October 2021

Canadian army

Anita Anand Bets She Will Succeed Where A Lot Of Men Have Failed

In the weeks following the September 20 election, how many Liberal MPs, one wonders, got down on their knees at bedtime to offer this prayer to the Almighty:

“Dear Lord, I will do whatever you like, serve in any capacity you choose, but please, I beg you, don’t let him make me Minister of National Defense.”

Once a plum on the ministerial tree, classified in prestige with Finance and External Affairs (now foreign), Defense has experienced a miserable period. It has become Cabinet’s worst job, its major problems overtaking any cabinet minister trying to solve them. Defense is not only the crazy price when the Prime Minister shifts the portfolios, it is a landmine for any minister who dreams of one day being Prime Minister.

Last week, Justin Trudeau handed over the landmine to Anita Anand, a 54-year-old business lawyer from Oakville, who was first elected in 2019. She earned her “promotion” thanks to her performance in as Minister of Public Services and Supply. , in what capacity she was responsible for the supply of COVID-19 vaccines for Canada. She replaced Harjit Sajjan, who became the lightning rod of the opposition and moved on to international development.

Anand now faces the same assortment of issues that had frustrated Sajjan. The starting point is the absence of a clear mission or purpose for the Canadian Armed Forces, a mission that the men and women of the military, navy and air force can accept and be motivated to do. by, and that the public understands and supports.

For several decades after World War II, Canada was known for its international peacekeeping. Our “Blue Berets” have distinguished themselves for their service in Cyprus, Somalia, Rwanda, the Balkans, East Timor and Eritrea, among other global hot spots.

As the focus on peacekeeping operations fades, the Canadian Forces are asking themselves: is their primary objective to participate in relief missions in countries like Haiti, to support firefighters in British Columbia, patrolling Canada’s coasts and airlines, or cleaning up mess left in long-term care homes by incompetent managers and negligent provincial overseers?

Confusion or fragmentation of the mission is reflected in military procurement programs which are infamous for poor planning, stupid decision-making, endless delays, and huge cost overruns. Why, for heaven’s sake, did the Defense Department buy four rusty and obsolete diesel submarines from Britain? Destined for the scrapyard of the Royal Navy, they were of no use in Canada on the rare occasions when they were actually seaworthy.

The department paid $ 750 million for the four submarines. As one British MP exclaimed at the time, “Why were Canadians dumb enough to buy them?” … It’s either incompetence on the part of Canadians or simple MOD (Defense Department) salesmen here in Britain.

Then there is the saga of the “new” fighter planes. New, perhaps, in 1997, when the Liberal Chrétien government began the process of purchasing F-35 Lightning II “stealth” fighters from Lockheed Martin, based in the United States. Still fairly new in 2010 when the Harper Conservative government ordered 65 of the controversial F-35s. Not new in 2021 when after 24 years of review, reassessment and re-examination by three administrations, one cancellation and now a reopened competition – with no final decision yet in sight.

Not the least and most immediate, Anand should deal with firmness and determination with the issue that has stuck his nine immediate predecessors (all male) since 1998, when the issue first surfaced – sexual misconduct seen in all. army ranks. Somehow, it must address the pervasive culture of boys who will be boys and establish a credible and effective procedure for handling complaints and administering discipline, a procedure that all stakeholders can agree to. .

Trudeau is betting that a strong, capable woman can succeed where male ministers have failed. Anand is betting that the potential career reward is worth the risk she takes.

Cambridge resident Geoffrey Stevens is an author and former Ottawa columnist and editor of The Globe and Mail and Maclean’s. Her new book, “Flore! A Woman in a Men’s World, ”co-authored with the late Flora MacDonald, has just been released. His column appears on Mondays. He accepts comments at [email protected]

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International headquarters

Emirates News Agency – World Council of Muslim Communities Announces International Conference “Islamic Unity: Concept, Opportunities, Challenges”

ABU DHABI, October 31, 2021 (WAM) – The World Council of Muslim Communities held a press conference at the Council’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi, with the participation of Dr Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Council, and Dr Mohamed Bechari , the Secretary General, to announce the schedule of the International Conference, entitled “Islamic Unity: Concept, Opportunities, Challenges”, to be held from December 12 to 14 in Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Al Nuaimi announced the holding of the conference, under the patronage of Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence.

The importance of the conference stems from the need to present an intellectual and legal discourse that fills the void that exists among Muslim communities around the world, to meet the challenge of belonging to contemporary Muslim society, which confirms the role pioneer of academics and thinkers in leading the nation, and presenting an intellectual and legitimate proposal up to the demands of the time.

Al Nuaimi said that one of the conference’s goals is to lead a discourse that stems from the values ​​of coexistence pursued by the UAE, in terms of partnering with others. “We truly believe in this positive partnership of working together to build nations and face the challenges facing humanity everywhere, such as climate change, pandemics, poverty or unemployment, and create opportunities for young people, ”he added.

The President of the Council underlined the importance of the pioneering role of the scholars and thinkers of the nation by presenting a discourse based on legitimate foundations, taking into account the peculiarities of that time, respecting its regulations and laws, and establishing a better future for Muslims and non-Muslims, especially with the existence of certain discourses that divide humanity and serve agendas that harm Muslims wherever they are. He noted that the Council will wish to welcome as many Muslim scholars, thinkers and academic leaders as possible, so that a vision of Abu Dhabi is presented to the world in the service of Muslims and non-Muslims, as regards concerns the concept of Islamic unity. and opens horizons for opportunities that must be invested in the present and the future, to develop strategies to deal with the challenges that Muslims face wherever they are.

The World Council of Muslim Communities is an international non-governmental organization headquartered in Abu Dhabi. It includes more than 900 Islamic organizations and institutions from 142 countries, aiming to achieve one goal: the integration of Muslim communities in their countries, and for its members to obtain full citizenship and full affiliation with the Islamic religion.

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Non profit living

Urban transplants threaten to cost Southern California desert dwellers dearly

MORONGO BASIN, Calif .– Along a dusty highway that winds through the Southern California desert, Eric Wilson makes a list of fruits and vegetables available at his nearby farm.

He’s been selling kale, lettuce, tomatoes and other locally grown produce since April at Morongo Valley Fruit Market, a small grocery store he and his wife took over earlier this year.

Despite being located in what Wilson calls a “food desert” – the nearest grocery store is 15 minutes away in the nearby Yucca Valley – Wilson was initially dismissed as another outsider seeking to gentrify the community. calm.

Eric Wilson and his wife Garden Ramirez at their farmer’s market.Michael Rubenstein for NBC News

“People thought I was from LA,” said Wilson, who grew up in Cathedral City, about 30 minutes away. “I was called a yuppie because of the prices of organic products.”

Once a hamlet for cowboys and homesteaders, the Morongo Basin is undergoing rapid change amid an influx of city dwellers seeking to escape city life during the pandemic. They come to the sun-drenched desert hoping to find fresh air, cheap homes, and Instagram-worthy settings.

But what’s considered affordable for residents of Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, or New York is out of reach for many longtime residents, who say transplants are costing locals and disrupting the fragile ecosystem.

“It’s culture shock,” said Sarah Kennington, of the Morongo Basin Conservation Association. “Everybody Loves [Joshua Tree National Park], everyone loves the desert, and if you were gentle, that was fine. But that’s not where it was decades ago.

Located more than 160 km from Los Angeles, the Morongo Basin is nestled in the great Mojave Desert. It borders Joshua Tree National Park and includes the communities of Morongo and Yucca, Joshua Tree, Twentynine Palms, Pioneertown, and others.

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History organization

Houston Texans set to keep Deshaun Watson past NFL trade deadline, sources say

The Houston Texans are set to keep Deshaun Watson past Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline, league sources told ESPN.

While many in the Texas organization want to turn the page and leave Watson as soon as possible, Houston is set to reopen quarterback-centric business talks during the offseason, according to league sources.

Texans general manager Nick Caserio has been unwavering in his position and determination to take full advantage of Watson and, to date, has been unwilling to trade him for anything less than what he thinks he is. Watson is worth.

Texans owner Cal McNair has privately told people he’d like the organization to trade Watson before Tuesday’s 4 p.m. ET deadline, but leaves the decision to Caserio.

The Texans and Miami Dolphins have had trade talks at various times, and Miami has been in the driver’s seat with Watson’s desire to play, mostly, for Miami, according to sources.

But the Dolphins also prefer that Watson’s legal issues be resolved before they strike a deal. Watson faces 22 civil suits alleging sexual harassment and improper conduct and 10 criminal complaints, although no charges have been filed and the quarterback has denied the charges.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said last Tuesday that the league did not yet have enough information about the prosecution to make a decision on potential disciplinary action, and that the information it has is not enough to place Watson on the commissioner’s exemption list.

Watson’s uncertain future has impacted the Texans’ business talks with other teams, most notably the Dolphins.

The Dolphins are the only team Watson is known to have waived their no-trade clause, sources say. Watson did not do the same for the Carolina Panthers or any other team, sources told ESPN.

But the Panthers have been linked with Watson since the last offseason, and some have even speculated what a proposed package for the three-time Pro Bowl quarterback would look like.

Panthers head coach Matt Rhule and general manager Scott Fitterer each called Christian McCaffrey on Friday night to tell him that whatever the business rumors, including the running back star, they never discussed or even considered trading him in Houston for Watson.

Talks between the Texans and the Panthers never escalated as Watson did not agree to waive her no-trade clause for Carolina, who was therefore never able to assess potential business scenarios like the wanted the organization. The Panthers, with former owner Jerry Richardson’s story involving harassment, weren’t willing to make a trade until they were completely comfortable with it.

The Dolphins appear to be the only team that could attempt to close a trade before Tuesday’s deadline, but there isn’t much hope for a deal to be done on Sunday morning. There are compensation issues, legal issues and too much uncertainty for those involved in the talks to be confident a deal will come to fruition within the next three days, sources say.

Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has openly said Tua Tagovailoa is Miami’s starting quarterback and, barring injury, should be for the remainder of the season.

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Canadian army

Neo-Nazis sentenced to 9 years in prison for fomenting civil war

  • A Canadian neo-Nazi worked to recruit people for a white supremacist group called The Base in 2019.
  • Patrik Mathews and US Army veteran Brian Lemley Jr. were sentenced to 9 years in prison on Thursday.
  • Mathews and Lemley were arrested in January 2020 for conspiring to attack the Virginia State Capitol.

A Canadian neo-Nazi was one of two people sentenced to nine years in prison each for instigating civil war in the United States, the Associated press reported.

Canadian Armed Forces reservist Patrik Mathews and U.S. Army veteran Brian Lemley Jr. were sentenced Thursday.

NBC News reported that FBI agents arrested Mathews, Lemley and William Bilbrough, members of a neo-Nazi fringe group called The Base, days before a pro-gun rally in January 2020 in Virginia.

The FBI said at the time that they were under surveillance for months, NBC reported.

Surveillance equipment that was installed in their Delaware apartment recorded Mathews and Lemley discussing an attack on the Virginia State Capitol, the AP reported.

Mathews entered the United States without proper documents and was one of The Base’s top recruiters, The New York Times reported. He was fired from the Canadian military after learning he had ties to white supremacists.

According to Counter-extremism project, an organization that tracks far-right extremists, The Base strives to train its members to fight in a racial war and also encourages “the emergence of anarchy so that it can then impose order. chaos “.

Lemley has been charged with transporting and harboring aliens and conspiring to do so, among other charges. Mathews was charged with being an alien in possession of a gun and ammunition. They have both been charged with carrying a firearm to commit a crime.

U.S. District Judge Theodore Chuang decided to apply “terrorism enhancement” to Mathews and Lemeley’s charges to increase their jail sentence recommendation after finding that they planned to engage in terrorist activity, reported the ‘AP. Chuang said the recorded discussions were not just discussions among friends, but showed the accused’s willingness to kill people and attack the United States.

Law and criminality reported that lawyers for Mathews and Lemley requested a 33-month sentence, but prosecutors requested a 25-year sentence.

In a court file, attorneys for Mathews said recorded conversations only showed the two made “generally fleeting references to imaginary scenarios without any serious exploration of particular targets or planning operations,” the AP reported. .

Prosecutors called Mathews and Lemely “national terrorists,” the AP reported.

“In the hope of a civil war that would decimate racial and ethnic minorities and subjugate women, the defendants joined forces with each other and with others, studied violence, tested their weapon skills, stored ammunition and supplies, and planned to kill on a large scale in pursuit of their objectives, ”prosecutors said in a sentencing memorandum in September, Law and Crime reported.

The AP reported that Mathews told the judge he regretted befriending “the wrong people”.

“I got involved with people who were extreme, very extreme and hateful to the point of acting,” he told the judge.

Lemely also told the judge he regretted his actions, the AP reported.

“The things I have said are horrible and do not reflect who I really am or who my family raised me to be,” Lemely said, according to the AP. “Murder has never been in my heart. Only foolish dreams of glory and bravery of war.”

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International headquarters

Garmin purchases 193 acres of land in Olathe for expansion


Garmin purchased 193 acres of land in Olathe near its headquarters in an effort to expand its facilities and workforce.

The star

Garmin purchased 193 acres of land in Olathe near its head office in an effort to expand its facilities and workforce.

The land is located on the northwest corner of 151st Street, Interstate 35 and Highway 169, said Krista Klaus, spokesperson for Garmin International.

“This land acquisition gives us the opportunity to grow our facilities and workforce in the city of Olathe and the state of Kansas for decades to come,” said Garmin CEO Cliff Pemble. , in a press release.

Garmin, which was founded in 1989 in Lenexa, Kansas, is headquartered at 1200 East 151st Street in Olathe, just east of I-35.

The land acquisition includes a large parcel where the Great Mall of the Great Plains previously stood. The mall opened in 1997 and measured 812,000 square feet. But over the years, many national brands have pulled out and smaller retailers have closed, causing the mall to close in September 2015.

This is the second time in recent years that Garmin has expanded in Olathe. In 2016, the company launched a $ 200 million expansion project at its headquarters. The expansion included a 720 square foot manufacturing and distribution center.

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Non profit living

See Danny Pintauro from “Who’s the Boss?” Now – Better life

Danny Pintauro literally grew up on TV. For eight years he starred in Who is the boss as Jonathan Bower, the son of single mother Angela (Judith Lumiere), whose world changes when a new governess (Tony Danza) and her daughter (Alyssa Milano) move in. The multi-camera sitcom was a smash hit and aired on ABC from 1984 to 1992. By the time it ended, 16-year-old Pintauro was a true teenage idol, appearing regularly on the covers of Bop and teen beat alongside people like Kirk cameron and Michael j fox. Then he moved away from Hollywood and a full-time acting career. To find out why Pintauro left the company and what he does today, read on.

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Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Before Who is the boss, Pintauro got his first credit on the soap opera As the world turns, followed by his film debut in the 1983s Cujo. And during the course of the sitcom, he held a few other jobs, including two TV movies.

When Who is the boss passed away, Pintauro took a break from his acting career to finish high school, then study theater at Stanford University. After graduating he tried to get back into the game and performed on stage in a few productions. However, he didn’t find the screen success he once had, and a tabloid story complicated matters further.

Danny Pintauro in 1997
Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

In 1997, the National investigator called the young actor to tell him they would air an article publicly denouncing him as gay. Pintauro said Weekly metro two years later, it wasn’t as traumatic as some might assume since he was already open about his sexuality in his personal life.

“Most people think it was a terrible, terrible experience,” he told the outlet. “It wasn’t. It might have been if I wasn’t expecting it. If they hadn’t been nice enough to call me and ask me if I wanted to be a part of it. But as a actor, I have to say I totally expected it sooner or later because I wasn’t hiding it. I wasn’t in the closet. I knew it was going to happen.

Pintauro said he called his former co-star and close friend Judith Light for advice. “And his advice was, ‘If they write a story about you whether you like it or not, as much as they quote you correctly,” “the actor explained. “So I cooperated with the Applicant. And the article was really great. It was sincere. It was interesting. It was smart. What people don’t realize about these magazines is that if you cooperate, they’ll make a good story. They will do it well. If you don’t cooperate, they’ll come after you. “

And Pintauro certainly has no regrets today. On this year’s Spirit Day, a celebration of the LGBTQ + community, he posted a TikTok that begins: “You know, it always makes me smile when someone tells me I inspired them to come out of the closet. It’s something I can be proud of for the rest of my life. “

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Danny Pintauro in 2019
Bobby Bank / Getty Images

In a 2015 appearance on Oprah winfrey‘s Oprah: Where are they now, Pintauro has revealed his HIV status. He was diagnosed in 2003.

“I went for a regular check-up,” he said. “You know, as a responsible gay man, you get tested for HIV every six months… And you kind of waited two weeks with pins and needles, or at least I did, because that I was just terrified of contracting HIV. “

He said he believed he contracted it because he had used drugs and therefore was less concerned about safe sex.

“On meth, you have no limits, you feel invincible,” he told Winfrey. “You feel incredibly elated when it comes to your sexuality, and everything looks and feels arousing to you.”

Daniel Pintauro in 2016
Gregg Felsen / Getty Images for the Desert AIDS project

Although he felt compelled to back down right before Winfrey’s interview, Pintauro said that ultimately being upfront about his status made his life better.

“Before, it was difficult to walk in the street without someone recognizing me, and it was initially because I was on Who is the boss?. Then it was, ‘He was on Who is the boss? and he’s gay. Now it was going to be, ‘He was on Who is the boss?, he’s gay, and he’s another one of those HIV-positive guys, “” the 45-year-old said. People in 2021. “It was a little terrifying, but it didn’t really make me guess because I’m much happier as a person with no secrets.”

And Pintauro didn’t just tell the world he’s HIV positive. After the interview aired, he collaborated on the HIV Equal social media campaign for the “Beacon of Light” tour, which aimed to reduce the stigma associated with the disease, as reported. People. The campaign involved in-depth discussions between Pintauro and HIV and AIDS experts about living with the disease.

In 2016, Pintauro received the Arts and Activism Award from the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards, which raises funds for the Desert Aids Project charity based in Palm Springs, California.

“I am proud to say tonight, in front of this welcoming, passionate and alluring crowd, that this award, in many ways, completes a huge circle of life and reinforces the fact that I made the right decisions,” he said. he declared when he accepted, the Desert sun reported.

Pintauro touched on a few areas after graduating from college, including the entertainment industry in a behind-the-camera capacity. In addition to working as a casting assistant, production coordinator and agent assistant, according to his LinkedIn, he managed a restaurant and worked at Whole Foods.

He is now a veterinary technician and pharmacy technician at the Texas nonprofit shelter, Austin Pets Alive.

“There is something of a wonder around animals,” Katera Berent, the shelter’s communications and events manager, told Austin360 in 2019. “You can feel the love he feels for every cat and dog he takes care of.”

The Who is the boss? The star told the outlet that he believes his job at the clinic is his true calling.

“As a very young child, that’s literally what I wanted to do when I grew up. Even though I was on TV, every summer I worked at this vet practice near my home in Los Angeles and cleaned the kennels or whatever they left is me doing it, ”he said. “I liked it.”

Pintauro did not lose the acting virus, however. He posts videos of himself performing monologues on TikTok and last year collaborated with several other former child stars for a web series called The quarantine group. And he has a sense of humor about his sitcom past; In a live musical parody titled Who is Da Boss?, Pintauro played a version of himself at the age of six.

He has shared his life in Austin with her husband for seven years, Wil tabares.

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History organization

The near-no-no propels the Braves to a 2-0 win in Game 3 and a 2-1 lead in the series

An evening when the Atlanta Braves organization honored the deceased Hank aaron, the third game of the 2021 World Series had statisticians invoking the names of Don Larsen and Roy Halladay. The starting pitcher of the Braves Ian anderson, a 23-year-old rookie, threw five straight frames and led his team to a 2-0 victory over the Houston Astros, giving the Braves a 2-1 series lead at Truist Field.

Anderson has been excellent throughout, allowing four strikeouts and three walks. He threw 76 shots, including 39 strikes. The non-hitting player was spoiled in the eighth inning by the Houston pinched hitter Aledmys diaz. The seven frames combined without a hitting was the longest such streak in a World Series game since the Boston Red Sox star Jim lonborg threw 7 2/3 innings of the ball without a hit in the 1967 series.

Anderson just becomes the second rookie to pitch five innings without a hitting in the World Series, the other has been Jeff Tesreau in 1912. And finally, he is tied for second in Braves history for the most hitting innings in a series game, behind only Bill James in 1914.

Don Larsen, of course, kicked off the only perfect match in World Series history in 1956. Roy Halladay threw a hit in a Divisional Series game against the Reds on October 6, 2010.

In the end, the final was 2-0 for the home side as the Astros only managed two hits for the game. This sets up a third pivotal game, especially for Houston, as there have been 96 World Series tied in a game like this. The winner of game three has won 66, or nearly 69% of the titles.

Luis Garcia started for the Astros and threw a respectable 3 2/3 innings giving one run on three hits. Austin riley at the end of the third to give the Braves the lead. The Astros, known for their strikes with a powerful formation, fought weakly against Anderson for the most part. They had two runners on base just once in the game. The Braves lost a few opportunities to strengthen their lead and led just 1-0 for most of the game.

Some respite for the Braves came in the eighth inning as ex-Met Travis d’Arnaud hit a 437-foot bomb in the middle right away to take the lead to 2-0. Travis is now 5-12 in the series with two home runs as he makes an early bid for the MVP.

After Anderson left, the Braves used four pitchers to secure the win. They were: AJ Minter, Luke Jackson, Tyler matzek, and Will smith. For the record, the singles of the two Astros were dropped by Matzek and Smith. Alex bregman got the second hit for Houston.

The near-no-no propels the Braves to a 2-0 win in Game 3 and a 2-1 lead in the series

Anderson now has a 1.26 ERA in his first eight playoff starts. Alone Orlando hernandez has an ERA less than 1.22.

It was the first home victory in a World Series game for Atlanta since Game 6 of the 1995 Fall Classic.

The fourth game is on Saturday night and it is set to be a reliever game perhaps for both teams. The game begins shortly after 8:00 p.m. and can be seen on Fox.

A near-no-no propels the Braves to a 2-0 win in Game 3 and a 2-1 lead in the series

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Canadian army

US and Indian soldiers met for simulated UN mission, counter-drone and high altitude training

The U.S. Army’s bilateral exercise in Alaska with the Indian Army, dubbed Yudh Abhyas, ended Friday after two weeks of cold-weather warfare training and a mock United Nations mission centered around a country torn between rival factions.

Approximately 350 Indian soldiers from the 7th Battalion of the Madras Regiment participated in the exercise alongside American paratroopers based in Alaska. Indian forces may have primarily originated in southern India, but they are working in the Himalayas, where Indian and Chinese forces have battled over border disputes in recent months.

“There are no mountains higher or farther than the Himalayas, and that kind of subject matter expertise will make our paratroopers much more capable in arctic warfare,” said Col. US Army Jody Shouse on Indian soldiers and the skills they brought to the exercise.

Shouse commands the 4th Infantry Brigade, the 25th Infantry Division, which worked with Indian forces this year. The Indian unit – nicknamed “Shandaar Saath”, meaning “The Magnificent Seven” – was led by Indian Army Brigadier Parag Nangare.

The two commanders responded to questions posed by Army Times about the exercise, which took place October 15-29.

Yudh Abhyas has sought to improve interoperability between Indian and American soldiers to help them work better together in future contingencies across the Indo-Pacific region, according to the military.

The exercise has shown the two armies that they are “much stronger and more effective together,” Shouse said.

“Likewise,” Nangare noted. “We learned about the different technologies used by the US military in its combat deployments, in particular the exercises and equipment of counter improvised explosive devices and unmanned aerial counter systems. “

“When they are mixed, [this] allowed us to overcome problems that might otherwise seem overwhelming, ”added Shouse.

According to the two commanders, the exercise had two main components: field training and command post training.

Fieldwork was kinetic, with the culminating event being the capture of tactical objectives and the capture of a high-value target.

Field training also involved developing cold weather and high altitude skills in mountaineering and snow survival, medical evacuations and small arms shooting.

“There are certain particular conditions which are specific to high altitudes, in particular those which affect people and materials”, Nangare noted. “Firearms and other equipment face many maintenance issues. Range calibration is a challenge and vehicles also face issues both during operations and repairs. “

The command post training was based on a simulated United Nations mission in a country torn between rival factions. He introduced soldiers to the challenges of protecting civilian infrastructure and limiting the use of force to comply with UN mandates.

“Our staffs have focused on the human element,” said Shouse. “[They] focused on supporting local governments and community leaders in building these relationships and securing the area to enable aid organizations to deliver aid where it was needed.

The two leaders said they felt the exercise was a success, with soldiers from both armies learning important lessons from each other that they hope to bring back to the table next year.

US troops will travel to India for the next iteration of the exercise, Shouse said, noting that while the scope of training may change from year to year, the relationship between the two armies will continue to develop.

“The ongoing defense cooperation between India and the United States is strong and is getting stronger every day and every year,” Nangare said. “I am sure that in the future we will continue our strong partnership. “

“We [will] aim to return the warmth and hospitality that we experienced here in Alaska, ”added Nangare.

COVID-19 mitigation efforts were made throughout the event, including testing, social distancing, mask warrants, monitoring of medical personnel in the field, and disinfection of all areas used, military officials said.

Rachel is a Marine Corps veteran, Penn State alumnus, and a New York University master’s degree candidate for business and economics reports.

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International headquarters

Big names have their headquarters in the Bluegrass

By Lorie Hailey

Kevin Bazner is CEO of A&W Restaurants. Its head office is located on the Coldstream Research Campus in Lexington.

(KY. CENTRAL MARKET REVIEW) – Central Kentucky has a highly skilled workforce, a culture of innovation, and the infrastructure to support entrepreneurs and established businesses. Located at the crossroads of highways 75 and 64, the region is less than a day’s drive from two-thirds of the country’s population. Combined with the allure of horses and bourbon, it’s no wonder that the region is home to over 70 corporate headquarters from various industries that are essential to the country and the global business climate.

Here is an overview of some of the companies headquartered here:

A&W Restaurants

A&W Restaurants has more than 900 locations in the United States and Asia. The 102-year-old company has been headquartered in Lexington since it was acquired by its franchise associations 10 years ago. A&W has offices and a test kitchen located on the UK’s Coldstream research campus, and also operates three prototype restaurants in central Kentucky.

The pandemic has caused a major disruption in the restaurant industry, but A&W has seen great success in 2020, said Kevin Bazner, CEO of the company. In 2020, A&W saw a comparative increase in sales of 9% and its autonomous drive-thru model saw a 14% increase. A&W has also experienced nine consecutive years of positive growth, including near double-digit comparative sales growth over the past two years.

A&W continues to grow. In the first quarter of 2021, the company signed development agreements with two new operators and three current franchise partners engaged in additional locations. Its sales in the first quarter were up 22% from 2020, when comp sales increased by more than 20% from the first quarter of 2019.

About 400 people are employed at the headquarters of luxury mattress manufacturer Tempur Sealy International in Lexington.

Tempur Sealy

Tempur Sealy is also located in Coldstream. The company designs and manufactures premium bedding products, including the Tempur-Pedic and Sealy brands, which have been ranked No. 1 and No. 2 of the top-selling mattress brands in the United States, according to the listing. of Furniture Today’s Top 20 American Bedding Producers. .

In August 2021, Tempur Sealy completed the acquisition of Dreams, the UK’s leading specialist bed retailer. The acquisition of Dreams is expected to nearly double Tempur Sealy’s sales through its international segment and increase the company’s annualized global sales through its direct channel to over $ 1 billion.

Tempur Sealy has added four manufacturing plants in North America in the past year. Its fourth plant, announced in June 2021, will be a state-of-the-art plant in Crawfordsville, Indiana, slated to be the largest Tempur Sealy plant in the world.

Thoroughbred aeronautical maintenance

Thoroughbred aeronautical maintenance opened its new headquarters at Lexington Blue Grass Airport in August 2021. The new location consolidates TAM’s existing presence at the airport, where it has operated since 2018, when it acquired Mustang Aviation. TAM maintains and services all inbound and outbound commercial flights to Lexington, currently employing 18 people. Company executives expect the new operation to add 10 positions over the next 12 months, with an employment target of 65 full-time staff within three years. Jobs created by this project include aircraft technicians, sheet metal specialists, avionics and administrative positions. TAM recently partnered with Bluegrass Community and Technical College to capitalize on its apprenticeship program and create a local talent pool.

TAM has additional locations in Richmond and the Big Sandy Regional Airport in Martin County, which opened in 2017. TAM also has a facility at the Huntington Tri-State Airport in West Virginia and facilities on duty in Danville and Somerset.

Founded in 1988 as Thoroughbred Helicopters, TAM has grown to include aircraft maintenance, from small Cessna planes to business jets, and helicopter helicopters to an Airbus AS365 N3 medium utility helicopter. TAM provides installation, repair and inspection of avionics, aircraft painting, interiors, airframe repair and other services for government aircraft and law enforcement agencies , as well as for corporate and private aircraft.

In 2017, TAM was awarded two five-year contracts with the US Department of Agriculture to modernize and maintain two Airbus H120 utility helicopters, as well as contracts with many other federal, state and local government agencies in Kentucky and surrounding states. .


Lexmark celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2021. The global imaging solutions company was formed from part of IBM’s operations in 1991 and today employs more than 1,600 people at its Lexington headquarters.

Gray Construction is a global company specializing in engineering, design, construction, smart manufacturing and equipment manufacturing.

Lexmark started out as a printing company and has evolved over the years to meet the needs of the industry. It now provides a full suite of cloud-based services to provide remote service management, print job management, document accounting and scan management functionality to ensure users are always able print and scan documents.

The company was recognized in 2021 by industry analysts as a global leader in print security.

“The adoption of cloud-based technologies and solutions continues to increase, with many CIOs taking a cloud-first approach,” said Brock Saladin, senior vice president and chief commercial officer of Lexmark. “The pandemic has accelerated this trend as cloud-based solutions provide an efficient, secure and cost-effective way to connect remote and hybrid workforce in post-pandemic business environments. “


Rubicon, a software platform that provides intelligent waste management and recycling solutions to businesses and governments around the world, opened its global headquarters in downtown Lexington in the summer of 2021. The location expands the company’s existing footprint in the state and joins the company’s other board of directors. in New York City, which remained in business throughout the last year as the majority of Rubicon’s workforce shifted to remote operations, a significant portion of which continues to be based in the region Metro Atlanta.

The Kentucky-based company helps customers run their businesses more efficiently by streamlining their waste management and recycling operations, and contributes to the growth of its major carrier partners, many of whom are small family businesses. By using technology to drive environmental innovation, Rubicon is helping transform businesses into more sustainable businesses and neighborhoods into greener, smarter places to live and work.

Rubicon officials said the company is positioning itself through its headquarters to expand its central role as a driver of economic opportunity in the state. Rubicon also intends to support research and manufacturing opportunities related to waste.

Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Nicholasville, Ky., Alltech is a leading global biotechnology company with a mission to improve the health and performance of people, animals and plants through natural nutrition and scientific innovation.


Irish biochemist Pearse Lyons saw an opportunity to apply his yeast fermentation expertise to the challenges of animal nutrition, and his dream came true when he founded Alltech in 1980 with just $ 10,000. The company, headquartered in Nicholasville, now has a team of more than 6,000 people around the world who share this vision to support and nourish the world’s plants, animals and humans. The company is now run by Mark Lyons, son of the late scientist.

Alltech strives to improve the quality of plants, feed and food through nutrition and scientific innovation, especially yeast technology. His team is committed to helping plants and animals reach their full potential while supporting growers through increased efficiency, profitability and sustainability.

In March 2021, Alltech launched a subsidiary called Acutia which focuses on human health. Alltech applies its 40 years of scientific innovation and nutrition experience to produce high-quality supplements that improve daily nutrition and improve long-term well-being.

“Acutia is a natural extension of our activity, allowing us to directly support people in their quest for better well-being. At a time when we are all deeply aware of the importance of our health, this launch is particularly significant, ”said Mark Lyons.

Some of the other companies headquartered in central Kentucky include:

  • The Allen Co., road construction and paving
  • Alliance Coal, coal mining services
  • Appalachian regional health, hospital system
  • Lubricants, automotive oils and chemicals Apollo
  • ArchVision, software development
  • Asphalt Institute, professional association of petroleum asphalt
  • Burkmann Industries, animal feed
  • Columbia Gas Kentucky, natural gas distribution
  • Corrisoft, electronic surveillance software
  • CSI Group, Consulting Services and Automation
  • Delta Natural Gas, natural gas
  • East Kentucky Power Cooperative, power generation
  • Fazoli’s Restaurant Group, catering franchise
  • Florida Tile, manufacture and distribution of porcelain / ceramic tiles
  • Friesian Horse Association of North America, equine association
  • Frogdice, video game creator
  • Wales, public safety equipment and uniforms
  • General Rubber and Plastics Co., industrial distribution
  • Global information systems, software development to track pipelines
  • Gray Construction, a design-build company
  • Heartland Automation, mobile robots and custom automation equipment
  • Innovative mattress solutions, mattress retailer
  • Intech Contracting, painting and repair of bridges
  • Kinetic Technologies, Equine and Companion Animal Health
  • Minova USA, mine roof stabilization
  • MosquitoMate, Mosquito control and prevention R&D
  • Mountain Enterprises, highway construction and paving
  • Nally & Gibson, asphalt and paving materials
  • Phoenix Transportation Services, Trucking
  • Rhino Resource Partners, coal
  • RJ Corman rail group, rail services
  • Self Refind, drug treatment clinics
  • SIS Holding Co., provider of technological solutions
  • United States Dressage Federation, non-profit equine association
  • The pony clubs of the United States, equine club
  • Valvoline, lubricants and automotive services
  • Vasco Ltd., logistics supply chain service
  • The Walker Co., road contractor, asphalt producer
  • Xact Communications, telecommunications
  • The Zenith Co., restaurateur

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