” he said. “They weren’t well socialized and were shaking and scared.”

The dogs, 13 puppies and nine adults, were taken to the Humane Society shelter on Elida Road, where they are currently receiving much-needed attention.

Asoro said the owners of the dogs returned the animals and no criminal charges would be brought against the owner or his daughter.

“She (the girl) has just been passed; she was in over her head and didn’t know what to do,” Asoro said. “After discussions with the prosecutor, it has been determined that it is in the interests of the dogs that charges not be filed.

“We are more interested in animals. A criminal case would take months to solve and the animals should have stayed here (at the shelter) as evidence,” Asoro said. “We don’t want the puppies growing up in the shelter. We want them adopted into good homes.

As the sudden infusion of 22 animals into the shelter threatened to create financial hardship for the SPCA, Asoro said the public came out with flying colors to offer their help.

“These are 22 dogs that will have to be sterilized, microchipped and vaccinated. Many dogs show signs of upper respiratory infections and will need medication. All of these costs will easily cost us over $8,000 in expenses.

The director of the shelter said the public had already responded “more than expected”.

Monetary donations can be made through the agency’s website at Checks can be made out to the Ohio SPCA & Humane Society and mailed to the shelter at 3606 Elida Road, Lima.

Material goods, including adult and puppy food, treats and peanut butter, can be dropped off at the shelter.

The dogs rescued by the local Humane Society are believed to have been living in cramped cages for some time.

A puppy is transported by a Humane Society employee from a residence in the city of Lima where he lived in squalid conditions.

This German Shepherd is one of 22 such animals rescued earlier this week by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the local Humane Society.

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